im certain people have said this before but i need to tell u how i feel

on advice for those with mental illness

so inb4 i get slapped with “we cant all be neurotypical KAREN” ill preface this with the fact that i have severe depression, generalized anxiety disorder, moderate to severe OCD (more along the hoarder spectrum), and ADHD. all diagnosed. i deal with childhood sexual trauma as well. my experience is not universal, but it is not in the slightest neurotypical.

so learning how to grow and start healing fucking sucks. it really does. at a certain point it gets easier to just stay in your downward spiral. i get it, i totally do. ive been there for over 10 years (im 21 at the time im making this) and its taken me years of therapy and personal work to get to where i am now. i would consider myself stable at best, but its leagues better than where i used to be. part of that is just being lucky with recent life events, but much of it is me actively working on my mental illness.

cognitive behavioral therapy helps a fuckton. part of that is exposure therapy. it starts with little things. FORCE urself to go outside sometimes. FORCE urself to let something be “clean enough” or “good enough.” you dont have to personally handwash dishes you want to use to know theyre clean. let something be imperect, but start small. FORCE urself to look into someones eyes when u talk to them, or at least look at their mouth. a lot of the early work is about breaking out of your habits, your spiral. and it is work, absolutely. i know executive disfunction and lack of spoons/energy very well. starting small and succeeding tells your brain that you CAN do it.

i also have impulsive, intrusive thoughts. that sort of this is common but for me, its nearly every second of the day. when you start to understand that these thoughts ARENT yours, that obsessions have a cause you can point to, it starts to get easier. often i get thoughts of screaming nasty, racist, homophobic, transphobic things and it used to terrify me!! i used to think that those thoughts defined me or were some sort of “secret personality” of who i actually am. theyre not. theyre just shitty things that you hear and see from other people and your brain KNOWS you dont like them. but things that you KNOW are wrong are very often subjects of intrusive thoughts, especially for OCD. these thoughts arent who i am, and even tho i have to fight to not let that impulse take over, its much easier when you know WHY things happen.

ive been in therapy for years and i only recently told my psychiatrist about my ocd spectrum symptoms. that shit happens. it can be hard to trust someone until youve known them for YEARS. i never even told anyone about that facet of my mental illness until about a month before i told him during a session. my parents dont even know yet (unless they still check out my blog in which case HEY MOM i have ocd but im working on it real good also sorry about all the furries ily)

i have control issues. pretty bad ones. ones where i feel the need to control every aspect of my own life and those of people close to me. ive learned how to talk to people to get what i want from them. ive spent years working on not acting on them. i give people free reign to do what they need to do and offer to help when i can. i make a point to feel the mood of a room and go along with it. i make a point to involve other people in teaching me abt things that they like. being supportive and patient is hard for me, but it makes other ppl feel welcome around me. its probably for an ultimate selfish reason (i feel good that people like me and feel safe around me) but who cares!!! everything in life is selfish. being alive and continuing to live is a selfish act. but its not bad.

its been commonly said that your initial thoughts dont define who you are, but what your words/actions end up being (barring certain mental illnesses that prevent that ofc). the moment my therapist told me that theres things in my life that i cannot control, that there doesnt HAVE to be a reason for everything, it kickstarted the best, healthiest moment of my life. and im definitely not saying that you NEED a therapist/psych to start healing. honestly, that shit he told
me is really simple in basic. but you need to learn how to reach out and ask for help. ask anybody you feel comfortable with for help. getting help does not make me weak, it means i have the capacity for growth.

HEALTHY coping mechanisms will overcome unhealthy ones. youve probably been learning and using healthy ways to cope since you were young and just didnt realize it. think about the way you currently deal with your illness and be proud of it! good and bad! youve survived, and youre still surviving! youre not lazy, or difficult, or a bad person; you just have much more work and effort to put in to do the seemingly basic things that neurotypicals do. you and i work so hard to get to the bare minimum that its exhausting. you have to keep pushing your limits, and i dont mean you have to start yoga (fuck that my brain doesnt slow down enough for that) or run every week (im not there yet either) but just start working on one thing. even if that one, tiny thing takes a month, guess the fuck what!! you did it! you improved, you grew, you started HEALING. the words grow and heal might seem a little cliche and overused, but thats exactly what it feels like.

drink more water, being hydrated makes you feel better. try to eat healthier (mashed potatoes are suuuper easy to make btw u dont even need exact proportions to make delicious tates that YOU made. hmu if u wanna know what i do), youll feel less lethargic over time. stand up a few minutes every 1-3 hours, youll be surprised how much it helps. yes, these sound like neurotypical points of advice, but im there with you. these things DO help. they dont cure you, but they can help expand the base of things you fine yourself able to do.

