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1m 1m since theyve hated me 1m 1m 1m 1m 2m 2m since theyve hated me 2m am i crazy? 2m 2m 2m yes 2m no 2-3m yesno 3m since theyve hated me 3m 3m 3m 3m 3m am i crazy? 3m 3yesm no3m 4M 4 MINUTES SINCE THEYVE HATED ME WHAT DID I DO WRONG 4m 4m 4m 5m minutes since theyve hated me 5m 5m i hate them 5m 5m im disgusting 5m 5m 6m since theyve hated me 6m 6m 6m since theyve hated me and i liked them? 7m since theyve hated me 7m 7m 7m 7m 7am i cmrazy7m 7m ye7sno im notm 7m im fine 7m theres nothing even wrong with me 8m since theyve hated me 8m 8m 8m 8m 8m im going to kill myself today 8m 8m 8m 9m since theyve hated me 9m 9m 10m 10m TEN MINUTES AND IVE WAITED ALL DAY FOR THEM AND THEY HATE ME WHY DID I EVEN WASTE MY TIME FOR TH-

them: oh yeah thats so cool man

me:i know right lmao

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your art kinda reminds me of rcdart because you also have a weird fascination with fetishizing trans men.


how are you… how are you gonna act like these 2 things are even remotely comparable….

heathers songs explained
  • beautiful: popular, you're gonna be popular! i'll show you what shoes to wear, how to fix your hair, little ways to flirt and flounce! all the things that really count to be popular!
  • candy store: lets use emotional blackmail and death threats to convince this girl to stay friends with us
  • fight for me: hey random stranger how'd you like to be my new boyfriend?
  • freeze your brain: hi my name is jason dean and i'm addicted to slushies
  • dead girl walking: my social life is over lolol lets get laid it'll make everything better
  • me inside of me: mean girl died! #same #relatable #bigmood
  • blue: this is supposed to be a love song but instead i'm talking about my balls thats not weird or anything what
  • blue reprise: okay we're done talking about balls now
  • our love is god: im a yandere
  • dead gay son: everyone is gay now heck even i'm gay
  • seventeen: YOLO
  • shine a light: let's all feel sorry for ourselves!
  • lifeboat: i'm depressed and i wanna die uwu
  • shine a light reprise: lol go kill urself bitch
  • kindergarten boyfriend: i wanna go back to kindergarten and take eternal naps
  • yo girl: i guess i'll start taking advice from ghosts since i have no friends
  • meant to be yours: WHEN ITS MEANT TO BE, YA GO KINDA CRAZY
  • dead girl walking reprise: i faked my own suicide what am i supposed to do now?
  • i am damaged: i'm a yandere (reprise)
  • seventeen reprise: let's erase this all from the narrative okay

just bc i have “a big following” or w/e the fuck doesn’t mean im responsible for the shitty as fuck actions people do in fandoms im in what am i jesus ?? did i make a bible?? are the fans crazy christians?? can i mind control people?? please tell me if you know the answers i myself am baffled

Okay I LITERALLY DO NOT C A R E what anyone else thinks BUT THE ENGLISH VOICE ACTING IN FFXV IS FUCKING PHENOMENAL. I Am always biased towards japanese voice acting ALWAYS. BUT this game literally changed everything. like RAY CHASE FUCKIN SLEIGHED NOCTIS like everytime noctis yells I FEEL LIKE IM ON THE DISC OF CAUTHESS. And GLADIO LIKE C A S A N O V A BOI CHRIS DID SUCH A CRAZY EGWUWWJWJ JOB. AND PROMPTO MY BABY ROBBIE LIKE ALL PROMPTOS GIRLY sceams are on point. And ignis LOW KEY SASS FREAKING ADAM THANK YOU GOD. Ardyn, is a blessing in the voice acting squad. Darin… *cryin* YOU DID G O O D.

