im choking on my own face

being as in love with you as i am

rating: soft

word count: 905 words 

focus: dong sicheng/winwin

(note: thank you to the anon that requested this i am so happy to be able to write about sicheng you made my heart do flips i love you! for the softest most beautiful boy in the world)

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please don't say you love me | bellamy blake (the 100)

prompt: 25- “i told you not to fall in love with me” & 35- “go on tell me. tell me you don’t love me”

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it was yet another unity day spent on earth and this year monty had fixed his moonshine up, it was hard tasted worse but definitely hardened.

i may or may not have had one to many cups of this concoction leading me to where i am now, dancing through the crowd with raven letting our hair down and getting unbelievably drunk.

♫ all I wanna do is what I do well, ain’t a gambler but honey I’d put money on myself. all I wanna do is bottle it to sell, ‘cause my brand does vainglorious much better for your health ♫

we link arms belting out the lyrics dancing with each other as a group of boys watch over us swinging our hips and heads from side to side.

♫ woah oh oh, i can’t get enough, all they’ve said it’s true. i can’t get enough of myself.. woah oh oh, I can’t get enough, I don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of myself♫

“woahhh oh oh” i slur moving my body to the beat feeling a little buzzed rocking on my feet as my vision seems to rock.

i spot the tall handsome brunette from a mile away, his was the camp leader and i seemed to be the only girl in this god damn camp that flirted with the poor boy.

i skip over to my best friend “bells” i giggle tripping but bellamy quick to scoop me up holding me upright with a hand secure to my waist “you good princess?” i giggle taking a swig from my cup.

“im fantastic” i chirp snuggle into the boy, he chuckles and wraps his other arm around me “let’s get you to bed?” i shake my head and push my hands against his chest getting out of his grip.

“noooooo” i whine turning and headed back toward the crowd, i fill up my cup taking a long sip. i spin on my heels and smash into bellamy chest causing the liquid to splash up all over my shirt

“bellll” i whine drinking the rest of whatever was left in my cup “now igotaa get another one-” i slur “ill get it for you” he takes the cup and whispers something nmonty before he pulls up what looks like a bottle of water.

“no no water” i complain falling at his feet, he lifts me back up supporting my weight, “it’s um-” “it’s not water it’s vodka i promise” i stop and stare at him causing him to laugh

i take the cup from him and sip it, not really tasting anything at all “i got my eyes on you blake” i step back and attempt to walk away my feet seem to give way.

“yeah lets go” he lifts me up and carries me toward his tent, i complain the whole way telling him that I was fine but he wasn’t buying a bar of it.

he sits me on his bed rummaging through his clothes and pulling out one of his t-shirts, he removes my soaked shirt and then slipped his clean one over my chest. “stand up”.

he removes my jeans and shoes before settling me into his bed in screwing s water bottle and bringing it my lips “please drink” i give in and let him tip the water into my mouth

he places a bucket next to the bed undressing himself and changing before sitting down next to me, i move closer to him my hands sliding up his bare chest

“thank you baby” i mumble glancing at his lips “(y/n)-” i cut him off by pressing my lips to his deepening the kiss as i feel his hands on my hips. i bet he could taste the alcohol on my lips.

“i love you, bell” i confess before flopping back down on the pillow sleeping pulling me in deep.

i toss in the bed opening my eyes slightly to see the tent lit up brightly stinging my eyes “jesus who turned the lights on” i moan pulling the covers over my face. i hear a chuckle and I turn squinting to see bellamy sitting on the edge of the bed shirtless with his back facing me

i sit up and my head spins “woah” i grasp my head and bellamy turns around placing a comforting hand on my shoulder, “here” he handing me a bottle of water and i take it grateful taking long sips

“god sorry i was probably a drunken mess last night” i apologise embarrassed, i remember everything and i was worried id ruined everything. I kissed my best friend & told him the truth about how i feel, thank you tequila.

“nah you were fine, id rather me help you then have some creep doing it-” he looks at me nervously, “so how are you feeling? do you remember much?” i bring my bottom lip between my teeth.

i decide to lie, “it’s all honestly a little hazy. did i do anything stupid?” he looks the floor mumbling “so you don’t remember?” he pesters “remember what exactly?” i match his annoyed tone.

