im country and proud

I love how Niall’s gotten so much more confident. Going solo kinda changed him (in a GOOD way). Over the years he’s progressively earned his place in the music industry. He’s worked so hard to finally be respected as an artist (when u think of how he barely had any solos in 2012 and he was always taken for granted). And even if today hes still not the most talked about person and he still doesn’t get enough recognition, the general public love his music so much. He’s only released 2 singles and he’s received awards and was #1 in so many countries. Im so proud of him and i LOVE how he knows he’s doing great stuff. I love the fact that he dances to his own song. He’s so confident and he’s so happy and excited to share his music with us. It doesn’t matter to him if he’s #1 as long as he’s happy with the music he’s doing. He’s so passionate and he’s not here just for the glory. He just wants to do HIS best as a solo artist.

The signs as Balkan things

Aries: the people in the balkan youtube comment section

Taurus: Burek ,Sarma, baklava…………aLL THE GOOD FOOD YOUR GRANDMA MAKES

Gemini: tHE HATE

Cancer: Suffering

Leo: the teenagers that think that western capitalism is cool

Virgo: The people who stay and study in their homecountry in hopes that the corruption will end

Libra: Lives in a rich country but goes to their homeland every vacation, always brags about their money and expensive things they buy

Scorpio: That person who talks about politics and history but doesnt know anything about it

Sagittarius : The people who actually like their homeland

Capricorn : Those who are communists even 35 years after Titos death

Aquarius: the smart people who want to migrate to another country

Pisces: lives in the country side , no internet, no electronics. 

Could there have possibly been a better end for Pride Month, than a country getting finally the stick out of their ass and accepting love for what it is?? I THINK NOT!! 

i used to think of stars and stripes and patriotism and all that serious business when i thought about the founding fathers, and now every time i hear about one i beam fondly as i remember how ben franklin used to strip naked and open the windows to take air baths, and how jefferson’s bed in monticello was too short for him to lay down in, and how hamilton sexted everybody through letters, and how john marshall didn’t wear his pants to court that one time

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i deadass just saw this stupid fucking filipino coffee commercial w/ 4 kids. their names are cara, mel, macky, and ato. i didnt pay attention to it bc i was looking at commercials (bc thats what i do most of the time) and then at the end of the commercial they were just,,,,promoting,,a new coffee flavor called caramel macchiato,,,,the kids' names made sense and im just so mad and so impressed w/ the pun,,i both love and hate ur country congratulations

for the first time im proud of my country

🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 🎉🎉💪🏻💐🍾🤗🙌🏻💙❤️⚜️🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷


Today I presented at the Kiryu Film Festival. Thank you to everyone who came to the festival. Watching the finished cut at the same time with everybody made me nervous. It was a precious experience! From now on as well, I want to continue pushing forward in the acting industry. 

Okay but name another country that puts together a bunch of famous fucking latin-american singers and throws a giant concert in the fucking ZOCALO and makes the price food for the victims of the earthquake. Yeah. Tickets dont cost money, the price is support and food and im so proud of my country for putting up something as big as this

im so proud of myself i moved across the country to the middle of the ocean 5 years ago with $200 and a backpack to my name, no drivers license, disassociating regularly and knew no one. i have come a long way in a lot of ways.

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Far right wasnt elected in France I cant believe it. Im very proud of my country

Oh yes, the presidential election of France has been all over the news here, too. I’m very glad the right person won! Europe has hope. AND! You also won today’s ice hockey championship game against us. Double congratulations to France <3


Hardworking. Humble. Determined. Jackson has sacrificed so much to be where he is today. Although fencing is a very important part of his life, and it was his dream to go to the Olympics, he showed us how important it is to realize that sometimes we need to give up things in order to attain what we really want. Let’s remember fencing as something that changed his life and made him who he is today - but encourage him in the path that he’s taking now. Being a rapper and an artist is his dream today. Let’s not focus on regrets or past events, and let’s wholeheartedly encourage Jackson in everything that he wishes to do.