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PARDON ME, WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO HURT ME THAT WAY WITH THE WALKING DEAD AU. (jk, I love it so much, do you have any headcanons for it, specifically for all the klance?????) (of course, you dont have to, if it's like super draining, bc I totally get it if it is) (also, you're super awesome and amazing and your blog totally gives me life <3<3<3)


I’d be happy to share some headcanons :D (then you can cry some more lmao)

  • so lance and keith have been dating for a while already
  • when the city had to be evacuated they got separated
  • lance was looking around for his family - he and keith weren’t at home when the invasion happened
  • so lance wanted to go look for them but keith didn’t want him to, but lance begged that he had to and he was sure they were out there
  • so he told keith to go to the safety camps to stay safe and wait for him but keith wanted lance to promise him to come back so lance gave him his jacket
  • “give it back to me when i come back, okay?”
  • ^^^ that’s basically the picture i just drew earlier LOL
  • while keith is sitting in the safety camps he meets allura, coran and pidge 
  • pretty soon the camps got invaded too but keith wouldn’t leave because he and lance promised to meet there (the other wd!au post i made)
  • allura and pidge had to forcefully drag him out and come with them
  • meanwhile lance finds out his family is gone :’^)
  • when he checks the camps he noticed it was deserted and almost gets attacked
  • he ends up getting saved by shiro & hunk
  • both groups end up meeting and klance have a crying reuinion
  • keith doesn’t want to give lance’s jacket back bc he got used to wearing it lmao
  • keith’s red jacket got ripped to shreds by a walker

I’d tell you the possibility of one of the members of the squad getting bitten but I will spare you for now 8^)


Leave the runner to me…
You just give me..  your best pitch right here.

He must be crazy…
He’s asking for this pitch right here with no warm up?
But… If he’s telling me to throw it right here,
Then he trusts me, right?
That I can do it.  

Luke Imagine - 'You put your arms around me and I'm home.'

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Words : 1, 266

Authors note : This one was fun to write because I just really love the thought sleepy/cuddly Luke, so I really hope you guys like this! Sorry the titles so long, I couldn’t think of anything else *sigh*

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When you woke up to the feeling of warm arms around your waist, his chest pressed to your back as you were both covered by a ginormous, fluffy comforter, you couldn’t help but smile in pure bliss. This was a feeling that you would have no problem waking up too each morning for the rest of your life.  

You slowly turned to face towards him, his face seeming to be even more angelic as he slept. When you moved in his arms, he stirred in his sleep a bit, and you held your breath, hoping you didn’t wake him up. He tossed some more, his arms tightening themselves around your waist and pulling you closer to him before he stopped moving, and you watched as a smiled formed on his lips, even in his sleep.  

You laughed as you just watched him, the beauty that you found in each and every one of his features still shocking you, even though you’ve woken up to them every day for the last nine months. It was a year ago that you and Luke began dating, and it was three months into your relationship that he asked you to move in with him. You were more than glad to say yes, and you spent that week moving your stuff over to his house and getting it set up there.  

You were too deep in thought to notice the bright blue eyes slowly opening to look at you. Luke could tell that you weren’t paying any attention to him as soon as he saw you, and he smiled to himself.  

“Good Morning, beautiful.” His morning voice was one of your favorite sounds. You loved how raspy it got, and how it was so much deeper than it was when he was singing or when he was wide awake. 

“Why hello there!” You giggle as he wraps his arms tighter around you, burying his face into your neck while he pulled you closer to him.  

“Hmm… you smell good.” He chuckles, a deep sound coming from his chest.  

“What?” You laugh, finding his still half way asleep talk amusing. “How do I smell good when I’ve just woken up?"  

"You smell like you. Not perfume or body wash, just… you. I love it.” He hums into your ear, a lazy smirk playing on his lips before he brings them down to yours 

“I didn’t know I had a smell…”  You mumble against his lips, a smile on both of your faces as you continue to place pecks on one anothers lips, never lasting for more than a second. You did this many times before you pulled away, making Luke groan unapprovingly.  

