im crying because hes an actual angel please

So, my friend went to B.A.P’s Fansign in Busan today and got me this 😭😭

Q: “ My friend (from) Portugal, BABY “Nana” @.daewhyun (my twitter username) really likes Daehyun a lot. Please leave a message to her.

Daehyun: Nana I love you ♡

(updated with a better quality picture; also my lovely friend who’s an actual angel tbh recorded daehyun saying my name and “nana saranghae” and im just going to cry over it forever because he said it IN SUCH AN ADORABLE AND CUTE WAY OH MY GODDDD ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’d share it but idk if its allowed omg;; )