TL;DR for other ADHD folks: growing as a person is hard. it takes work, actually difficult work. start small. you can do it. eat a potato. thank you.

control [jeremy h. x squipped!reader]

aka “i wanna impress my dorky crush bc he’s rly cute and im awkward.”

alright taking off my usual bold for authors notes because i gotta so:

here’s some notes about some shit that’ll be relevant:

squipped!reader has “The SQUIP’s text, which is all in bold only,” but sometimes will have “Regular quotes surrounding it” - which stands for something the SQUIP is making the reader say (but that will always be accompanied by some sort of clarification to avoid confusion, i promise)

there’s also “Regular speech” from the reader, but also “their thoughts directed toward the SQUIP” which are in both bold and italics

there u go.

quick reminder: if anything bothers you, absolutely just come to me and talk to me about it. if i need to fix anything, tag anything, do anything - just tell me.

warning: considering reader is squipped, there’s a bit of abuse from said SQUIP. shocks, manipulation - stuff like that (similar to what jeremy faced in the musical)

    Jeremy Heere was in four of your classes. Four. In two of them he sat a few desks in front of you by some random seating order, in one he sat right next to you, and in one he was cross the room. It was bad enough having one class with him, since you’d grow flustered and your palms would get sweaty and you would immediately become tongue-tied the moment you had to say anything to him - but four classes? Someone was out to get you, and you were pretty positive about it. It was pretty difficult to not glance his way in hopes that maybe he was looking at you during math - where he sat right next to you and sometimes asked if he could borrow your calculator because wow he forgot it again and you either stuttered out your apology or shove it in his direction and pray you knew how to do math good enough with a calculator. In english he sat desks away, and sometimes would whisper shit to Michael Mell and sometimes he’d get detention for it, and you heard him in chemistry talk about Christine Canigula a few times to Michael whenever they were away from prying ears - and you never intended on listening, it just sort if happened but you refused to say anything to anyone because wow what a creep listening to other people’s conversations wow.

    So you kept your head down and prayed that maybe you could work up the courage to talk to Jeremy - or maybe Michael, because maybe if you talked to Michael you could talk to Jeremy and it wouldn’t be so awkward right, because then you’d know Michael and Michael wouldn’t be a third wheel or something - not that he’d ever be a third wheel because you and Jeremy were just a dream and it would never happen, even if you kinda wondered what it would feel like to be in his arms sometimes but that was just thoughts that happened sometimes and only sometimes and you totally didn’t miss a couple of notes in your history class because you were thinking about Jeremy and how he was kind of cute because he fell asleep.

    Fuck, you were kind of creepy weren’t you. Sixteen years old and a complete weirdo, yep, totally - no wonder Jeremy never really talked to you. You picked at your nails and you retreated into oversized shirts and into your hoodies and pretended that you weren’t there because school is hell. Hell, you were used to not really being the cool, popular kid - you’d always been a bit of a loner, really, and luckily enough, rumors didn’t really fly about you and you weren’t even a blip on the radar. Meanwhile, Jeremy was… different. He was a bit of a geek and kind of tall so he stood out a bit more than you tended to.

    You weren’t complaining. You saw the shit people gave Jeremy - a certain short bully calling him ‘tall-ass’ for one - and you wished you could find it in you to stand up and tell them all to fuck off. But you weren’t a blip on the radar. You were unseen and you didn’t have much of a problem with it, so you kept your mouth shut and let the regrets stew in your mind.

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parts; (one) (two) (three)

summary: calum applies to the record shop you work at, seeking forgiveness and, possibly, a second chance.

word count: 1,096

warnings: swearing and mentions of abortion

When Calum was 15, he broke his knee in the middle of a football match. The Maori boy was dribbling the ball as near as he can get to the net and trying his hardest to run from the other team that were chasing after him. He doesn’t remember much, but next thing he knew, he kicked the ball into the goal.

