im cooling tower


THAT IS SUCH A COOL IDEA. The idea of an NPC using stuff that the player uses when friends with the Wizard never occurred to me!! this gave me some funny comic ideas too.

Fine headcanons, dear anon. Fine headcanons. Yeah, regardless, I think it’s clear that Abby’s purple hair has SOMETHIN’ going on with it. I think there is a lot that points to Abby being the wizard’s daughter, but I tend to be weird about things that seem really obvious. Definitely not denying all the hints we’ve been given, though. I’ll accept whatever becomes canon (if that happens!)

Rashida Jones as Janet Van Dyne

    Janet Van Dyne is heiress to the Van Dyne corporation, known for their advancements in bio-fuel and providing easily accessible agricultural resources for developing countries. Janet and her husband, Hank Pym, one of the top scientists at SHIELD’s biotechnology division has worked closely with Nick Fury, to form the Avengers Initiative. After witnessing the death of her father by an extraterrestrial, Van Dyne thought it appropriate to help bring together a group of remarkable people with extraordinary capabilities to protect humanity.

Janet not only walks the catwalk as a charming spokeswoman for Van Dyne Inc. but also takes flight as a part-time superhero.