“forget it” he mumbles standing and slipping on his boots and shirt

“are you serious?” i complain standing and slipping on my jeans from last night. he turns to me as i shove my feet into my boots “here take my jacket it’s cold out” he drops it on the bed and turns moving out of the tent.

i grab his jacket and slip it on before following him out deviating from his path to head toward the mess hall where i spot raven and octavia sitting at one of the tables. i trudge over and slide myself into my usual seat.

“woah what’s up with you sunshine?” octavia jokes “like your one to talk O” i retort rolling my eyes at the brunette.

she narrows her eyes at me sitting up straighter “okay what the hell happened?” i move my hands across my face before folding them across my chest “nothing- nothing” i finish catching bellamy’s gaze as he heads over to us.

“brilliant” i mutters as he reahes are table i refuse to make eye contact with him that caused the two girls to grow awfully suspicious at my behaviour “O can we talk?” he asks his little sister and she ignores him focusing on me.

“so this is what’s bothering you?” she laughs aloud “my idiotic brother, what’s yous do kiss or something” she jokes biting into his apple.

“something like that” i mumble leaving my plate of food and giving bellamy a glance as he realises I know what happened, what i said.

i move out of my seat and storm away from the group feeling stupid and desperate, you make it as far as the camp gates before i hear heavy footsteps and the familiar voice of someone falling my name.

i quicken my pace but it doesn’t seem to help because soon enough there’s a hand in mine pulling me back “leave me alone bellamy” i complain pulling my hand free of his

“(y/n/n) please just hear me out, we need to talk-” i turn around o face him “look okay i get it- we kissed okay we were drunk but what i told you bellamy- that was the truth. i was terrified to admit it but im not anymore”.

“i love you bell-” he cuts me off “no” he yells im taken back by the tone

“i told you!” he yells frustrated “i told you not to fall in love with me- i told you!” he continues to rage pulling his hair at the roots

i step forward and place my hands on his chest “bellamy-” he shakes his head at me stepping back and sliding himself down the trunk of a tree “im sorry” he mumbles, “I can’t tell you what you want to hear” he breathes eyes stinging with tears

i shake my head in disbelief “no” i choke on my tears “you cannot sit there and tell me that” he hangs his head between his legs shamefully.

“go on tell me you don’t love me” i spit tears streaming down my face, he lifts his head tears on his own cheeks “tell me!” i yell frustrated

he chokes on his words trying to look me in the eyes “i can’t- i can’t”

“then why is it such a problem I don’t understand you bell?!” i cry kneeling infront of him

“of course you don’t understand!” he tries to reason but it comes out like venom “help me understand then!” i argue my heart breaking “i can’t” i feel my chest grow heavy

i lean forward and press my lips to his hoping for him to change his mind, i break way and look into his brown eyes begging for another chance.

“i love you bellamy blake, i choose you and i want you to choose me too” i cry but he’s eyes remain fixed on the ground"

“fine” i choke standing and brushing the dirt off my jeans walking away from the camp

“where will you go?” he calls to me standing from his spot on the ground “anywhere but here” i cry turning and walking away from my bestfriend.

id fallen for my bestfriend, bellamy blake but he was too afraid of what he might do to me, i should’ve listen to him the first time. please don’t fall in love with me.

They Were Right (Alex Summers)

Word Count: 2.2k

Warning: Swear words

A/N: based off of this post from @kurtwxgners + Flashbacks and different pov’s are italicized because y’all know Im the queen of excessively using flashbacks to show character development. ;)

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It was mid-January and you couldn’t help the cheeky grin that poured over your features as you skipped to your best friends’ side. They all smiled back widely, sharing looks, and asking why you were in such a good mood. Honestly it was a mix of everything; the atmosphere, your new clothes, the weather. You loved the winter time and even though Christmas passed a few weeks before you were yet to come off the high of the holidays. Shrugging lightly your lips quirked up giddily as your fingers traced the lace detail in your skirt, “probably just the new clothes”
Everything on your body was new to your collection; from the skirt Jean had bought you on new year’s to the boots you had begged Alex to get you for Christmas.