The crowd erupted into cheers. The 15 year old was the first freshman in his school’s history to ever do a winning goal; that fact alone made him giddy and unrelentingly happy, but before he could scream in victory with them, he fell onto his back.

It seemed as if the adrenaline coursing through his veins momentarily distracted him from the popping sound he had heard. As soon as the noise came and his teammates ran after him with gracious smiles on his face, he felt it.

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anonymous asked:

analyse who's your daddy please. i need it.

“im about to analyze it to death be ready fools” that is the best and most exciting thing i’ve ever seen you write

i feel like “let’s never have kids” implies a “together” and i’m feeling emotionally overwhelmed about how casually they say things like this now :“)

just wanted to acknowledge all of these messages bc they made me lol :’) ok goodness. this video. wow. there’s a lot here. i’m just gonna focus on the shit that made me do immense double takes and actually go (similar to the third anon) ‘wth how are they saying this stuff so casually?? ?? what?’ there was a lot of that during this vid. i’m v shook.

first and foremost wtf @ their seeming indifference towards making sexual innuendos that involve each other. wtf @ their subtly destroying heteronormativity by lookin’ at the dad’s hot pink dildo and being relatively cool with it? apart from a bit of a chuckle from dan, they barely reacted? and wtf @ dan saying ‘we’re not kink roleplaying … YET’ like it was nbd? that would’ve literally given everyone a heart attack not even a year ago. similarly at the close of the video he says “if you want to see more father-son simulator, if that’s the kind of weird phan roleplay you’re into” and i actually squeaked???? ? when’s the last time either of them have even said the word “phan,” as a reference to their ship name, out loud, let alone on one of their main channels? but more than that, there wasn’t any of the usual attempt at hard-core shaming the audience for being into that sort of fantasy or for presuming that he and phil could ever be in a sexual situation together. for lack of a better way to phrase it, dan didn’t ‘no homo’ the idea of him sexually roleplaying w phil beyond the use of the word ‘weird’–and that was directly aimed at the kink, not the idea of sexual roleplay w phil generally?? if anything he just seemed amused by it. he didn’t call anyone pervs for thinking about it, he went out of his way to say it in the first place,,,, i can’t emphasize enough how much of a progression that is? ??? ?? i don’t really know why i am surprised since they’ve clearly relaxed their boundaries with us ever since the latter half of last year, but like. i’m surprised. it was noteworthy. i’m so happy about it. 

on a similar yet totally unrelated note, dan saying “philly doesn’t understand wasd,” towards the start of the vid is such an incredible example of how good they are at gradually normalizing certain things w their audience until they become completely unremarkable. the use of ‘philly’ as a nickname esp on dapg has escalated a lot in the past few months but really they’ve been seeding it for like nearly two years now. at this point it’s just soooo normal that most people don’t pick up on it? but it’s another example of something that even a year ago would’ve caused a lot of people to hyperventilate and pass out. today, however, i’ve seen literally zero posts or comments on the video about it. they’re so, so good at this–at slowly doing things that initially cause an uproar and then very rapidly become a normal thing bc of frequency. (another example, at least for me, is dan’s wavy hair lately. he’s been wearing it wavy so much that i honestly didn’t even notice till like 7 mins in that it wasn’t straightened. and then when i rewatched an old dapg vid just now i couldn’t believe how straight his hair usually was in the past!!! hope he sticks with the soft n’ wavy/thin gold earring rebrand idea for 2017 bc he looks amazing) 

