im crying bc they actually work




can we talk about youngmin’s handwriting for a sec?? the fact that he draws little boxes for his exclamation points and each one has two dashes on it ?? he pays attention to so little detail it’s so cute. his question marks and emoticons are cute too, especially the (^^;;?) like i’m actually crying that’s my favorite emoticon from now on. and the way he wrote IM ! YOUNG ! MIN ! is adorable not to mention the way he quoted and bolded the word “slightly” i just…….. the heart at the end is perfect he is so precious ;;;; he wrote that him and donghyun will work hard while woojin and daehwi are in wanna one, he’s telling us he’s going to stay with bnm so we don’t have to worry guys ;;; 

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are u ok? are u doing good? :O have a drink of water pls and remember to take care of urself, i hope u have a relaxing day and dont stress too much <3 ur art is amazing and ilu sm ty for being around and making my day better aa

thank u,, but i actually am rlly stressed rn w all this school work// but thank u 4 worrying abt me !! & likin my art aa ;///;

so i commissioned @jessdoodlesthings to paint one of my ocs aka an evil witch who owns my soul and i am a mess. she sent me the pic the other night and i’m still at a loss for words because she’s so perfect. 

it’s seriously such an awesome feeling to have an incredible artist not only paint something so freaking gorgeous for me?? but to actually capture one of my own characters so well and bring her to life. 

i could not be happier with how she turned out like wow if you ever have the chance to commission jess, DO IT.

the Voltron beach au that no one really asked for
  • they land on a planet in one of the rare quadrants that haven’t been touched by zarkon and are actually friendly and at peace
    • the planet has an atmosphere suitable to both alteans and humans
    • it’s really pleasant and has these gorgeous beaches
  • when they get there everyone is thrilled to see it but lance is also a little saddened by it
    • the boy is a born and raised miamian so going to the beach every other weekend was a common thing for him
    • he can’t help remember how his family get together and have these huge barbecues on the beach all the time
    • even tho the “water” on this planet is an eerie blood red and the sand is kind of turquoise
    • he’s still reminded so much of home
    • the gang gives him time to himself and he eventually pulls himself out of it and joins them
  • let’s face it their swimsuits are probably color coded
  • galra tech and water don’t really mix, so shiro stays on the shore or at least in the shallows
    • he falls asleep so pidge and allura turn him into a sand mermaid
    • apparently mermaids are also an idea in altea or at least some version of them
    • he wakes up and surprisingly isn’t pissed
    • “it’s cool and all, just why are my boobs so small”
    • “um”
  • lance was on the swim team back home before the garrison which explains the Broad Shoulders™ 
  • keith cant swim the poor bby lived in the desert his entire life
    • lance finds this hilarious until he sees his bf in the cute lil floaties and is declared legally dead
  • allura shows up in i guess like an Altean version of a sundress and everyone stops to look
    • she whips it off and everyone is just Swept Away bc the girl is fucking ripped
    • shiro’s abs don’t even stand a chance next to hers sorry dad
    • girl’s got a freaking 8-pack and her thighs are so fucking thicc she could crush a man’s skull between them and probably has
    • no one can breathe for a solid thirty seconds
  • hunk my polyneisan son can surf and proceeds to do so using a board he fucking made with his own hands god bless this boy
    • he teaches keith how to surf and it’s generally just really cute and good
    • keith picks it up pretty easily because he’s got a low center of balance and is just naturally athletic
    • this pisses lance off bc he’s been trying to learn for years and only just started getting decent a little while ago
    • they get into a big competition over who can catch the most waves 
    • this results in both of them wiping out a thousand times and shiro makes them sit out for ten minutes to “calm down and reflect”
  • pidge decides that they’re not really up for swimming 
    • they instead just chill on shore w shiro and look for rare alien metals
    • with the metal detector that they also fucking built there are too many geniuses on this show
  • shiro and allura have an epic volleyball match in which rivalries are formed and friendships are broken
    • allura wins even tho she literally just learned the rules
    • shiro graciously accepts defeat but they both know that they’ve walked away different people
  • pidge and hunk get into this big contest as to who can build the better sand castle
    • hunk’s is huge and surprisingly detailed considering how big his hands are but the boy’s got talent
    • pidge’s is more simple but they run to the castle and grab some tools
    • it’s got a working elevator and lights
    • hunk tries to call foul play but pidge points out that it was never explicitly stated that they couldn’t
    • the two agree on a draw
  • coran finds a tidal pool and begins to collect a bunch of tiny little alien crustaceans in a pail it’s so cute bc one of them has the same exact mustache as him
  • lance and keith run off to some beach cave bc they’re teenagers and in love but then lance steps on something that’s basically a jellyfish and they both start panicking
    • “PEE ON IT!”
    • surprisingly, lance manages to convince keith to do it
    • unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work. it actually makes the sting worse
    • luckily coran has some kind of healing balm which soothes it
    • lance refuses to move from his spot on the towel for the rest of the day
  • they stay out past the sunsets (there are three) and have a campfire night
    • they sing songs in both english and altean
    • lance tries to tell a ghost story but just ends up spooking himself
    • pidge remembers the time that they went camping with matt and how the two of them spent the night stargazing under the open sky
    • they tell the crew about it and everyone is so touched that they all start making up their own constellations with pidge
    • klance try to be sneaky and hold hands while no one is looking
    • everyone notices
  • they all get sunburns the next morning except for coran and allura, who apparently are impervious to ultraviolet rays
    • everyone is peeling and sore for the rest of the week 

