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“Don’t be beautiful. They keep saying that beautiful is something a girl needs to be. But honestly? Forget that. There are an eternity of other things to be other than beautiful.” Insp.

I just remembered that Kierarktina technically isn’t canon yet but I’ve already accepted it as such and if it ends up not being endgame I’m going to be so fucking disappointed.

  • Emma: You're the most beautiful soul I've ever met.
  • Julian: *blushing* You really mean that?
  • Emma: of course!
  • Julian: I-
  • Emma: I wouldn't tell Cristina anything I didn't mean! Thank you for letting me practice, Jules! See ya!
  • Julian:
  • Julian:
  • Julian: fuck.

anonymous asked:

hi do you have any achilles/patroclus fic recs?

oh gosh anon

ive read quite a few but ive only got three bookmarked lol (two are pretty long tho):

Not Homer’s Iliad: a high school au, i know, but i really liked the way it was done. the way that the trojan war takes place in a school setting is imaginative and cool and also this is super super long and literally full to the brim with achilles and patroclus pining over each other omgg

Half of Mine: eros and psyche au, beautifully written and idk, i just really like this one tbh

The Kiss that Launched a Single Love: au where patroclus is helen’s twin and he goes to troy with her (apparently i like aus idk). idk its long and made me feel the longing that achilles and patroclus must have felt for each other. i havent actually finished this one but what i have read ive really enjoyed so ??

anyway im probably not the best person to ask abt this; maybe ask @achilltatos or check out the tag on tumblr?? sorry :(