im crying and this is terrible idc

im litearlly sitting here drinnking vodka and crying over zuko’s speech to ozai in the day of black sun. he’s so strong !! hes so good hes so strong and i love him and just. he’s calling ozai the fuck out and i love him so much and hes realizing how much he deserves and how terrible ozai is and /verbalizing/ how abusive ozai was and he’s he’s moving past it and saying ‘how can you JUSTIFY this it was cruel and wrong’ and he DID THIS ON HIS OWN like all thanks to iroh’s influence and iroh’s love for him and hes just … so proud to be like iroh now (’your uncle has gotten to you hasnt he’ / ‘yes. he has.’) and he’s recognizing that hes better than his father ever tried to make him think he was and hes better than his father will ever be!! 

and im so tired of you gross nasty fucks in the voltron fandom even TRYING to compare lotors gross, self-serving, murderous, unredeemable ass to zuko, a character who took every single thing thrown at him and used it to make himself into this amazing character who understood that what he was a part of was wrong and he did a complete 180 and joined the side of the good guys

and when his father shoots lightning at him (a physical represntation of the abuse that he put zuko through) zuko redirects it and its such a powerful contrast to when he didn’t fight back against his father in the agni kai because now he is refusing to let his father hurt him anymore he’s using what iroh taught him and refusing to let his father touch him. he’s saving himself and thats such an important moment

zuko didnt join the good side because it was his last option. he didn’t try and swindle his way onto the side of good by saying they ~owe him a favor~. he admitted to what he did wrong and took responsibility and he grew so much and trusted so much and became so loyal and a valued member of the team and i swear to fuck if i see one more post comparing the purple asshole to my son zuko im going to scream