wow such editing skills much talent wow^

Hello there lovelies, it is I; your broke ass beauty addict. bc im a broke ass beauty addict i often find myself digging for cheap products that actually work, so i thought might as well put it all in a list and share it with yall! so here it is! I present to you this masterlist of cheap beauty products that won’t make your bank account cry!


TonyMoly x Pokemon  |cleanser & handcream|   |$2.89|  
u get 5 pieces for less than $3! u also get to choose whether u want a foam cleanser or a hand cream. also, pokemons. aka cute af.
Holika Holika  |nose strips|   |$0.74|
I’ve watched a couple of reviews for this one and they said they especially liked the 3rd step strip bc it makes the skin super smooth and tightens your pores!
Pilaten  |blackheads remover|   |$0.74-$3.72|  
this one is just cheap af. u get 10 pieces for $3.72! the reviews said that u can use it all over your face not just your nose and that one piece is more than enough for the whole face!
TonyMoly x Pokemon  |hand cream|   |$4.50|
yes again but listen this one is cuter and it lasts longer so 
SkinFood  |hand cream|   |$3.82|
this one has more choices and u get to choose how it smells so
EtudeHouse  |hand cream|   |$3.95|
this one is just cute af ok. theres a panda, a dolphin, a seal, and a fAIRY PENGUIN WTF IS A FAIRY PENGUIN IDC ITS CUTE
TonyMoly  |hand cream|   |$3.87|
this is the famous aesthetic peach hand cream. u know u want it. 

yes i know i didn’t include much facial skincare products but tbh that’s a risky one that u should research on your own lmao. your face’s skin is way more sensitive and delicate than your hand’s skin so u need to be more careful with it. i personally make sure to put more money into facial skin care than other beauty products but its up to you :) However!! u cant go wrong with face masks!! 

Face Masks   I won't go into details for face masks cuz, well, they're face masks lmao. each one does a different job tho so check them all out!

|$1.26|   |$0.87-$1.09|   |$0.89-$1.08|   |$0.93|   |$0.99|   |$0.99-$1.26|    |$1.60|   |$0.99| ok listen this one actually has animal prints!!! you’ll look like a cute ass panda/tiger/puppy/sheep while taking care of your skin!!!   



|$0.89|   |$1.16|   |$0.74|   |$0.74|   |$0.74-$1.03| < this one has really nice colours imo   |$1.71| < personally these burned my lips but other reviewers had no issues with them so idk if u have sensitive lips then be careful i guess 



|$1.99|   |$2.90|   |$3.95|<40 colours yo!   |$0.74|


|$0.74|   |$0.74|   |$0.74|   |$0.74|   |$0.74|   |$0.74|


|$1.84|   |$0.74|   |$0.74-$3.58|   |$1.51-$2.43|   |$2.99|   


|$3.90| <20 pieces!   |$0.74|   |$0.74-$1.17|

huh this turned out not as huge as i thought it would be…im honestly exhausted tho  eh at least its something lmao. i truly hope u find it useful tho!! and as always if u want more cheap products recs check this tag! 
 remember!! there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying cheap shit if u cant afford high-end ones! if anything, its quite foolish to buy expensive products if u can find the exact same products for like $2 at your local dollar store. 

