im coming for ya!


No sleep we die like conspiracy theorists 👽⭐️

Also platonic Kidge is my jAM ❤️💚 Underrated friendship

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

  • Touka and Kaneki: There's nothing more than the possible death of our long lost friends that turns me on. Let's fuck.
  • Me: [Guy looking confused with question marks near his head meme.]

i’m honestly, seriously, gonna need a moment because,

all this rep. look at all this rep. 

subhanallah, look at these beautiful poc boys, the balloon squad, masha’allah, that are gonna grace our screens, insha’allah.

no doubt, we’re definitely going to get sana’s brother coming soon too. and no doubt, jamila and her squad will be coming back too, insha’allah.

we’re going to have SO MUCH muslim POC representation. i will RAVE over this until the end of the season idec anymore.

because, allah KNOWS, we have waited so long for this. we’ve waited, and waited and WAITED so SO long, for YEARS, for our identity, for our religion to be NORMALISED. for our islam to be shown as a religion that is SO MUCH MORE than just about being the hijaab and jihaad and extremism. for our islam to be shown in the normal, daily, simple way that we muslim pocs live it on a day to day basis.


and i cannot EXPRESS to you how huge this is for us. how BIG OF A DEAL this is to us. how MUCH this means to us.

julie, thank you so much for giving us muslims this.


THE PALADINS WILL NEVER SHOUTOUT AT LANCE!! Yeah they may ignore him or maybe accidentally lash out. And yeah lance may or may not annoy them or distract them sometimes. BUT THE OTHERS WILL NEVER INTENTIONALLY SAY MEAN THINGS OR VERBALLY ABUSE LANCE!!

not saying that i dont like it when they do (cuz ive read my fair share of fanfics like this) but just wanted to remind everyone

I will be here when you are gone
So, I have the right to a power gorge
And I will be good at making bad

Numei is an Oni. also that pvp healing circlet is a bitch to draw.

A while back I said I wanted some hip-touch action, and now Link tried to deliver for once. Too bad lil’ Rhett’s not ready to go that far yet. Maybe next year. (GMMore #829)

wow i can’t believe i just found a respected university that doesn’t have an application fee, doesn’t require a high school diploma, has a sturdy lgbtq+ support policy, and where students are described, in one review, as “driven, tired, and gay” i’m living y'all it’s perfect here i come


Tsukishima Kei | Middle Blocker | Happy Birthday to my ♥ sweet Sarah!! ♥  σ(≧ε≦o)

today was the first day i’ve sat down and just relaxed all week and i’ve literally just broken down for a solid 15 minutes. my stress levels have been hitting the roof all week and my emotions have been forcibly happy (i work with kids i need to be happy all the time) and it’s not like i’m sad crying or anything it’s just… overwhelmed. it’s not even like i’m drained or whatever, i’m just exhausted and i finally have two days to relax. but i got paid and im chuffed