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i am the type of girl that never looks away, is always smiling. always nodding along, “yes. im listening. im here.” i spill apologies like raindrops, sometimes i think im flooding. i smile, choke down the words that aren’t acceptable to say, i laugh in the face of pain. “it’s okay.” i won’t let you know that you hurt me because i am too scared of damaging anyone else, i trace my finger along people’s spines, pinpointing their strong spots, showing them how to stand tall. i make sure they can stand on their own, i lend them some of my own, i tell them, “you are brave.” i am a girl that gives, gives, gives. i don’t like to take without leaving something in return, i don’t like to walk away without marking down exactly the spot i left. this is why it was so hard to walk away from you. i will smile at you and her and him and every other person i see. and if you ask me how i am, it’ll always be the same answer. “i am fine.” really, i am. don’t think of me as any less and when you see tears slipping down my cheeks in class please, notice. there are times when i cannot be strong on my own and i will need a hand to hold onto, a smile to pull me back, to balance me. sometimes all i need is a simple “thank you.” and i will not ask for much but when i ask you to stay, please, promise me you will and i will give you all i have and everything you could ever ask for. i am the type of girl that loves and loves and loves and will never beg you to stick around. i will never invite you into my darkness so if you want to see it, just step on in and i will welcome you despite my fear. i will light it up for you. i am the type of girl who cannot be bright for herself, but you will never catch me not giving, not shinning, for others.
—  i will be your sunshine, just ask.
Family - Justin Bieber Imagine

Can u make an imagine where yn goes to trip with jay in Canada to visit his family for the first time… (they don’t have to like her at the beginning you know) ty


requests are always open :-)


“I’m so nervous Justin” I confess as I fiddle my thumbs in my lap .

Justin and I just flew to his hometown for a small family reunion, and I’m finally going to meet his family for the first time.

We were currently on our way to his grandparents home, and I was scared as hell.

“Why are you nervous babe? They’ll love you” He says , kissing my head .

I bite my lip “But what if they don’t? What if they think I’m ugly ? or not good enough for you?” I voice my fears , and he makes a “are you kidding me “ face.

“I can almost guarantee you that they wouldn’t think any of those things about you . You’re amazing baby” He  says , grabbing my hand in his as he continued to drive.

I sigh , looking out the window and praying he was right .

“We’re here” He says , and I try my best to ignore the butterflies erupting in my stomach .

Justin and I walked to his front door and he knocked , the door flying open seconds later .

“Justin!” Pattie , his mother squeals , embracing him in a hug , the rest of his family lining up behind her .

Justin proceeded to hug his father , grandparents , Jazzy and Jaxon , Jeremys new wife and Ryan.

I continued to stand there awkwardly as they all embraced and spoke to him , before Justin finally introduced me .

“Everyone , meet Y.N. , my girlfriend” He says , a bright smile on his face as he grabs my hand .

I hold my breath as they all turn to me , different expressions on their faces .

“It’s nice to finally  meet you all” I say happily , and nobody responds .

I feel my spirits dropping as they continue to stare at me as if I’m some alien, and I clear my throat , looking at Justin .

“Okaaaay , lets all go inside” Justin says, sensing the awkward tension .

I look down as Justin grabs my hand and leads me into his grandparents cozy home.

We all pile into the living room , and everyone jumps into conversation with Justin , leaving  me to stare around at the house .

“So Y/N , what do you do for a living?” Pattie asked me , a polite smile on her face .

I cleared my throat . “I actually just recently started working with Justin , I’m one of his dancers” I say , and she looks me up and down.

“Lovely. How did you guys meet?” She asked , and Justin cuts in .

“I already told you how ma” Justin said , and Pattie turns to look at him .

“Oh did you , I must’ve forgot” She says , smiling warmly at her son .

“Are you with Justin for his money?” His grandmother asks , and I choke on my own saliva .

“Grams” Justin groans , and I shake my head .

“Of course not! I love Justin , with or without the money being involved. Im not some gold digger” I defend , feeling my face get hot .

“We’re just making sure youre not like the other girls hes dated” His father says , and I look at Justin for help, but he doesn’t say anything .

“Well , I can assure you that im not like the other girls hes dated . Nothing like it . I don’t need Justins money , or fame , or fortune to be in love with him . I love him because of his personality , and the fact that he makes me laugh , and the cute little snort he does when he laughs , and the way his eyes crinkle when he laughs , and his beautiful smile…” I find myself staring at Justin as I explain , and he winks at me , making me blush .

“I like her” Justins grandpa says , and I smile .

Tears pricked your eyes when you saw the young couple so hopelessly in love. Arms crossed over your chest as though you could protect your heart from the feelings they gave you. Her pure white veil had been long pulled back, showing her beauty to the room. Cheekbones chisled to perfection. Of course she got those from her father. An arm wrapped around the girl’s waist, pulling her close to the torso of the man to whom the arm belong. His forehead pressed against hers, and in a only a moment, their lips pressed together chastly, sweetly. A flash captured their tender moment.

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