okokokok I don’t wanna get super soppy here but here goes ;

today marks the day the actors have successfully finished 36 performances of winners + losers and?? im?? so?? proud?????? they’ve all done so amazingly well, from being the main characters but also the background characters who handles all the props etcetc, that muST BE SO MUCH HARD WORK AND THEY MUST BE REALLY TIRED RN. I’m getting so emotional bc I’ve grown attached to each and every one of them, I love them so so so so much and I’m forever grateful that they could bring my favourite anime and my favourite characters to life so flawlessly. i will forever support them in their future work, of course, but I’m really upset that it’s all over and aasdffghdhdhdjdkdkldl. im wishing they’d have another one, featuring fukurodani but most of the actors already have commitments and projects after this.

i don’t care that this sounds sOOOO SOPPY and cheesy but im actually crying because they’ve all done so well and I love and cherish them so so so much .

so @fight-me-jaebum and i love crying over jackbum in all possible AUs and one of them is police au (which she might actually write one day, so keep an eye)

in which jb and jackson are both captains of their precincts and they’ve had this cold-war-style competition going on for years now bc they’re both competitive dicks, but then they have to work together on a big case and its basically 50% bickering 30% getting themselves in funny situations and 20% sexual tension more like 200% lbr

ok but voltron hospital au

OK OK?????? oh my GOD 
- keith in hospital for unknown sickness 
- comes in every day to check up on keith bc keith constantly tries to escape hospital to go for walks n shiro is like “keith stop ur not well”
- keith totally loves shiro and doesnt want to cause him stress as his doctor but he legit gets so bored sometimes
- shiro stresses HARDCORE abt keith bc he lowkey is falling in love with him but he’s HIS PATIENT THIS CANT HAPPEN
- the first time he sees keith smile it’s like the whole world lights up
- keith has his own room bc hes a loner dweeb but the room across him is Lance! Lance is a super GIANT dweeb who’s always bothering keith all the time and keith is like dude whats ur damage ok 
- lance always seems so giddy and full of life but he has cancer and the one day he doesn’t show up to bother keith, keith actually wonders where he is
- nurse hunk here to take care of his best buddy lance (they were friends before hunk became a nurse and lance got sick!!)
- doctors coran and allura too because HECK YEAH 
- allura cares a lot about pidge ok, adopted SISTER I THINK
- bc pidge lost her dad and brother in an accident so allura jumped on that
- pidge goes to her work all the dang time and becomes bffsies with all the doctors and nurses 
- shiro is also lance’s doctor and always is telling him to stop being so wild, that it was going to make him fel worse
- lance only listens sometimes bc he looks up to shiro
- TRAGEDY hits when ya think lance is about to get worse but it’s actually keith who takes a turn for the awful n enters a coma
- lance loses his hair and wears bandana?? im
- lance visits keith with shiro until he wakes up again 
- im about to cry 
- pidge is weirdly good at comforting the boys bc she knows what loss is like
- end me

i always see mayumiko art or headcanons where mayu confesses first but like imagine mikorin confessing first. and mayu is like ???ok thanks and mikorin is trying to woo him but he keeps messing up because he’s the clumsiest person on earth and he gets embarrassed at everything.

a few examples:

  1. tries making a bento and ends up covered in bandaids (how did he get a cut on his shoulder? idk but he did)
  2. takes him out on a date and everything is a disaster (he’s tired as hell bc he got no sleep bc nerves and what do i wear and ok let’s go over the plan one more time)
  3. tries to draw something but he can’t draw anything other than backgrounds so he has nozaki draw it and then mikorin creates the most extravagant background ever behind a super simple drawing of like a cat or something

and mikorin’s getting down on himself bc he keeps messing up but he’s so motivated. and mayu slowly realizes he loves mikorin. there may or may not have been a breakdown to prompt this. sad, dejected mikorin crying bc IM TRYING MY BEST BUT NOTHING’S WORKING AND YOU’RE NEVER GONNA LOVE ME BUT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and mayu’s like oh fuck…..fuck i wanna kiss his tears away and so he does and they all live happily ever after

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amber i just wanted to remind you that you're amazing and im so thankful towards all the work and effort you've put into this blog and keeping us updated with youngmin and really happy that you're keeping this blog up~

i’m actually going to cry,, where are all of these sweet messages coming from i’m speechless???? i’m filled with so many feelings and emotions and it’s actually kind of gross bc i’m supposed to be dead inside lmao thank you so much, it’s just a simple message of appreciation but it really means a lot to me. i’ve been down all morning but i’ve been feeling much better bc of all these kind words, i’m more thankful than i can say.

i’ll most definitely be keeping this blog up but you have to promise to keep yours up too! i don’t know what i’d do without The Ultimate PD101 Blog of All Time™ so you better stay with us!!