“Why don’t you love meeeeee.” He dragged out the last word as he rolled over onto his stomach, pushing his face into his pillows.  

“I do you big goof, but we got to start the day. It’s nearly one in the afternoon and you have to rehearse some with the boys today!” You smile down at you boyfriend, who was too busy pouting to notice it.  

“But I don’t wanna!” He whined, his voice muffled by the pillows.  

“Well that’s too bad now, isn’t it.” You laugh at his child-like act, leaning down wrap your arms around his bare torso.  

“No, you don’t get any cuddles.” He tries to swat your hand away, which doesn’t work so well when he can’t see. He ends up hitting mostly himself or the air, groaning every time he did so. 

“Is Lukey throwing a fit?” You coo, leaning up to kiss the exposed part of his shoulder, and he peaks over at you. You raise an eyebrow in return, making him quickly hide his face away again.  

“Yes, I am. You don’t want to kiss me, so I won’t give you cuddles.” Luke was always a persistent one, and you knew that this could go on for a while.  

You sigh, lifting his arm and slipping yourself under it, nuzzling your nose against his cheek, trying to get him to look over at you. You tilted your head when it didn’t work, since you knew that he was aware of your presence, and kissed his cheek once.  

He finally peaked over at you, revealing only one sky blue eye before shaking his head and hiding again.  

It was your turn to groan this time, as your head fell into the pillows. This boy could be a pain sometimes.  

Knowing you had to take more action for him to acknowledge you, you took his face in your hands, lifting him from the pillow to face you completely. You cupped his cheeks, making him make a kissy face before you brought your lips to his. You released his face and pulled away, only to be pulled back into his chest, kisses being smothered all over your face. 

You became a giggling wreck, since Luke wouldn’t let you go if it was the last thing he did, one arm wrapped securely around your waist, the other holding your head in place while he kissed every spot available on your face.  

“L-Luke, stop, it tickles!” You choke out, your breathing coming out quick and rapid.  

“N-o-pe.” Between each syllable he would kiss you again, making you laugh even harder.    

“S-Stop it!" You try to bring your hands up to cover your face, but he catches them in his own, holding onto them and coming down to kiss you on the lips, serious this time.  

You soon melt into the kiss, all rejections you had against it fading into nothing as his warm lips were against yours.  

He pulls away, a wide and satisfied smile on the lips that were previously against your own.  

"I hate you.” You blush, making him laugh a bit before coming down to kiss your nose.  

“You love me.” He lays back again, his arms behind his head as he watched you with an amused smirk. 

You gasp, covering your mouth before playfully rolling your eyes. 

“In your dreams, Hemmings.” You go to stand, but before your feet even touch the ground, a pair of strong arms are around your waist, pulling you back so that you're sat in his lap.  

“Don’t leave me, please.” His forehead was rested against your back, his voice low in plea for you to stay in bed with him. “Please…”  

You sigh, turning in his arms, making his head raise from your back and look at you, a pout on the lips you loved so much.  

“Fine, only because I love you, though.” You watched a mischievous smile grow on his face as his arms tighten around your waist.  

“I thought you hated me?” He smirks, and you instantly blush, hitting his chest lightly.  

“Shut up.” You leave your hand against his bare chest, feeling it rumble below your fingers when he chuckled at your reaction.  

“I love you so much, babe.” He coos, his voice as smooth as silk, pulling you in like a drug.  

“I love you too, dork.” You looked back at him, "but we can’t stay in bed for much longer, you do have rehearsals.“ You manage to get out before he brings his lips to yours again, laying the two of you back against the bed.  

"I’d much rather stay in bed with you all day.” He smiles, before pulling your back to his chest, laying his head to rest in your neck. You sighed, a content smile forming on your lips. His arms were your favorite place to be because they felt just like home, and that’s exactly what they were.


Authors note : Anddd I’m crying bc goals. I’m sorry if this is bad, I hope you guys like it! Feed back is always awesome *heart eye emoji*

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