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iambeckyg Now my favorite FAVORITE part of the night was seeing this guy come out of his shell and be so free. So many times while watching the movie I’d look over so see his reaction to the movie. To see him react and Identify himself in such a special character like Billy made me so extremely proud of the message of this movie. When RJ met Alex for the first time last night I cried. As RJ held onto my little brother in the biggest bear hug, I found myself overwhelmed with happiness and relief. As a big sister who looks after my siblings like my own, I was relieved because when I was young & Alejandro was diagnosed with autism I always worried that he would struggle to find his place in the world. I would ask myself if he would he ever truly see how special and amazing he is rather than just “different” than everyone else? Last night I think he himself finally realized that he’s our Hero. That he too is powerful in his own way. That being unique isn’t a bad thing. That he’s special to so many people and inspires everyone around him. He is my real life Billy. 💙 I love you Big Al. Thanks for being my hero.

i know it’s kind of dumb to be talking about and getting emotional over something that happened 2 years ago, but i wasn’t a kpop fan back then so…

i’m just like TT because monsta x stayed behind for psy and bigbang at the 2015 mama’s when everyone else had already left…

those are my boys….with my boys 😍 

in the video they were both bowing so low to each other like bigbang was so grateful they stayed :((( 

and this picture was supposed to just be bigbang and psy but when monsta x went off to the side so they could take the photo, psy and bigbang told them to come get in the picture too HOLD ME i love idol interactions