im crygins

this??has obvious parallels to what the animorphs were forced to do??oh my god can you imagine how horrible and gut-wrenching it felt for elfangor to do the same thing to a bunch of kids and not only that but his own kid as well

they look like that couple who’s just watched their teenage daughter go off on her first date and jensen wasn’t so sure at first because she’s his precious little girl but misha eventually convinced jensen to be cool with it. they help her pick an outfit and decide how to do her hair and then as soon as her date comes to pick her up jensen becomes the protective father whilst sweet cinnamon bun misha gives him a nudge and tells him to be nice. then as soon as their daughter has gone jensen lets out the biggest sigh and rests his head on misha’s shoulder and mumbles “she’s not our little girl anymore”.

okay gtg bc im crygin