im crying all over again

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i am so proud of tsukishima kei. he's come so far. not only did he actually compliment kageyama, which he would have never done back in the first season, but he actually managed to stop ushijima's spike. more than that, he planned on at least stopping a few of them before the match even started, which means he believed enough in himself to think he could actually manage to block on of the top spikers in japan. tsukishima. believed. in himself. i'm literally crying about this? tsukishima's character development is so good. it's good and pure and

I can’t believe I’ve watched this like 7298 times and didn’t pick up on this

OKAy so in the Dub for ep. 7, at the end of the garage scene 

Yuuri says “You don’t have to say anything, just stay close to me Victor!” 


Just stay close to me Victor

Just Stay Close To Me Victor

“Stay Close To Me” - Victor Nikiforov’s free skate program 

What song did Yuuri skate to that Victor took as a sign to act on his feelings and go to Japan??


In Conclusion: Yuuri asked Victor to stay close to him and Boy Did He 

Every time I see this,

I think that all the “Pearls” after the wars were trapped and used as power sources.


Guys, I know its not actually a “Pearl” on the Gem Destabilizer. It’s just whenever I see it, I think about what Homeworld has, if at all, done to the Pearls after the war. Since we can infer Peridots are the new standard.

So if “Pearls” were mass produced servant class gems who outlived their use in the advancements of gem technology (or other factors since our Pearl can pretty much understand some new gem tech). Then I don’t think Homeworld would simply let them go as free citizens, since I don’t think they see them that way. They’d utilize all the “useless” Pearls as an energy component for new gem technology.

Use this as an opportunity to think about our Pearl completely falling apart and becoming a hollow shell of herself after the discovery of her fellow class being reduced to AA batteries.

And then cry about it.


22nd December
Happy birthday to Kageyama Tobio!

The king? Who’s that?
Don’t you know? It’s Kageyama Tobio. They call him the ”King of the Court“. He’s an amazing setter!

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Can I ask you what you think of Hope van Dyne? Because I really wanna know what you think of her!

Welllllllll, I think I already did that, in one of my very first “reaction posts” after seeing the movie for the first time, so I’m gonna keep it brief here (since I feel like I’m saying the same stuff over and over and over)

