im cry

pls watch this video of male melodies fanboying over btob and btob’s cute reactions in return. thx. (ಥ益ಥ)♡ / © hugmejoo

(trans of beginning of the video)
MINHYUK: you too!!!!!

pd101 boys as boyfriends pt.2

i cry TT-TT pt1

kwon hyunbin

  • when he’s not a model, he’s ur personal photographer
  • the one thats takes all the aesthetics pics for ur ig
  • matching chic outfits
  • mindlessly holds ur hand on ur second date
  • really supportive in all u do<3
  • enjoys taking selfies with you and posting them in ig with the cringiest caption

park jihoon

  • such manly but much cute too
  • get jealous when he sees u having a long conversation with someone he feels is a competition
  • ties ur shoes for u
  • the type to get to the train station 30 minutes early and say “no i just got here like five minutes ago” when u arrive
  • tries real hard to win u something at a claw machine that u have to pull him away bc he’s churning out almost $20

kim donghyun

  • makes u listen to his new songs
  • they’re all always just snippets
  • likes to nap on ur lap (oo that rhymed. he’ll probably use that as his lyrics)
  • food adventures forreal
  • will not judge you if u take aesthetic pictures of food bc he prolly does it too

kang daniel

  • introduces u to his cats four dates in
  • “but forreal, if i had to save u or my cats during a fire, i need to save my cats first pls understand. i’ll come back for u. i mean u have legs right.”
  • likes to snuggle
  • really cuddly in general
  • is a human cat
  • the type to wait outside ur door all night long if you two get into a fight

takada kenta

  • will go with you to concerts
  • is probably more excited than u
  • u two learn fan chants together<3
  • is actually the sweetest and purest human being in the planet
  • gives u small gifts every other week bc “i had to get it bc reminded me of u” //my smol heart
  • ur mother approves of him

bae jinyoung

  • confesses to u with his head bowed
  • of course u couldn’t hear him tho so he has to say it again
  • #the most frustrating moment of his life frfr
  • looks at you like ur the sun and stars and the moon and everything

yoon jisung

  • really serious abt ur relationship but also a real life meme
  • really nice dinner dates
  • ur name on his phone is “my love”
  • would go to ur home in the morning just to make you breakfast
  • karaoke nights with this man never fails to make you laugh
  • insists on sharing every skewer of street food with you rather than getting his own bc romantic

can u imagine pregnant!Lena though … her and Kara are lying on the couch and Kara’s head is resting on Lena’s stomach and she is talking to the baby in Kryptonian and Lena never thought she could be this happy