im cry this was my favorite thing


“Colors of the Wind” on the harp by @acoustictrench on ig (feat Maple)

please read the actual cutest thing i found on yak

so we begin with the top yak at my school… 

but WAIT… two yaks down… 

so NATURALLY everyone was quick to get their attention.. 



and we were left with one final update.. 

conclusion: love will find a way… 

nature made me a freak, man made me a weapon and god made it last too long | a fanmix inspired by Logan (2017) {available on spotify and playmoss}

1. johnny cash - hurt; 2. jamie n commons - lead me home; 3. the national - i should live in salt; 4. the civil wars - kingdom come; 5. editors - no sound but the wind; 6. bob dylan - knockin on heaven’s door; 7. the secret sisters - tomorrow will be kinder; 8. johnny cash - redemption day; 9. the national - fireproof; 10. dan van rorke/oscar isaac - hang me, oh hang me; 11. pink floyd - wish you were here; 12. whiskey shivers - graves; 13. shawn james - through the valley; 14. johnny cash - god’s gonna cut you down; 15. gustavo santaolalla - the last of us (main theme); 16. unkle - when things explode; 17. lera lynn - my least favorite life; 18. editors - the weight of the world; 19. edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros - this life; 20. dead man’s bones - flowers grow out of my grave; 21. the civil wars - barton hollow; 22. nick cave and the bad seeds - o children; 23. johnny cash - the man comes around


sunny fan challenge
↳ favorite quote: “For me, each one of our SNSD members is like my body. If one gets hurt or hears bad things from someone else, it hurts me and pains me even more. It’s impossible for only good things to happen to someone and so there were difficult times and hurtful times. But during those times, I’m so thankful that we were each other’s strength and each other’s support.”


my two most favorite people in the world

Some unwilling things (◡‿◡✿)

Tinies held tightly in closed fists, screaming and thrashing about as much as they can as they’re slowly raised up toward a giant’s open mouth

Tinies cursing as they’re held in front of a giants open mouth, dangling as the giant holds them just by their shirt, but the tiny is loudly and violently protesting, kicking and punching at the air until their screams are quickly silenced when theyre slurped into the giant’s mouth like a thick noodle

Tinies shaking and sobbing in the palm of a giant as the giant’s warm tongue licks them, slowly dragging across every inch of their body as they taste them fully and comment on how delicious they are before slipping them into their mouth

Tinies trembling in fear, too scared to scream as a giant opens their mouth in front of them, and they’re covered in warm heat from the giant’s breath that sends a chill down the tiny’s spine, but they cant do anything but stare in horror into the giant’s mouth

Tinies flailing in a giant’s mouth, covered in slime yet not ready to give up, screaming and fighting until their obstinate flame is doused as a wave of saliva sends them down the giant’s throat

Tinies watching helplessly while another tiny is effortlessly swallowed, and shaking in fear as the giant turns their attention towards them, rubbing their belly and licking their lips before they raise the other tiny up to their open lips, and the tiny is in tears, begging and pleading not to be swallowed

Tinies struggling all the way down the giant’s throat, and although their movement is restricted by the strong muscles constricting them, they scream and try to stop their descent further into the giant, only giving up when they’re in the humid heat of the giant’s gurgling stomach, terrified and alone, while the giant is patting their growling belly, laughing at the tiny’s futile attempts to escape

lovehelpmewrite  asked:


Right? Domestiel is my favorite thing.

Cas being super grumpy in the morning and insisting Dean cuddle for five more minutes without ever opening his eyes.

Dean figuring out which tapes Cas likes best and only playing those when Cas is in the Impala.

Both of them at the sink in the morning, Dean brushing his teeth and Cas shaving, neither of them saying a word.

Smiling at each other just because.

Arguing when Cas wants a pet.

Dean buying Cas the damn guinea pig because how bad could it be.

Cas apologizing when the guinea pig gets loose and scares the hell out of Dean by crawling across the kitchen table.

Always touching somehow, hand holding, ankles hooked under the table, bodies snuggled close while they watch movies.

Dean gaining ten pounds and Cas thinking it’s adorable.

Cas being constantly surprised at how much the simple things make him feel.

