im cry why do they hate me

Really messed up feelings:

• When you’re surrounded by people and still feel completely alone
• When the people who tell you they care about you leave, just like everybody else
• When you really want a hug, just so you don’t feel so alone, but feel too needy to ask for one
• When the one person in the whole world you thought you could rely on leaves you when you need them most
• When the person you trusted with your whole life lets you down
• And then makes you believe it’s your own fault
• And you’re left sitting there, crying in your room, trying so damn hard to muffle your sobs into your pillow so you won’t wake your family in the next room, wondering what the hell you did wrong… what the hell you always do wrong…

Me: okay like i think i’m good i’m over bellarke i can move on fr-

Bellarke: *does the mutual reassurance thing and trust each other unconditionally to the point where they don’t even need to speak to understand each other*



Even if I die and go to that other world
I have comrades to confide in
Believe and grip your sword
Don’t hesitate and keep running!

VIXX - How they react to handjobs

“How would VIXX react when you are giving them handjobs (would they be vocal/submissive/sweet/dirty-talkers and so on ^_^)”

(A/N: I’m writing this whilst listening through Kratos for the first time lmao rip me; also Good Night & Good Morning made me cry ??? like actual liquid came out my face ????? I HATE BEING WONSIK BIASED WHY DID HE SING AND WHY DID HE SPEAK ALL LOW WHY DID HE DO THAT TO ME SOMEONE SEND HELP BC YA GIRL IS GON E. Also my lil binglebong go so many more lines im sO haPPY FINALLY JELPI)


Hakyeon: At the beginning I think Hakyeon would be pretty vocal, but more like he’d probably be giving you some kinda slight directions like “fuck (Y/N) faster, yes, like that omg”. But once you’re doing it exactly how he liked, he’d be a handsy lil shit, so expect him to be, uh, returning the favour to you at the same time.

Taekwoon: Leo is always difficult bc like, whereas he’s shy and quiet af on camera, I think he could be fairly dominant in the bedroom. The boy’s like two minds in one body so I think he’d probably vary. Majority of the time I think he’d be kinda quiet, not really vocal, but more breathy, letting out long sighs of your name. But expect his face to be buried in the crook of your neck leaving mad hickies for the world to see. 

Jaehwan: I picture Jaehwan as being preeeetty submissive honestly, but not like completely. He’d be vocal, but not really dirty talking, more just praise, though he would get pretty sweary. Depending on how you were both positioned obv I think he’d pretty much just melt; head back, eyes closed, with a huge blissful smile spread across his face.

Wonsik: DefiniTELY a dirty talker like omg, like he’d be telling you just how well you’re doing and how much he likes it, all whilst being very vERY sweary. Expect some pretty intense tongue kissing and lip biting too tbh. He’d let out some loW AF moans too like jfc, or really just one really low, drawn out “fuuuuuuuuuck” as he tilts his head back. 

Hongbin: I feel like our shy little bean would be pretty quiet at first, but the closer he got to finishing, he’d turn into a total mess. An ‘eyes screwed shut, probably whimpering your name mess’. Afterwards he’d feel almost obliged to repay all your hard word all whilst praising you for how you make him feel. He’d probably never take his lips off yours the entire time.

Sanghyuk: Hyuk will always be a baby to me but he’s apparently pretty experienced with the ladies so I think he’d probably be one of the more vocal ones. He’d wanna get you off too, so he’d be taking care of your needs at the same time. The closer he got to finishing I think he’d get pretty loud and his moves w his fingers on you would get rougher. 