best friend!haechan
  • u met donghyuck in middle school. u were a transfer student and the first day he went up to u and was like hey !!! and he just constantly bothered u and u guys eventually ended up being friends bc who cant be friends with that goof ball?? 
  • he was like hey didja know im going to be an idol someday?? and ur like yeah ok lol and hes like now its true !! im a trainee at sm !! im going to be an international star!! and u were like really skeptical bc ya sure lmao
  • when u guys hung out he would always sing and stuff and one time he got so fed up he took u to the sm building and snuck u in and u were like wtf whoa and everyone was like hi donghyuck and hes like hELLO1!! and then ur like wtf ok … my friend rlly is a fuckin trainee
  • but yeah u guys r best friends and in class u always paired up with each other
  • when he appeared on mmc he kept it a secret and one day u just get a text saying “watch disney channel at 1pm ok??” and so ur like wtf is this fool pranking me but u tune in anyways and u see him aND UR MOUTH JUST HITS THE FLOOR and ur liek WHAT!!! and so u call him like EXPLAIN URSELF but he just laughs and was like surprise!!!
  • being friends with donghyuck means a lot of laughter and inside jokes; hes constantly playing pranks on u and everyone around him and everyone in school loves him !!
  • hes always giving u mini heart attacks by taking ur hw when ur not paying attention or swiping ur phone 
  • eventually more people started paying attention to him and he got SUPER popular at school but that didnt stop him from hanging out with u every lunch break 
  • he sends u snapchats of the boys with little drawings on them and its honestly so childish but so donghyuck u cant help but laugh
  • he introduces u to all the other boys and yall get along really well and theyre like r u two dating?? and u two just burst out laughing bc ur like mE DATING U ?? WHAT A JOKE and everyones like ??? and u guys just keep laughing bc HONESTLY WHAT A JOKE
  • u guys work together to play pranks on the boys and sometimes u work with the boys to play pranks on donghyuck
  • he practices in front of u and asks for ur critique and holds ur opinion in such high regard
  • for his birthday u gave him a collage of all of his ugly snapchat selfies and he bursts out laughing and he has it framed in his room bc its truly a work of art
  • honestly he didnt even tell u he debuted u had to find out thru teaser pictures and ur like DONGHYUCK WHAT WHO IS HAECHAN WH AT
  • and hes liek new name who dis  : ) and ur like CRYING because UR SO HAPPY FOR HIM like hes actually going to become an international star!! and hes LIKE IM SO SORRY FOR NOT TELLING U ?? I WAS GOING TO HOENSTLY BUT I . ,, , 
  • HES SO FLUSTERED LIKE OM G??? but then hes like dw when i get famous ill give u front row tickets and u start laughing so hard and ina couple of minutes u guys r rolling on the floor laughing
  • ur his biggest fan and u come to as many lives as u can and u always have a sign for him !! when he sees u in the crowd it makes him want to work even harder!!
  • ur so used to calling him donghyuck ur like whos haechan l0l idk anyone named haechan from nct all i kno is fuckin lame kim donghyuck.. dongsookie
  • U WILL LITERALLY FIGHT ANYONE WHO CLAIMS THAT HE IS UNTALENTED OR UGLY like u fuckin will fight for ur best friends honor s2g
  • it bothers him but he never shows it and hes like lol chill out .. we all know that theyre just in denial,, that me, haechan is the main visual ; )
  • and ur like lol whos haechan i only kno donghyuck
  • when he travels he always remembers to bring u back a souvenir. since hes so busy he cant see you often, but he calls every night regardless to talk to u 
  • when hes traveling he sends u a WHOLE BUNCH OF SNAPCHATS he liveblogs everything he does and it just cracks u up 
  • donghyuck is basically the best best friend u could ever ask for. hes always there for u no matter what and supports u through thick and thin

best friend!jaemin 

best friend!mark

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MY JIKOOK QUEEN please bless me with your jikook aus/hcs I LOV Y OU

it clearly took me a month to get past the jikook queen part but im still crying about it i dont deserve the title.. anyway here are some random hcs

- jungkook hates sharing clothes but doesn’t mind it if it’s jimin bc he likes the way theyre oversized on jimin

- when they first learned the nmd choreo, jungkook dropped jimin and hurt him. after that, he began working out twice as hard, promising himself that he’d get stronger. he fell in love with working out after that. scaring his hyungs is just a bonus

- jungkook has gotten so used to lifting jimin up bc of the nmd choreo that jimin actually feels practically weightless to him. whenever jimin bothers him while he’s playing his games, he picks him up and tosses him onto the nearest sofa or bed. jimin secretly likes it

