im cripple

im laughing so much rn because this is so in character they will both buy rings and when one of them proposes to the other by accident he will say no because he wanted to propose too jdicibidkdkcifisic and the other will have the biggest face crippling journey im jdicifiskckdisc

anonymous asked:

i only started following u bc of some stupid poll of what couple was the cutest in the phandom in 2015 i think and u n em won and my friends lost and i was like fuck it gotta follow this shit n i never unfollowed ur shit post of a life and here we r

ah back when emily and i were cool

not to be extra but Donghyuk deserves the world, his smile is so warm it melts ice and changes the season, when he laughs the clouds disappear, flowers bloom in the winter and all lean in his direction, the ecosystem flourishes and the oceans currents are in perfect harmony. The colour yellow isn’t as bright as him and he replaces the sun leaving us to be the moon reflecting all his light

my life: tag yourself im the crippling fear of failure that paralyses me and leaves me in a cycle of stagnation and lack of motivation to do anything which might push me forward

im sorry for talking abt it so much but god my fucking meds are god sent

like out of my 19 years, those two weeks has been the most productive in term of mundane stuff, all done by myself. i dont feel sluggish or lazy during the day, i can control my thoughts now and not always be daydreaming. i can just. get things fukin done. its a miracle! after waiting for a goddamn whole fucking YEAR getting a diagnosis followed by meds, i am just so damn happy. 

unrelated but now i know where im going. ill study in social work then maybe become a street worker or work in dehab centers or things related to drugs. i wanna help and educate people and that subject interests me a lot (ive already gotten a lot of knowledge on them too so thats neat). then maybe like do those sort of presentations in high schools/colleges about like either safety drug use, lgbt issues or stuff like that. educating ppl in the ways i can… and theres actual work opportunities in that field unlike 2d animation lmao

Fun Disability Feels of the Night:

  • i cant walk oh god my knees they scream im never moving again
  • walking anyway oh nooo
  • this! is! not! how! elbows! work!
  • hands wat r u doing
  • i dropped it its ok i’ll pick it up
  • i dropped it again
  • migraine
  • hell yeah! warm bath! this will feel so good on my aches!
  • hell nope frost-bitten nerve damaged feet cannot handle the warm bath abort
  • crying