im crying and asking myself why

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narry is so dead im crying. why are we treated like this after all these years? they are making everything difficult

i must’ve sent this to myself 

victor wonders why he hardly catches yuuri’s wandering, sparkling eyes anymore—did he find all the answers he was looking for? and he asks yuuri about it one day, and yuuri just blushes and tells him that whenever he’s looking for an answer, he stares at victor or stares at their wedding rings, and that’s all it takes for victor to burst into tears

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Ohhhhh Caboose hugging Tex.

um the best prompt????? thank u???? 

tbh i remember caboose being really scared of tex hahaha. he would gladly hug her but i think hed be a little bit nervous 

this might be ooc but tex always stuck me as an actually pretty nice person??? when she wasnt beating the shit out of everyone (primarily because of omega) i imagine shed give good hugs. if caboose asked her for a hug she would probably be like “eh, yeah, sure caboose.” and i bet she gives good hugs cuz shes tough.

feat. church being a fucking dudebro asking why he doesnt get hugs, im sure this pic is immediately followed by tex flipping him off or suplexing him for sport

oh no i drew more because i miss tex :,) memory tex???? 

cool so i made myself cry bye forever

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They should know he's a guy by now but anyways how are u doing today ?

// Well between dealing with a handful of people stealing, tracing, and otherwise reposting my art, telling me I’m wrong for politely calling them out and handling it like an adult in DMs, trying to help handle the #savebendy bullshit, people ripping off my designs for Lendy & Acute & Alice, having my characters misgendered repeatedly after already making a post on the matter, being insulted directly to my face on a handful of servers, handling some personal drama, and generally feeling alone in groups of people (not their fault) I’ve been… okay. Mostly just extremely tired and admittedly a bit pissy. I haven’t hardly eaten this week and today I can’t stop so if I don’t post a lot its because I’ve made myself sick, sorry in advance.

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connor leaves a suicide note that isn't evans but no one found it until years later when zoe moves in after her parents move away

why,,,,,,must u hurt me like this.

I mean does it make me a total trash shipper to say that it would probably also be addressed “Dear Evan Hansen”

This time it’s in sloppy handwriting on crumpled graph paper, probably intended for his math homework.

Dear Evan Hansen,
I think I really wanted to know you, that’s why I automatically suspected that that note was intended to piss me off. Because I wanted to know you, I wanted you to notice me, and I really did think that maybe we could have been friends.

I still think that it was creepy for you to write about my sister, but it’s just as creepy for me to write my fucking suicide note to someone I barely knew.

I told you we could both pretend we had friends, but do you think we really could have been? I think I wish we were, but it’s too late now.

A stranger,
Connor Murphy

Mr and Mrs Murphy were getting divorced, Larry was moving out of town, Cynthia decided she wanted to stay, but that she just couldn’t live in that house anymore. So it goes to Zoe.

Zoe spends a long time in Connor’s old room, they hadn’t touched anything in it so it’s dusty and gross, but one day she finds a copy of The Secret Life of Bees sitting on his bookshelf, strangely away from the other books. She flips through it, and inside she finds the note.

Maybe, she thinks, it could have been different. She cries, and she cries, and then she texts Evan for the first time in ten years.

Hey Evan,
I know we don’t talk anymore, but this is about Connor.

She sends him a photo of the smudged writing, and as soon as Evan reads the first three words he breaks down.

Dear Evan Hansen…

SS as things said Pt 5
  • Morality: I am now your parent, sorry kid can't do a thing about it. Dinner'll be ready at 5
  • Prince: My hair looks great, therefore I win this argument.
  • Logic: Why are you mixing biology and football, that is like mixing a gift from above ever with Satan
  • Anxiety: If this is right I'll high five myself, if it's wrong I'll cry.
Highlights and Shenanigans from the GPF Banquet

- Yuuri does not get drunk. He refuses to touch a drop of alcohol. He’s not giving a repeat showing of last year’s nonsense.
- he’s not last-year-Yuuri’s level of drunk but he’s had a number of celebration drinks and he’s feeling quite toasty
- eventually he’s draped all over Yuuri
- ‘i love you so much Yuuri I wanna get married RIGHT NOW’
- ‘do you think. do you think anyone here can marry us.’
- ‘victor’
- 'what about yakov do you think yakov would do it if. if we ask really nicely.’
- 'victor, we can’t. we agreed to get married after i win gold at the grand prix , right? so you’re just going to have to be patient until next year haha’
- ….
- 'victor’
- …….
- 'victor why are you crying’
- 'victor please stop yelling’
- 'victor i just said we can’t get married yet, i didn’t say anything about sex. cockblocked isn’t the right word here’
- a heavy thirty seconds of silence follows as everyone processes what yuuri just said
- victor’s looking much cheered up
- yuuri wants to hide under a rock

