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‘Moomin & Me’ dates w/ Renjun

Request: Anonymous said to jenotebook: hi!! could you write a renjun drabble where renjun takes the reader to the moomin café thats located in seoul? renjun may also have a lil crush on the reader if thats fine w/ you!! thank you so much <3

Word Count: 346

A/N: im crying bcs i looked up the moomin cafe and it’s so cute and there’s also a barbapapa cafe bye moomin and barbapapa were both my childhood

A bell above your head rang as Renjun opened up the door for you.Entering the Moomin Cafe, Renjun squealed as he saw all the stuffed toys laying around.Your best friend turned into a child again, exploring the shop with his mouth wide open while dragging you with him.

“Renjun, let’s sit down and order something first and then you can continue looking around, okay?” you pulled on his sleeve, trying to get him to talk to you.He snapped out of his trance and sent you a smile, still not able to talk because of how amazed he was.

Quickly ordering your drinks and cake, you couldn’t help but stare at the adorable boy that was sitting next to you.Renjun was still in complete awe, trying to take in every detail of the cafe.

“Y/N, this is so amazing” he finally spoke up.Looking away from him, you looked around too.He was right, it really was amazing.Renjun grinned at you, happy that he had a friend like you.He couldn’t help but think you looked cute, though, as you took selfies with one of the stuffed toys.

“Let’s take a selfie together!” Renjun suddenly interrupted your selfie-taking. You agreed and he moved a bit closer, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and placing his head on your shoulder as he smiled into the camera.

A blush crept onto your face because of the sudden contact, but still, you smiled and finally took a selfie with Renjun.He giggled and poked your visibly red cheek, mumbling something about you being so cute.

“I’m not cute” you argued.Renjun was having none of it and continued teasing you about your red cheeks, hugging you and poking your cheeks.

As you tried to push him away, he pouted at you.You couldn’t help but feel a bit bad and decided to give him a hug.Of course, Renjun smiled and he softly placed a kiss on your forehead, leaving you all red again.

You couldn’t say anything about it, though, as your order finally arrived and Renjun suddenly started screaming about how cute the Moomin cake was.

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conor and joe friendship appreciation post because look at these two cuties ~

some friendships are meant to be envied, some are meant to inspirational, and somehow, these two embody both types. ❤  (credit to @luminescent-jaspar bc it’s 7 am right now and i cba to make up a caption)

also thanks to @suggculture for digging up most of these pics!

also we need a ship name for these two

part 2