so i feel like a relationship with Alex would be full of sarcastic insults (e.x. “you’re so fucking annoying.”) but then the insult would be covered by a speedy halfhearted save (e.x. “but it’s okay because i am too.”). I feel like you would always yell at him and tell him to talk in his normal voice but he wouldn’t because you would get so mad and he would love it and it would end in a play fight to him but a real fight to you and then you would just calm down and eat food together (fast food). Whenever you would complain about periods or some girl struggle I feel like he would just start naming of different places that he’s got a boner and had to cover it up and been really embarrassed about it. I don’t think anything would get too serious, like sitting down and talking about how your day was shit, none of that pussy shit because that’s for pussy’s. No you guys would just either do nothing or do everything to get your mind off of it. I cannot stress how much swearing their would be. I can hear the arguments now. (e.x. “ fucking stop swearing for a fucking second you dick god dammit”) i can hear it and i am loving it. Alex seems like a lowkey (maybe highkey whatever) touchy feely kind of dude so like ass grabbing in public when no one is looking (or maybe everyone is looking) boob touching, waist squeezing stupid shit like that that drives girls and boys crazy all around the world. Can you imagine how many horrible puns and jokes would be said a day. so many that i don’t want to think about it. and can you imagine how many time you would have to say “we just had fastfood cook something” or some shit like that. im so done wWOW what am I DOING

Im good for a while
I’ll talk more, laugh more
Sleep and eat normally
But then something happenss
Like a switch turns off somewhere
And all im left with is the darkness of my mind but each time it seems like I sink deeper and deeper, drowning and no one can tell no one can help me and im scared, terrified that one day I won’t be make it back up
I feel like I am gasping
Screaming for help
But everyone just looks at me
With confused faces
Wondering what I am struggling over
When they are all doing fine
It makes me feel crazy
Maybe I’m better off dead

What the hell is wrong with me

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142 please!!

142.“Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”

Betty couldn’t keep the smile off of her face as she peered at her five year old son over the top of her newspaper.

Tucker Jones was currently sitting perfectly straight in his chair at the dining room table, a plate of half eaten waffles in front of him, his eyes were trained on the stairs and his fingers were tapping an offbeat rhythm, it was one of his fathers ticks he had inherited, Betty always found it absolutely adorable and today it was especially endearing.

“What’s up little Romeo?” She questioned taking a dainty sip from her coffee cup and leaning over the table to push the messy waves from his eyes.

Tucker sighed, almost too dramatically for a five year old
“Momma, Lucy likes me but Freddie Andrews says that she doesn’t like like me. But I like like her and Freddie says I have to make her jealous but I don’t know how and Emma blossom said she would help me but what do I do?”

The giggle escaped from Betty’s mouth before she could stop it, leave it to Veronica and Archie’s son to impart such wisdom on her kindergarten son. The conversation was futile so she was resigned to play along.

“Well love, maybe you could hold Emma’s hand, show Lucy what a great hand holder you are. You can see if that makes her a little jealous.”

Something familiarly mischievous flashed in Tucker’s eyes, the sound of footsteps on the stairs had Betty moving to look but Tucker gripped her hand quickly nearly pulling her across the table.

Suddenly a tiny little hand was holding hers in place, and in the most serious tone she had ever heard her son use Tucker whispered

“Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”

“Hello to my favorite family.” Jughead strolled into the dining room eyeing his plate of breakfast and reaching to give Betty a kiss.

Tucker tugged Betty away from Jughead and cleared his throat


The dark haired author stepped back in surprise his eyes falling on their clasped hands and Betty’s barely concealed laughter.

“Hi bug? Everything okay this morning.”

Tucker shook his head lazily, the picture of five year old indifference.

“I’m just with MY best girl.”

It was something Jughead said on a daily basis and His son was clearly just imitating but when he looked back to Betty she shrugged

“Don’t look at me im just with MY best guy.”

Tucker smiled at his father, a cocky kind of look he had learned from Aunt Cheryl.

Jughead slowly took his place at the table, looking down at his waffles as His wife and son chattered mindlessly, this went on for about 45 seconds before he finally erupted

“What am I chopped liver?! Do I not get any love this morning?”

Tucker was out of his seat in seconds flat and crawling onto his fathers lap

“Sorry daddy! I was trying to make you jealous? Did it work?”

Jughead glanced over his sons crazy waves and smiled as Betty winked

“It sure did Tuck, it sure did,”

#195 psycho pass; kogami/makishima

“It doesn’t look like it’s going to be letting up anytime soon.” A voice rang out over the steady, rhythmic pounding of rain hitting pavement.