obvi the biggest thing in this video though (let’s not even try to pretend otherwise) was all of the discussion of parenting and, specifically, co-parenting. together. having children. together. as a unit. wow. i honestly don’t really know how to adequately communicate how excited this makes me? ?? ? similarly to the sexual innuendo stuff, it’s crazy how far they’ve come in a relatively short span of time. they’re at the point where they can make comments like ‘maybe it will teach us how to be real parents,’ and ‘you’re an even worse dad than me,’ and ‘let’s never be parents’ (let. US. never. be. parents. [together].) to their audience without a second thought. and before all u doubters come crawlin’ out of ur anti caves to tell me that they could be talking about being parents individually with other partners …. … no?  i really don’t think they were. not the least bc it would hardly make sense for them to say things like ‘wow let us never be parents in our future separate lives with other partners ha!’ but also bc right after two of the biggest co-parenting comments (‘let’s never be parents’ and then my personal fav: ‘in hindsight, are we good parents?’) they start talking about the sims. phil even says ‘i can’t believe dil and dab have survived OUR parenting.’ it’s jst so demonstrative of the fact that they are thinking about parenting TOGETHER and i honestly couldn’t believe how open they were about that. which brings me to the moment towards the end when dan says “so in hindsight are we good parents?” i screenshotted the look that phil gave dan after and rb’ed a gif of it because … wth. it’s so fleeting. but it felt so important? there’s something so different about the way phil looks at dan right after saying ‘no. we’re terrible,’ almost as though he wants to check to see how dan reacts or as though he is just caught up in the softness of the idea of them having children at all. he gives this little breathy laugh and their eye contact there is so soft and so cute and so noteworthy bc it feels like something we weren’t really even meant to see. it feels like phil displaying his inner feelings a bit more than he normally would feel comfortable with. it was such a telling little moment for me (fully aware that i sound a bit crazy but like,,, whatever). 

also. bonus. phil noting the size of the garden then immediately wondering how much it costs … .. .. …. seems like someone’s mind is conditioned towards house hunting. just a thought. 

My Asexual Story

Just wanted to share my story about being Asexual because i’ve never actually told anyone before and i don’t have anyone in person to tell, plus i need to get this off my chest because it’s something i’ve been keeping to myself, so don’t feel as if you have to read, i’m just having a moment here.

So basically around the age of 14/15 i realised i didn’t have sexual attractions towards people (Boys, girls or anyone in between) but at this point i didn’t know about the term ‘asexual’ and i especially didn’t realise that other people experienced this kinda thing, so i went a bit crazy thinking that i’d never find anyone and that i only had a couple months left to get in a relationship with someone and that even if i did get into a relationship i would only be with them for a short time coz, according to me, after the age of 16 people would just want sex in a relationship and there would be no hope for a weirdo like me who wasn’t into that. I don’t know why i thought this but i was 15 and a mess of a human being. I do however recall the main source of why i thought this was the case was because prom was coming up (I’m British so we leave secondary school at 16 and have a prom) and in a lot of films thats the kinda time people do the nasty, on top of this i guess i just got it in my head that like what else is gunna happen between a girl and guy after a big fancy party, once again i was 15 and out of my mind and i now know this isn’t necessarily the case. So during this time i went through all sorts of scenarios, at first i thought i was lesbian because i wasn’t attracted to guys so i must have been attracted to girls, right? But no, that thought process lasted like a day and i went back to thinking i was just crazy and would die alone with my 50 cats, i also wondered that maybe i was ‘normal’ and i did have these sexual feelings and maybe didn’t realise them but after talking to some people i realised this was also not the case as just the way they described certain feelings weren’t anything i’d ever felt and were something i honestly never wanted to experience.

Then around the time i turned 16 (March - so prom was still relatively far away but all the plans had been made and people had dates and stuff) i some how decided to look up the LGBT+ community and all the different types of sexualities and genders, i don’t 100% remember why, i think i was kinda looking for other sexualities that i might have been coz at the time i only knew to be hetrosexual, homosexual or bisexual so maybe i was looking for the right label as i knew there were other ‘types’ of orientation out there. I came across this list of a huge range of sexualities, orientations, genders ect. and seeing as Asexual begins with ‘A’ it was at the top of the list, the description for each definition was only brief and you could click to get more info, but the description for the first sexuality was something like ‘Someone who doesn’t experience sexual attraction’ (I know this is very brief and not 100% correct for everyone but like i said u could get more info and all the mini definitions were like 10 words long). So 16 year old me saw, by pure chance and thanks to the spelling of this word, this definition that matched me. I cannot explain the feeling that went through me in that exact moment, shock, excitement, disbelief. All i know is that i practically did a double take and i clicked on that link faster than i have clicked on anything before in my entire life and for the next 2-3 hours i read that page over and over to make sure i understood it all right, i read page after page on all different websites to make sure i was understanding it right and by the end of it i finally felt like by me just identifying with this label that i was somehow more okay, I know some people don’t like giving themselves labels as it can make them feel restricted (or for any other reasons - idk it’s an individual thing i guess), but for me personally that label made me feel like i wasn’t alone and that i wasn’t crazy for feeling the way i did and thats what i needed, i needed an explanation and thats what this one word did, it didn’t make me feel validated or give my life meaning it just gave me an reasonable explanation and the knowledge that i wasn’t alone. I never told anyone about this whole thing as i don’t think i was 100% convinced and i carried on researching asexuality to make sure i did have it all right because i didn’t want to say i was this sexuality and for someone to be like ‘um actually you’re *this*, not asexual’. I also made the decision not to go to prom, my friendship group were all going together and they’d asked me to go but the whole thing just wasn’t me, due to me having anxiety and hating the idea of human contact (Which to my understanding is being touch repulsed? A new term i’ve recent heard some people use in the asexual/aromantic community) a big crowded room full of people i didn’t like was my worst nightmare, plus i think that i still had the taught process of prom = sex at some point during the night.  