- everyone thinks jimin is the ‘toy’ in jikook’s relationship but it’s actually the other way around. jungkook is incredibly whipped for jimin and jimin exploits this as much as possible

- jimin steals jungkook’s rings and wears them, thinking jungkook doesn’t notice. jungkook does, but he likes the way they look on jimin’s fingers so he usually lets it slide. usually

- jungkook actually really likes skinship with jimin. he often makes up random games as an excuse to touch him - sometimes it’s some harmless arm-wrestling matches, but other times things can escalate to some late-night tussling that always gets them in trouble with yoongi

- jungkook has a thing for jimin’s lips. he always finds himself staring at them when jimin’s talking and whenever jimin notices, he just licks or bites them and it drives jungkook crazy

- jimin drives jungkook crazy. he’d do the most insufferable things, such as walking around in jungkook’s huge shirts with so much bare skin on display, or without a shirt at all. he’d sometimes sit right on jungkook’s lap while he’s playing games, making him lose. that always gets him tossed away

- jimin’s bed is jungkook’s favourite place to sleep, not that he’d ever admit this aloud. jimin knows though. actually, everyone does. the others find jungkook in jimin’s bed more often than jimin himself. (jimin likes jungkook’s bed just as much)

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I present to you: Gekkan Shoujo Ushijima-kun!!! With Yachi having a huge crush on Wakatoshi and somehow getting roped into working with him. And an easily embarrassed flirty Tendou, bc Tendou. And Tendou's friend Oikawa, with his babysitter/scriptwriter Iwaizumi. And then Goshiki, who fell in love with an anonymous singer (who's actually Kags). BUT LOTS OF USHIYACHI/TENYACHI FLUFF PLS IM CRYING OVER USHIYACHI WHY ARENT THEY CANON GFDI??? Or even UshiTenYachi bc that's a huge load of fluff!!!


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eremin! for the otp thing


  • Who steals the whole fucking blanket in the middle of the night and leaves the other without any? | eren does but its not like armin has a problem with sneaking between eren and the blanket
  • Which one is always stubbing their toe and screaming about it? | EREN and then he puts bandaids on it and armin is like “that wont work” and eren is “*on the verge of crying* im trying
  • Who crashed a car and made the other pick them up at 3AM? | eren probably was out trying to get last minute groceries and then jean showed up at a red light and fukin challenged him to race and they actually had fun for a while but then armin gets a voicemail saying eren burned out the engine and honestly eren might just sleep in the car bc armin probably only sees it in the morning
  • Which one is the lightweight that needs to be watched over at all costs? | eren is actually pretty calm but if jean is trying to start shit like he usually does armin makes sure to stay at the very most 10 feet away from the two alongside marco whos there bc jean
  • Which one likes to get up in the middle of the night and (loudly) make themselves a snack? | armin will probably just get a drink or something but eren runs to the kitchen thinking armin is cooking up breakfast even though its 1 in the morning
  • Who is always suggesting they get another pet? | theres lots of stray cats where they live an armin probably takes them in at least for a month even though eren will sneeze for a year if the cat so much as sheds one hair
  • Who drinks straight up black coffee and teases the other for their overly-flavored Starbucks? | they both drink dark coffee but theyll joke about how every one their friends has to put sugar and other stuff in their coffee/tea
  • Which one insists upon buying unheard-of health foods? | they both do but usually eren just likes the name lol??
  • Which one would run through a busy street just to pet a small dog? | if the dog is really scruffy eren will run and yell at armin abt how this dog is his new best friend bc its scraggly chin
  • Which one always mispronounces words and gets constantly corrected by the other for it? | eren likes to pronounce things weirdly bc he thinks its the funniest thing ever but armin never thinks so and corrects him every time

I don’t think anyone will ever understand how much I love and adore this boy.

Min fucking Yoongi.

Lord, I get emotional just thinking about it.

Yoongi does so much for ARMY ( I think it was his birthday, correct me if I’m wrong, and there was a fan sign so he decided to give fans some treats and a hand written note. He worked on that for a couple days until the meet up) ksodkdndm

Tbh, he’s boyfriend material. Yoongi is quiet yet loud at the same time. You can liTTERALLY DO ANYTHING AROUND HIM AND HE’LL FIND IT ADORABLE IM SURE ugh he hurts my heart. I was actually sobbing while making this bc he’s too pure for this world and he makes me cry okay I’m done 😂😂