im clothed

im thinking about my gf coming and staying with me for a week and im really !!!!!!!!!!!! im all smiley rn 

oh yea for those that were interested in purchasing the bts x puma shoes you should checkout “koreanbuddy” its a korean shopping service and they respond very quickly. I can vouch for their legitimacy and they have very good rep

yall so i was crying over the shadow broker files on samara and justicars can’t own any material items and under the list of possessions she bequeathed i just

Clothing and Jewelry:
- Casual clothing (approx. 20 outfits)
- Intimate negligees (3)
- Dancing dresses (4)
- Bond ceremony gown
- Bond ceremony bracelet

- Holo-locket (images of bondmate, children – reprogrammable)
- Baby and children clothing (various)

asari have some sort of wedding equivalent bond ceremony thing and Fuck now i have to write headcanons about it god Damn it All


- Personalized “Happy Birthday Mom” travel mug with photo of Samara and children (handle cracked and repaired, some glue marks visible)


Finally got workshop to behave (mostly). It’s still a lot of re-remembering what I forgot. Next up is figuring out how to get rid of the shiny and the weird seam thing going on with the top. I think if I just get rid of the bump maps the shiny will go away, cause my specs I don’t think are dark enough to do this.

I’m just working with adult clothes to start with since they’re a fair bit easier to work on. Mostly because the adults can stand on their own in cas and in game for easier viewing (cause right now I’m too lazy for pose packs until I get these working)

These will be released eventually, I’m just not sure when since I’m working on a project with a friend of mine to make our own kind of stuff pack. I’ll be including quite a few of my unfinished works in with it too since I began work on some things ages ago but never got back to it *stares at the kiddy pool*

Some of the stuff I won’t be surprised if someone else has already made it, seeing as I’ve been a bit out of the loop for a few years, buuuut I’ll be putting out the stuff I made anyway because why not.

ive been looking super feminine lately and its been stressing me out.

partyba  asked:

Hey!! I was wondering if you have any tips on drawing clothes? I need help and your skills are flawless ♡!

im not a pro at this field cuz im also still learning, but i hope u find this helpful anyway Kevin. ^ ^;;;

ill try to help as much as i can ! also for the best tips, use ur own clothes as reference~ its easier cause u got to clearly see where the folds and creases are! \^0^/

ok so, it turns out that i love drawing altean lance,, a lot