When i was 17 i ‘came out’ to someone for the first time in person. At the start she really didn’t understand it which made me feel kinda down but she listened, she didn’t tell me i was crazy or leave, she asked questions and let me explain what it all meant and how i felt.

Im now 18 and i’ve 'come out’ to a bunch of people, pretty much everyone has had a good response but i will occasionally get the 'Oh here we go, other special snowflake’ eyeroll of someone when i talk about it but i just ignore it, i can’t change the way they think and if they’re so close minded that they can’t accept that someone thinks or feels differently to the way they do they’re not worth my time and they’re not going to get very far in life seeing as the world is so diverse and they’re suck in the middle ages.

I have ups and downs with my sexuality all the time, when i first figured out there was something ‘different’ about me i hated it coz i thought it was some unnatural thing. But i never denied that it existed, i never tried to like the idea of sex or pretend to be something i wasn’t, i always accepted that whatever was happening wasn’t something i could change, but that didn’t mean i was okay with it. Especially around 17 i would constantly go through lows of wishing i wasn’t ‘like this’ and that because of ‘it’ i would never be able to live a ‘normal’ life. I’m someone who’s never been in a relationship before and i’m so curious about what it would like to be in one (But due to me having social anxiety and i guess me as a person i’ve never even been asked out properly before). I still fear the whole ‘dying alone with cats’ kinda thing and i do want to be in a relationship and i know not having a sexual drive will limit the amount of partners i’ll be able to find but at the end of the day what can i do about it? i can’t change myself to be some hetrosexual barbie doll, i can only be myself. So i guess as a nice message to anyone out there who is struggling with any identity issues just google it man, honestly just look up whatever it is and you might find something like i did, i didn’t have to go on any hike up a mountain and kill a mystical dragon to understand what i was going through i just had to type into google ‘List of sexualities’ and wham! i’m now a slightly smaller mess of a human being who can successfully answer the question of ‘What is your sexual orientation?’

But yeah, thats my little story of self discovery, if you did actually read this then thanks? Hope you enjoyed? Maybe I inspired you? Feel free to share your own experience (I’d honestly love to hear other people’s stories)????

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Could you possibly do a Jeremy x reader soulmate AU where they can't see colors until they touch and it's really fluffy and it's a time line of their relationship and they get married and have kids and grow old together?? Thank you!

u said have kids so its a female reader ik i usually write gender neutral stuff im soRRY

oh and i didnt rly have any ideas for how i wanted this to start so lol enjoy

my masterlist!

Warnings: expensive headphones, swears (OBVIOUSLY), jer is rude to bb michael :(, mikey talks abt SUCKING DICK, and thats it i think??

Word count: 1,815

Jeremy muttered curse words under his breath as he watched Rich rub the back of his neck, flustered at the adorable reaction Michael gave him. Rich had gifted a large bouquet of flowers for Michael, who expressed his gratitude by peppering his boyfriend with kisses.

After saying goodbye he sat back down next to Jeremy and didn’t notice his state “Jeremy, aren’t these flowers so pretty? God, Rich is just the nicest guy and-”

“I wouldn’t know, I can’t fucking see them,” Jeremy pouted.

Now Michael knew what’s going on, “Oh, listen, Jer, you know you’re basically my brother, but you gotta stop sulking every time you see a happy couple!”

“Oh, shit, sorry. Did I offend you? I didn’t realize you’re so deep on Rich’s dick you can’t even be sensitive towards your best friend’s feelings anymore,” Jeremy snapped.