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  • Jimin: What am I to you?
  • Jimin: I'm serious.
  • Jungkook:
  • Jungkook: You just wanna hear compliments from me again
  • Jimin: yeah
  • Jungkook: and I'm gonna be weak again and give in to you
  • Jimin: I hope so
  • Jungkook: I love you
  • Taehyung: That's not even a compliment, Kook. Also, go up to your room, we're trying to eat here.

……I’m really trying to be the bigger person here and not contribute to call out culture but I also really need you guys to see this. Please. Don’t talk to people like this. This is just mocking me and talking down to me like I’m not a person. I’m about to block this person, but I just…I really need to know that I’m not crazy and that this person is unhinged. Can we all just be nice to each other and treat each other like humans. Please?


I made myself sad.

Edit: This has been reblogged like hell after 12x23 aired because obvious events, and I’d like to clarify that this was drawn like a month before - and posted a few weeks before the episode aired. So yes, I did predict the future when I drew this.
please read and pass along so queen Vic sees it and comments on it/ reblogs (part one)

okay y'all. im goons try to keep this short. over a year ago, i began reading red queen. it was by far one of the best days of my life. im writing this for three reasons. one, i want queen v to see it and know just how much she means to me. two, today i got scared. i got really scared that one day red queen will no longer make me feel the intense love i feel now. three, i had this dream that i was a number one nyt bestselling author and me and queen vic went to go have lunch. queen vic if you read this hmu. i know some pretty gucci restaurants in ri. haha. 😂 okay so back to the beginning of the story, i was walking around bn before gs came out and i saw this book … with the most gorgeous cover i have ever seen. and then i read the back. i instantly connected with this book. i loved it so so much and i hadn’t even read it yet. my depression and anxiety were so bad at this point and i had already started cutting. so then i started reading this book, it was AMAZING. i just felt this connection with mare, as if she were real and i could just talk to her. and i felt so … not alone for the first time in a long time. it was this unimaginable love. it made my heart hurt in the best way possible. glass sword came out by the time i finished reading it. i was so so in love. ask anyone, there is not a day have gone without having a conniption at least one since i started reading it. so the next year was really hard. the arrival of kc kept me going. during that year, I MET VICTORIA AVEYARD in east long meadow at kidly winks in June of 2016. IT WAS LITERALLY THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. it was the most personal thing to me so im not gonna describe what happened other than HOLY SHIT. I WAS ON CLOUD NINE ☁️ FOR WEEKS. she was just so amazing. idek what to say. after we left the store, I cried. and honestly i miss her sm. i gave her a million hugs and was honestly an awkward but. i hope she didn’t judge too much. it was great. we hugged, complemented each other, our moms talked to each other. I STILL can’t get over it, but quite a while after that, things got so bad that i couldn’t function anymore. i was NEVER happy. i hid my rq books because i didn’t want to see them and have them lose their meaning in this dark time. so, then i was admitted to bradley, a children’s psychiatric hospital, an intensive outpatient program. the first day i was there i was determined to die. i said i would kill myself before kc because i waited so long and came so far, i just had to make it until then, right? wrong. so while i was in Bradley, i was happy for the first time in a while, but not until kc came out. everyone there, even my psychiatrist said it helped immensely with my recovery. everyone told me i look so much happier. even in that hellhole they call school. my mom said that i was the happiest she had seen me in a long time. my best friend the hope, the sparkle in my eyes was back. it made me realize how much i love some of the things in this world. when i left Bradley, everyone said i was the red queen and positive messages about how strong i was like mare. I still carry those letters around because there still are low points. they never just go away. but now there’s a difference. im happy. i have hope. for that, i am immensely grateful. i love you so so much queen vic. and let me just say, i absolutely support the end of kc. of course im sad, but i understand that as an author sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. and just like kc gave me hope in my life, i have hope and faith in queen vic and what you do with rq4. stop hating on her y'all. again, i just want to say thank you and *anxiety takes over* please don’t think im crazy. (Btw just thought of this, im gonna post some pics right after bc idk how to put them in here) i just want you to know this because you deserve to and honestly, it was helpful for me to put it all down and not try to cram it into you’re ask box in a few asks as possible. again, thanks and love you. ❤️ @vaveyard