- meanwhile someone let yurio have a drink to celebrate
- just one
- but he’s a baby and has no alcohol tolerance at all
- now he’s trying to fight jj
- otabek is holding him back
- otabek is flattered his tiny soldier bff wants to fight on his behalf but really please don’t, we’ll get kicked out of the party

- yakov was really pleased at the start of the night because he’s so proud of yuri and he’s quietly proud of victor too for not being a completely awful coach
- but now yuri is making a huge scene and stole someone’s glove for the express purpose of smacking jj in the face with it (GONNA CHALLENGE HIM TO A DUEL LIKE A PROPER FUCKING GENTLEMAN)
- and victor has come over to lean on him and babble about making yakov get ordained so he can officiate his and yuuri’s wedding and yakov YAKOV can you walk me down the aisle too, can you do both?? YOURE LIKE MY DAD YAKOV
- yakov is too old for this

Dating Diana Prince and Feeling Insecure Would Include...

anon ask : Hey! Can you do a Diana head cannon “Dating Diana and being insecure about yourself”? Tysm(btw i love your headcannons)

A/N : aww im glad you liked my headcannons!! even though they suck lmao.. im sorry this took so long but i was pretty busy at school and with life (who isn’t) but uhh anyways, this sucks bc i did this during biology but anyways here you gooo!!


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  • you love diana so much but sometimes when she talks about wonder woman it just makes you feel insecure?? 
  • like you know she doesn’t mean it 
  • but still she just talks so passionately about her days in the war with her war pals, especially steve 
  • you know that steve meant a lot to her but you can’t help but feel like she deserves better 
  • bc steve is the one who pushed her to become wonder woman, to believe in this world and believe in love and what have you done?? 
  • when you feel like this you become all distant because you think that it’ll hurt her less 

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“Just eat”
Sounds simple enough? Right?
If it’s so easy to “just eat” then why is it whenever I eat I wanna cry for hours? Why do I hate myself for eating a grape? Why do I feel like I’m a failure when I gain a pound?
“Im not hungry”
This is my quote I live by. I worship this saying as if it were my religion. I bow down to the girls who have a thigh gap, hip bones, collar bones, and skinny fingers.
“I’m fine”
Something I chant to others who ask me if I am okay. Because I haven’t been eating as much as I use to, because I look sickly, because I almost fainted in class again today, because I stumbled into the nurses office saying I feel faint. She asks me what’s wrong and I just reply with “I’m tired”

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Hi. It's 2:35am here and I could hardly sleep. I'm awfully tired of this life and it kills me each passing day to think that I'm a big failure. Why do i have to feel this way? I feel so unwanted and useless. I dont have a job and i did not finished my studies. All i do is write, read and cry. My family doesn't know what im struggling about. Because i tend to lock myself alone, and i always keep it on my own. But i keep on trying to be fine but i gind it sooo hard. It really does

No, please don’t think that you are a failure just because you have yet to find your purpose, your way in life, love. You are not useless just because you don’t have a job or a graduate certificate. You don’t have to be fine. You don’t have to stay strong all the time. I know that it is easy for me to say this but everyone has a different pace in life. Just because you walk when people around you run, it doesn’t mean you have to follow them. You have your own pace, and just because you have nothing to do now, it doesn’t mean it will stay like that forever.

Each and everyone of us has a different purpose in life, and that includes you. Something big is waiting for you ahead and just because you can’t see it now, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Please don’t lock yourself up, and talk it out with your family or anyone whom you trust. Because sometimes, your way resides in someone else’s mind, and the only way for you to find it, is to go out and talk to them about it.

I dare say this, because I’ve been through what you are going through. I know how hard it is to remain stationary when everyone else around you is moving forward so quickly. Trust me, you are not lost. You are on your way, and soon you will know to where. Remember this, you are not alone, love. I will be here with you.