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Set It Off - the story of trap!mork

If there’s one thing Mork Tuna knows how to do - it’s survive in these streets.

If you’re in some trouble, who ya gonna call? No, not the Ghostbusters bitch. Mork fucking Tuna.

If he doesn’t leave your ass on read receipt first.

~ the most action packed lit ass story of our generation…..based off this dream I just had about mork tuna with some drug money in the strip club. (gifs aint mine but the story sure is)

(I recommend playing Nicki Minaj’s Beez In The Trap for this shit)

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Headcanon on types for the boys? Specifically Akira and Goro but anyone else you want to :o(also thanks for turning on Anon >w<)

hokay since i’ve gotten a huge influx of asks over the past. like. 24 hours, i’m just gonna do akira and goro here but if y’all want more feel free to ask me!

(also: unless i get a bunch of asks telling me to kill myself or some garbage like that, i’m never turning off anon. i know what it’s like to be shy & want to stay anonymous for requests like this.)


  • ok so akira would never really claim to have a type like
  • honestly if you were to ask this question to his face he’d just look at you funny
  • “type?? what r u talking about??”
  • he really loves p much all kinds of people, there’s no physical or personal trait that’s really a deciding factor for him or that tells him “yes that. that is the kind of person i want to be dating.”
  • it just kind of happens.
  • there are CERTAIN trends tho like
  • he really loves to fluster his s/o so there’s a good chance he’ll go for someone who’s easy to rile up like that
  • someone who can fill long silences between them, also, because he can be kind of quiet but he can sit and listen to people talk for ages. he just likes listening, likes the fact that people trust him with their words. even if it’s nervous chatter, it’s still their thoughts.
  • people who are passionate also grab his interest like, even if he’s got no idea what they’re talking about he’ll still listen and be like entirely enraptured because they’re just so ENTHUSIASTIC about it.
  • LOOK i know it sounds kind of generic but i see akira as someone who can really see the beauty in everyone so
  • say what you will


  • so i’ve said before that this kid cares about his public image
  • and that also kind of carries over into his “type”
  • (this is more talking about b4 spoilers occur, folks. he’d be a lot more genuine to his own feelings in an after-game scenario)
  • generally he dates people who are…conventionally attractive to japanese media?
  • fashion-forward, generally, pale, dark hair, etc
  • honestly if this boy follows his heart god knows where it will lead, but as long as he’s got a choice about it he’s probably going to pick someone who will look good with him on camera
  • he most readily goes for someone who is confident, who can handle the media backlash that happens whenever he’s rumored to be dating someone
  • but insecurities aren’t a turn-off, honestly, because he knows how that goes. intimately. way better than he should.
  • kindness goes a long way, also. he just can’t stand to be in the presence of someone who is hateful for longer than he absolutely has to
  • someone who has a life of their own, also, who can be busy and doesn’t need to cling to him constantly
SVT Cute Jobs; Vernon!!

Originally posted by hansoltheist

hhhhhhnnnnnnnnggggggg he gives me chest pains fuCK

i love this kid so mUCH AAAAAAAAAAAAAA


-okay so this kid

-he lives in new york

-so where does he work???

-the disney store!!

-so he needs money for college 



-the will to live etc

-so he looks online at stores in the area

-and stumbles upon a help wanted ad for the disney store in times square

-times square is a pretty part of new york

-so he goes in and gives in cv

-they weren’t that interested in his cv for a while until they had to look over some things

-but they really concentrated on his character and his personality

-and thats how he got the job

-hes just a cool kid who has a really soft side

-they made him take a picture under the princess castle when he first started and one of the cast members put a tiara on him and he looked so soft aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA

-on his first day he helped a kid get down his balloon from the ceiling and the kid called him buzz lightyear 

-im crying so much

-when he greets the customers at the front door he’s holding one of two plushies


-or the Squeeze Green aliens from Toy Story 

-no other toy

-thats it

-there was a dress up day and he dressed up as Woody from toy story 

-and all day kids would follow him around


-so many people took photos cause they thought he looked so cute

-he’s the youngest there blESS HIS HEART AAAAAA

-his mum and sister visit him in store to see him working i love supportive family members

-you however

-you were visiting times square with your little sister because she wanted to see it in person

-shes like 8 shes so cute aw

-so yeah 

-you two were just walking about

-when she stopped right in front of you

-you bump into her and youre trying to see what she sees

-you found it

-the disney store

-her eyes light up like fireworks

-”I want to go in!! can we?? pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse?”