I am slowly developing a crush on the nice guy who sits next to me in class because he keeps showing so much interest in what im doing and spent all of the post test asking me about what kind of stuff goes into 2D animation and that line of work. He said “its crazy im getting so into it now cause like you get so excited while talking about it that now im like ‘oh shit this is super cool’”
He got so excited when i told him i had a sketchbook and asked me to bring it to class on Thursday. I drew a picture of him and another girl in class, just a doodle and he waited till the teacher turned his back to lean over and take a picture of it
Then we started talking about him and what he likes and he laughed at my jokes it was really great

thank you

So back in April I never got the chance to celebrate my one year for this blog. There ain’t much to celebrate tho since this blog is trash and all I do is worship Wonho’s ass and talk about D 24/7 (I’m so sorry I’m shameless) but I really really wanted to make a post for all the amazing people I’ve met on here, and how much you all mean to me even though I never express any form of compassion or love and majority of the time mask it with insults hahaha

But to those who know me by now should know I do it because I like you and you have a special place in my hitlist ok

Before I start I just want to throw in how much I greatly appreciate everyone that follows my blog. I know I haven’t been active in so long and I haven’t posted a fic in ages and I’m so sorry for that. There’s been some little things here and there that have piled up and it’s taken a toll on me but hey, everyone has some rough bumps in the road and I know this and I know there will be better days, and it has gotten way better. 

For anyone that has dealt with any anxiety or depression or any sense of feeling as though it’s hopeless, I hope you know that you’re strong and you are important and here for a reason and somewhere out there, either near or far there is someone out there who wants you here and who also loves you for who you are. And if at any time you feel alone or find yourself in a tough situation, I want you to know you can always come and talk to me. And I’m not saying that just to say it, I seriously mean it. I do work and I do go to school so it may take some time for me to respond, but don’t ever feel like you can’t talk to me. One thing I actually hoped for in this blog when I made it was to help people, because I know that some (but not all) people think of Tumblr as a safe haven, and I could say I made it myself for the sake of running away from my own problems.

And here I am now, drowning myself with pictures of hot kpop guys but also meeting probably the best people I couldn’t have possibly lived without. I know we’re online friends and don’t even know each other in real life, but just know that you’ve all made a huge impact on my life and I really thank you guys. There are people I haven’t talked to much or at all, but I hope at some point in our lives we can talk about something as small as what we had for lunch today or to how big we think Jungkook’s schlong is cuz come on I know we’re all wondering the same fucking thing and I need answers too girl and it could turn out to be a beautiful friendship

Anyways, thank you thank you THANK YOU all so much for following me, giving me a chance, liking my fics, sending a sweet ask, talking to me, thank you all so much. I appreciate every little thing I get on here and I just love everyone and hope you stick around while I’m still glorifying Wonho’s ass every day. 

I’m so sorry for already making it so long but it’s about to get way longer and personal so I’m just going to cut it here so the post won’t get so annoying on everyone’s dash lol

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Karter Speaks


i went to the pool today (against my will, but that’s irrelevant) and when i was swimming someone was blasting bruno mars music. so obviously i, being the kind of person who sings along to strangers songs, decided to belt out a few of the lyrics thinking that no one would listen. i kid you not when i say that the entire population of people in the pool (which was not that large, but once again that’s irrelevant) turned to look at me. (i got embarrassed and shut up real quick.) it was really quiet, until some little boy (probably primary school age) shouted that i was a siren.

i guess i can add ‘siren’ to the list of absurd things i’ve been called in public.

july 24, 2017 - 10:33 pm

been feeling very unproductive and depressed lately. struggling!!

i am in melbourne at the moment, having a look at universities and i am honestly even more unsure ahaha also my social anxiety is on overload so all i have been doing is staying in my hotel room and wasting time (not to mention that its freezing outside) - any suggestions from melbournians as to what else i could do?

i have been working on my brown summer online neuroscience course for the past few weeks, but the workload is so crazy and there are daily assignment deadlines. but im not consistent like that, it’s so difficult with adhd and when i am travelling with an irregular routine. I feel terrible but i really hope my instructors dont think im lazy and demotivated, i really enjoy the course and love it, i just cant sometimes.