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WHATADO Everybody its your boi Nemo back at it again with another fanfic. Noq today I’m gonna disappoint you and leave you with a cliff hanger. I made a Brendon Urie fluff awhile ago but life has been busy lately. Btw, small angst at the end

Type: Fluff/Angst

Warnings: Cussing, Small angst at end, Fluff, I think that’s about it

Requested?: Kind of, Yea

Word Count: 3.4k (3,478 words)


Now without further ado, P-P-P-P-PLAY IT

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2nd grade spelling test true story not clickbait!!!!!!

i dont know how to properly explain this story so im just gonna go for it because it’s been on my mind for 14 years and i need to share it w as many people as possible. heres some background info about 2nd grade spelling tests: first the whole class took a pretest on a list of words. everyone that didnt get 100% on the pretest had to keep studying that list of words and take a test on them again at the end of the week. everyone that did get 100% on the pretest, howmever, got to level the fuck up and study a list of more advanced words and take a test on those mfs at the end of the week. i’ve been an overachieving virgo my whole life so as u can imagine, my 5 year old self got 100% on the pretests every single got dam time. that is…. except one..

the word was world. my teacher mrs. johnson didn’t give us a sentence to go along w the word so i thought she probably means world but she could also mean whirled. i didnt want to risk losing my Advanced Spelling Words List status for the week so i wrote down “w-o-r-l-d / w-h-i-r-l-e-d” and i though “this is a good idea. if they’re both spelled right she cant mark me wrong AND she’ll see that i know how to spell an extra word so she’ll have to give me the advanced list. elizabeth ur a genius.” so i finish the rest of the pretest and i turn it in. later on in the day, mrs. johnson starts grading the pretests and gets to mine. She calls me to her desk and im thinking “she’s gonna praise me for knowing an extra word OR she’s gonna ask me to clarify which one goes with the definition of the word she meant and Then she’ll praise me for knowing an extra word.”  so i go up to her desk and she says “elizabeth. first off everything outside of this one is correct so good job. but! on this one right here u wrote down two answers. Why did u do that?” so i explain myself and she says “im going to mark it off.” i was Shocked bitch. i was.. absolutely taken aback and about to start crying because i thought i spelled one of the two answers wrong. i asked her what i misspelled and i kid u fucking NOT……….. mrs. johnson, a grown ass adult, said to me…….. 

“elizabeth im marking it off because ‘whirled’ isn’t a word”

as an abused kid i didnt know how to defend myself to an adult without getting my ass beat but those advanced spelling words were really important to me so i picked up her keys and tried to show her what ‘whirled’ meant. She insisted it wasn’t a word and sent me back to my desk without the advanced word list. that was the Only spelling pretest i didnt get 100% on and i havent stopped thinking about it since. i don’t use the word ‘whirled’ anymore

moral of the story is: Mrs. Johnson Gave Me Depression And I Will Never Forgive Her

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i wanna die.. what am i holding on to. i am so done. And everyday is another “im fine” “im okay thank you”

I wake up, study, I enjoy what I study, I enjoy my lectures. Once it’s all said and done, I leave class and I’m all alone and I ask myself the same reason.. why.. It would be so much easier if everything just stopped, and nobody noticed nobody notice I disappear from this torment of living; family, “friends”, society. I’m tired of coming home almost everyday to cry. I feel so alone. I feel so alone…

- Promethean Dread 🥀

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Hey Cookie 🍪 I saw the ask about the dark version of Ken so now I have to ask: Is there a universally agreed on name for a dark version of Pewds? I couldn't find one myself but the visuals seem pretty consistent over most art.

hm.. yea’ .  (⊙A⊙) i was sayin’ PewDarkpie for a while.Howeveh, recently,i saw people name it “infelix” . I dun’ understand why. it’s not  logic with the other names. Why is it not related to “pewdiepie”? does that means it’s felix the bad guy? 

Mad!Cry ,Antisepticeye , Darkiplier,Darken/Sinnamontoastken but why inFELIX?  im shook nasty.

So i can’t rly give u an answer. The community around pewdiepie is not as it was as before. it’s hard to get a straight answer. If you want to follow that Infelix name. Just go for it !

 To be very honest with you, i personally don’t approve it but eh. it’s only meh and i would still tag it as infelix if i had to draw it.  (*^ワ^*)