-that was probably the longest please you ever heard

-”yeah, sure but we can’t stay long in there”

-”got it!!”

-she started to run ahead to the store with the biggest smile on her face

-you quickly take her hand cause there is no way you are losing your baby sister in times squaRE NO HELL NO

-you both walk in at the same time and it felt magical

-you’ve never been to disney land but you imagined this is what if feels like to go there

-just in city form

-rip DisneyQuest

-the second you two were in there you sister was off like a bullet

-she found one of the small green alien plushies on the ground

-”look how cute he is!”

-”yeah, hes cute alright. you got a name for him?”


-”you want him?”


-”alright– wait theres no tag”

-just as you say that

-you see a dude dressed in a woody outfit

-just crawling along the floor

-youre just there like


-”he was here a while ago…where did that green alien go?”

-you look down to the little alien you were holding in your hand

-you were about to place the alien on the shelf next to you

-but your little sister is now really excited

-shes jumping up and down and you can hear her jelly shoes hit the floor multiple times

-”y/n!! it’s woody! hes looking for an alien! can i help?”

-”I think we helped him already. why don’t you hand this to him? and tell him i said ‘howdy partner!’”

-you joked 

-but shes actually going towards him


-so you little sister hands him the alien

-his eyes light up like hers did when she saw this store

-he patted her head

-and here’s the crucial moment

-she tells him you said hi

-but you take a good look at him




-he stops to have a good look at you and he just has on one of the most genuine smiles on his face

-like the best smile you’ve ever seen

-he then whispered something to your little sister that made her jump up and down with joy while you’re just standing there being shook by that really cute woody

-”y/n! come over!”

-she shouted as you shuffled over

-she ran back over to drag you along to see him

-you nearly screamed 

-”hey, i just wanted to say thanks for finding buddy over here, don’t know what i’d do without him!”

-”that’s funny, cause my little sister named him buddy too”

-”maybe it’s a sign then. whats your name, cowboy?”

-h u h 

-was he talking to you? or your little–

-he was talking to you fu C K 

-how did you know?

-he got out a badge from his pocket and took out a sharpie waiting to hear your name

-”i-it’s y/n”

-”y/n the cowgirl, ah, what an adorable name.”

-”i know this is gonna sound weird…but woody isn’t your actual name?”

-nah, it’s vernon.”

-a bigger blush appeared on your cheeks as you came to admit

-you kind of had a thing for woody

-shit that sounded better in your head

-but all of a sudden

-you just hear someone shout from the corner of the room

-”Andy’s coming!!”

-and you see him fall to the floor

-what the fuck

-and then it switched in your mind

-right hes supposed to be a toy oh yeah


-while you and your sister would look around the store

-he would be there too

-just smiling to you and waving

-he would also come up to you and questions

-a weird thing for a cast member?? isn’t it the other way round??

-oh well

-“whats your favourite disney movie?”

-”its Treasure Planet”

-”i like you already”

-”wait what”

-the time you had to leave was magical to say for certain

-you payed for whatever you and your little sister wanted

-you got a lightsaber because they’re cool and your little sister got a woody doll

-she spotted him at the door holding the larger version of the little green alien he had

-she was so upset 

-she didn’t want to leave at all

-”bye woody! i’ll miss you!”

-she started to tear up aww bless the child

-he gave her one of the biggest hugs he had ever given a child and it was so sweet

-he looked to you and waved before you left

-but changed his mind

-walking out of the store

-he reached out for you

-he touched your arm a little

-you turned around

-”wait! i need to give you a promotion.”

-he took the badge off you writing down something new on it

-he gave it back and just waved

-”y/n, my favourite deputy sheriff- call me!”

-and his number was on the other side of the badge

-the story you would tell your parents

-i got chat up by woody from toy story

-you two arrived home at last

-and out of the corner of your eye

-you see buddy

-oh no

-”hey…did you give buddy back?”

-your little sister picks up the small alien from the bag and shows you

-”oh no.”