  • She’s first depicted as yet another one of those strong women marvel is so obsessed with depicting, BUT they also managed to also show her vulnerable side too, and it had nothing to do with another man’s life/death/etc but more about HER and how she felt unloved by her father/unworthy since he kept rebuking her, and also the grief over her mother that she eventually can’t bear when Hank Pym finally tells her about what really happened (often these strong women only get emo whenever a man is dying/dead and like the rest of the time they are so pokerface it’s annoying, so for once I was GLAD to see a woman being ambitious but also kind and a bitch to the MC before eventually showing that she can ALSO be a good friend/team player when she warms up to him and also a sly double agent with Cross! SO MANY DIFFERENT SIDES OF HOPE! WOW!)
  • Hope has the prettiest smile ever and I feel like this needs to be stated here on this post
  • I love her smile
  • Hope has like 5 different smiles and I just loved watching Evangeline’s flawless acting while she was serving us her performance like the queen she is
  • I love how she can be assertive/bossy/act like a total bitch at some points (yelling @ Scott at the beginning/leaving him with a bunch of poisonous ants all by himself/ignoring the fuck out of him lmao/punching him in the face (nope, she wasn’t trying to go for the hand)/CALLING THE POLICE ON HIS SAD CAT BURGLAR-ING ASS/THROWING HER DAD OUT OF HIS OWN FUCKING COMPANY) – and then at others she’ll ask about Scott’s daughter :3 and give him tips on how to control the ants :”3 and have an emotional breakdown in front of that dork (aka Scott Lang) without caring because she doesn’t consider emotions as a weakness, she’s not a stereotypical “don’t let them see you cry” “strong willed badass kickass strongass woman”. BLESS, ok?
  • I loved that she is so confident in herself, she doesn’t always need to have a smart-ass remark. It’s all in her gestures. And the way she mooooves is just so smoooooooth, idk if I’m just being weird about this bbbut!!! Sometimes instead of answering back, she just tips her head down and then slooooowly turns around and throws one last smile in the person’s direction before walking away and basically that’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen
  • Loved that she had ambitions, omg!!!!! Like literally show me ONE mcu lady who wants something FOR HER FUCKING SELF?? I’m pretty sure you won’t find one – they are all subordinated to someone (a man, surprise surprise!) and always fight for something so much bigger than them, etc etc; but this here was amazing because Hope just wanted to do the job for herself ALSO she just wants a suit for herself. The fucking SMUGNESS AF in the scene where she gets her wasp suit is absolutely AMAZING. All in all she didn’t want to have a boss (her dad) and often wouldn’t listen to him and for example grabs the ear apparel thing and starts talking to the ants without his permission – and I loved that she knew her own worth and didn’t give a flying fuck about Scott
  • SHE IS COMPASSIONATE AF – do you remember that she tried to help Cross? After all he’d done and said to her about her dad, even after trying to kill her dad & Scott? She still tells him something like “it’s not too late, it’s just the suit altering the chemistry of your brain, this isn’t you, let me help you” etc. She doesn’t just go like punching and shooting the bad guys until the job is done. HELLO HUMAN & FORGIVING CHARACTER
  • MY OTHER MOST FAVORITE THING is how she responded to Scott’s shit once they were more or less friends, like when Hank catches them making out and he starts mock-denying it and accusing her and leaving so fast and instead of losing her time/energy/breath trying to argue with him or her dad, she’s just like…………………………..*rolls eyes* (I’m so thankful they didn’t give her fake-ass punch line at that moment)
  • She’s basically TOO COOL FOR THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!!!
  • and not another cliché BADASS-MOTHERFUCKING WHAT-ARE-EMOTIONS-FOR female character *coughs* natasha romanoff maria hill pepper potts *coughs*
  • hallelujah mcu, you’re slowly learning <3
  • ps: check out my new sidebar gif (I wanted one of her beautiful smile, but I couldn’t find a good scene so I’ma wait till the DVD is out to change it!)
  • pps: imagine her when she finally meets Cassie omfg????? they’re sooooo gonna SIDE AGAINST SCOTT LMAO

I JUST MET KARLIE AND I AM SO SO HAPPY!!! she said “is that a Taylor swift shirt?” and I said “yeah! taylor actually followed me on tumblr a week or two ago!” and then we talked about how i share a name with taylors cat, then we discussed how SVU is both me and taylors favorite show, and then she told mE THAT SHES GOING TO TELL TAYLOR THAT SHE MET ME AND THAT SHES GOING TO MAKE A TUMBLR SOON AND IM GOING TO CRY ALL OVER AGAIN I LOVE HER SO MUCH SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL

In August of 2005, a 4 piece band out of Las Vegas began a meteoric rise to the top of the music charts, embarking on their first tour, with some friends of mine who were on their first ever headlining tour. Within 10 months, the status of both of these bands would be drastically different. My friend’s band called it quits in May of 2006 and this 4 piece from Vegas was on the top of the world. They’re still touring, 3 full albums later, having seen lineup changes, marriages, and all the typical internet babble about how they’re “not as good as they were on their first album.” The only constant through all of this, has been the singer, who may as well BE the band at this point. He writes, records, and uses his voice in an incredibly powerful way that actually needs to be seen live to fully appreciate it. I only see him once a year at best anymore, but every time I do, he is always so genuinely nice to be around. I guess at this point, I’ve been around him for around 8 years, on and off, cutting hair for him from Seattle to Austin and yesterday was the first time I’ve photographed for him. Out of all the photos I shot, I believe this one captures him best. He laughs a lot and I caught him absolutely geekin’ out to Wu-Tang Clan on stage behind us. This photo is so full of life and energy, which is why I’m sharing.