Soukoku vs Odazai


A friend of mine had asked “why do you even ship odazai” and I had to stop for a minute. I do ship both soukoku and odazai, but I prefer odazai for many reasons:
1. Dazai changed to become a better man because of Oda.
If Oda hadn’t died, Dazai would still be in mafia, killing everyone who gets in his way. And according to Mori’s words: “in four to five years, Dazai would have killed me and taken over as the head of the port mafia”. The time between Dazai leaving the mafia and the current time, its a four year distance. Dazai would be the leader of the port mafia, and could possibly face Fukuzawa. Mori is a genius, and most things he say are accurate, and we can tell all throughout the series. Instead, since Dazai switched over, he has been saving countless people, and doing good!
2. Atsushi is saved by Dazai
Now, kind of continuing what I was just talking about, Oda told Dazai he should become a good person, and save the orphans. Fast forward a few years, and Atsushi has been kicked out from his orphanage, and is about to starve to death. If port mafia Dazai spotted him, I doubt he would’ve treated him nicely….or treated him at all? Atsushi now is strong, and is s member of the agency. Without Dazai, he might have been dead, or who knows where.
3. Dazai’s relationships with then in canon
I know that we all enjoy believing that our two favorite characters actually like each other, but we need to keep some things in the back of our minds. Chuuya and Dazai, in canon, hate each other. Im not sure about what they were like together during the port mafia days, but during the current point in time, Chuuya is clearly pissed that Dazai left. And you know why he left? Because of Oda, who Dazai has even claimed to be his friend. When he is talking with Mori in episode 4, Mori asks him why he should go save Oda, and Dazai says “He is my friend”. Dazai wouldn’t say that about Chuuya as of now. In chapter 32(or 31) when Chuuya asks Dazai to bring him back and Dazai responds with “Leave it to me, partner!” He was most likely messing with Chuuya, because if he really wanted to, he could have brought him back, but since Dazai doesn’t like Chuuya, he left him there to fend for himself. (It even says it in their wikis that they hate eachkther under the Likes: and Dislikes: section.) (Of course, like I’ve said earlier, we all enjoy saying people who hate eachother are in love)
4. Angst potential
Have I mentioned how much potential this ship has? Oda died in front of Dazai, and in his arms! They were friends who could count on each other. When Dazai is talking to Oda in his final moments, have you ever seen Dazai’s face and voice have so much emotion? There’s one place besides that scene and its when Dazai was trying to warn Kunikida to get away from the glass, because he didn’t want another comrade to die. Of course, every ship has its own angst and fluff potential, and soukoku has a lot of angst too. Like some people have been writing tons of things about, if Dazai actually succeeded in suicide, or if Chuuya died, or just general canon angst. However, you know who is actually, in canon, dead? Oda. You know who is a completely different man because of Oda’s death? Dazai.
(These are all just my opinions. If you ship soukoku over odazai that’s cool with me! Just let me cry over odazai in peace)



he didnt even hesitate either i hate this 

Just imagine….

Dan takes Phil to a really fancy restaurant for a date. Phil’s excited, but he could see the anxiousness and anxiety all over Dan’s face so he thinks, ‘Maybe this is it. Maybe Dan is finally going to propose.’ So he just sits there and eats his food contently, keeping himself alert at all times. After dinner, it happens. Phil looks up to see Dan slowly get down on one knee and Phil’s stomach flutters as he covers his mouth with his hands. Dan begins his speech, “Phil, I really love you a lot. And I’ve been thinking about this moment for the majority of the time I’ve known you, so Phil…” He begins, putting his hand in his jacket pocket and keeping his hand closed tightly around it, “will you…” This is it this is it…. Dan opens his palm, revealing a dead hamster, “let me put this hamster to good use?” And winks.

Too all the hate messages I am getting in my inbox

Yes I am sorry for hurting her but why are you doing this does this make you feel good trying to break someone who was broken the minute Chip said she was done with me so please stop im not going to answer them call me a crybaby but im crying right now and I can’t calm down so this is just making it worse


why i hate the signs

aries always obsessed with they ugly ass overpriced shoes that glo in the dark when you turn the lights off

tauruses try to cuddle with you when they know youre in a relationship

geminis keep using big words i dont understand in casual conversations. makin me have to use the dictionary in the middle of a discussion

cancers keep usin the uwu face when we text but i cant tell them that that trend died in 2014 because theyll start crying if i do and im not mean enough for that

leos r not allowed to talk to me because i want to be the only leo in my life

virgos use really complicated phrases to describe very basic lipstick colors. pink lipstick becomes “peachy nudey rosey mauvey cool-toned terra-cotta corally nude lip”

libras always dye their hair that very yellow toned shade of blonde after being naturally brunette all their life then tell ppl at school that its naturally blonde

scorpios are the worst at roasting and still think vaporwave aesthetic is cool

sagittariuses constantly break up and get back together with their significant other but still say “one year wiff bae 💋” in their instagram bios as if no ones noticed they werent talking for three months straight

capricorns get the most worked up abt you destroying their creations on minecraft. they also still play minecraft

aquariuses still think veganism and manbuns are cool

pisces never fuckin TEXT BACK

anonymous asked:

ive literally never played FF in my life but ur so enthusiastic about it im like wheres the nearest store im buying this game its gotta be amazing

you know i was typing something like "ASDFGJIKL YES DO YOURSELF A FAVOR GO BUY IT" at first but then I thought "wait why should i tell this person to buy a game that made me cry a river because its emotional impact but also made me incredibly pissed and frustrated because plot holes and lack of character development and incompleteness????????????”

so i started thinking about WHY despite all my rage i love ffxv

and i went straight into an existential crisis because i don’t know

(who cares go buy it anyway)

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IM SORRY I DIDNT MEAN TO LEAVE!! i sent like 3 different ones saying y but i dont think you are getting them. its my fault. so now im not on mobile. sab you make me cry cuz you hate val, like on tumblr anyways (also your beautiful and it makes me cry) and you always want to fight. your sass is getting out of hand 😭😭 I still love you tho

Jfc, her sass is out of control. GEt her