Dean and Cas, happily ever after.

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( antisepticeye )
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@septicdreams: After hearing Dark comfort someone who’s crying, could Anti be comforting someone? You don’t have to do it, just an idea!

@wildhorsewolf: Dark comfort someone was so cute could we get anti calming someone down from a panic attack

anonymous: Could you do Anti comforting someone? Thanks!! <3

anonymous: Hey Anti How would you calm down someone who was crying? It be nice to hear something “Caring” Coming out of your mouth when Im sad.

anonymous: Can you do more like the “listen closely I need you” one that Anti did a while back (before the group started)? It’s my favorite

( @anti-support-group )

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jedileiaorgana  asked:

top five things you love about finn!

oh boy… here we go. 

1. he’s literally just… so nice?? he’s so friendly and encouraging to rey, immediately gets along with poe, and that part where he calls leia “ma’am”??? pure. blessed. 

2. he isn’t a pushover, though. finn stands up for himself and isn’t afraid to bite back when someone lashes out at him. he stands his ground and commands the attention of others when he speaks- its no wonder he was on course to becoming a respected leader in the first order! 

3. in spite of his upbringing, finn has a strong sense of right and wrong. he has seen true evil at the hands of the first order, and yet he internalizes none of that as acceptable behavior. after his first battle, he decides that he can’t kill innocent people. his FIRST BATTLE. 

4. i think it’s worth mentioning how handsome and funny and adorable he is?? his smile is so radiant and his eyes are so pretty?? finn just oozes charisma and there’s no way any of you can convince me that people won’t be falling in love with him right and left at the resistance base. 

5. he is so, so brave and selfless. its funny because despite all his talk about wanting to run away, despite how obviously scared he is, finn does the exact opposite. when their ship crashes on jakku, finn rushes to the wreckage hoping that poe had survived the crash. when rey is attacked by unkar plutt’s cronies, finn runs to aid her despite not even knowing her yet. finn returns to maz’s palace as soon as he senses the destruction of the hosnian system and fights the first order, even after he’d sworn to run away and never look back. he runs after rey, screaming her name, as she’s captured on takodana. he lies his way on to starkiller base to rescue her and is the first person to ever come back for her. people like to call him cowardly because he’s afraid, yet i believe he’s one of the bravest- if not THE bravest- characters i’ve ever seen. he acts in spite of his fear to do what’s right. he would put himself through hell for the people he loves and that? that makes him a hero. 

* note that these aren’t in any particular order bc i just love finn so much

thank you so much for asking me this because i got to think about finn exclusively for ten minutes while i wrote this and already my day is infinitely better. 

ask me about my favorite things and i’ll give you my top five ____!

Asexual/Modern John Laurens headcanons!!

-when he first met Alexander he was scared to tell him that he was asexual.
-once he told Alex, Alex gave him tONS of hugs and cuddles and kisses and told him that he still loved him.
-Slowly John started coming out to his friends and they all loved and supported him,
-Laf bought him a shirt with the ace flag on it.
-On Alexander and Johns one year anniversary Alexander took John to the aquarium to see all the turtles and fish because John is infatuated by them.
-Johns favorite animal is anything that swims.
-Alexander bought John a promise ring on their one year.
-One night John was scared Alexander was going to leave him because it happened in a dream and John woke up crying and Alexander held him and whispered cute little things in his ear and John fell right asleep.
-John is super proud of himself for telling all his friends hes ace
-Be proud of John my small son.
-Alexander and Johns date nights consist of Pizza and movies and cuddles.


I FEEL LIKE I’VE ALREADY POSTED THIS BEFORE but regarding Nya’s death, one of the first things Zane does is look at Kai (knowing Nya was Kai’s sister) and  KAI LOOKS SO SAD and then covers his face as if crying or he can’t stand to see his sis dead in front of him.

For some reason, Kai is the most painful character to see sad IMO? Like, he’s only my 5th favorite ninja on the team and yet I feel the most sympathy for him when he’s upset. Like seeing Kai’s speech in Zane’s funeral, or at the beginning of S4 when Kai was still grieving. I guess it’s because it hurts to see such a passionate, firey, egotistical character so heart-broken.