-another impromptu trip down to the disney store

-and another bothersome sigh left your lips


-you stepped in when it was just about to close 

-like a couple minutes before closing

-you stepped in without knowing that the staff had everyone out a minute before

-but sweeping the floor for dust

-was your favourite cowboy

-he looked so pretty

-”oh, y/n. it’s closing time, you came too late…”

-”i actually wanted to return this. seems like my little sister didn’t actually give it back.”

-you hand over the small green alien and his eyes light up again

-just like when he saw you for the first time

-”wait, give me like 5 minutes to clean up?”


-you were kind of confused by what he meant

-but by the time he came out it kind of made sense

-”why did you ask me to–”

-he took your hand


-”come grab a drink with me? theres a nice coffee shop around the corner

-your face lit up like red christmas light but you agreed in the end

-and you both started your happily ever after fairytale relationship aww look at you two

-“looks like woody found his new bo-peep”

-“jessie i hEARD THAT”

anonymous asked:

Hey there cool bean! So.. I absolutely love Hance and I also absolutely love Fake Dating, Wrong Number and that "whatever you write on your skin appears on your soulmates skin" Soulmate AUs and I'd love you forever and beyond if you could write a normal life/pre-Boltron OS about one of these because that would be like the most awesome thing ever ;^;

Hey lovely!

So funny thing is, I love Hance a lot too and also really like all three ideas sooo i tried adding all of them into one fic lol ;u; hope you like it! <3 


Hunk stared at the text, his phone’s screen blearing and blurring his vision with its brightness.

To say he was…confused, would be an understatement.

He looked to the message once more, giving it another quick read.

From: Unknown

>Dude hi, look, i knw we ain’t that close or anythin but i rly rly RLY need u to call me and pretend ur my bf rn

Hunk sighed and scrolled down, reading the next chain of messages.

From: Unknown

>this creepy dude is hittin on me and idk how to tell him to back off so cmon pls call me n pretend ur my bf u don’t even have to talk or anythin

From: Unkown

>im gonna owe u like 100000 coffees cMON

It was a do-or-die moment, Hunk knew that.

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klance art school au

klance art school au cause i l o v e this idea

also just an fyi this is super long because i have no idea how to shorten anything

  • keith got in on an art scholarship. the only reason he chose this school was because shiro recommended it to him
  • lance was one of those kids that always knew he was gonna be an artist and when it came down to choosing a school, there were so many he just. flipped a coin. what to heck lance
  • they end up as roommates, and are immediately at each other’s throats. keith thinks lance is too messy, lance thinks keith has a paintbrush up his ass or something
  • they also absolutely cannot agree on a medium to work in
  • (hints at adhd lance) anyways lance cant just pick one medium to work in so he has basically anything you could ever need ever. ink block printing? check. specifically water soluble oil paints? theyre probably somewhere. if its in an art store hes buying it
  • keith works in predominantely charcoal which terrifies lance. usually the most he does for color is just a red wash over his pieces. whenever he does paint, he would literally fight someone on oil paints vs acrylics
  • lance is the kind of artist that doesnt own a single piece of clothing without paint on it, usually has pigment on his hands/face, and probably has a 72 piece marker set on him at all times, just in case. pencils behind his ears, paintbrushes in his pockets, the works
  • this drives keith  n u t s
  • keith only works at his desk, and nothing ever leaves that desk. including him. this kid is always working wtf. his supplies are all neat and he would rather lay down in traffic than leave his workplace messy
  • so anyways, theyre getting into the semester, and they have their figure drawing class together, and theyre both pissed about this fact, and are absolutely certain that the other guy is just gonna piss them off so much that they dont know how this is gonna work
  • lance would rather admit that a mullet is a good hairstyle than let keith be the one that keeps him from going to class, and he bets keith wont be able to do it. keith is ready to #fite 24/7 so when lance said that he just. bolted out the door. he was going to get there first. this leads to a very loud race across the campus
  • but unfortunately they both have poor time management skills (theyre artists what do u expect) and had spent so much time arguing before they left that when they get to the class, there’s only 2 easels left. right next to each other. they agree to disagree, and decide to just ignore each other
  • the class starts smoothly enough, but WHOOP the model is a guy, and when he strips to start doing the poses, lance loses whatever shred of professionalism he had and squeaks, and keith is no better off
  • they share a look that says “oh no he’s HOT” and go through the entire class bright red
  • this leads to a sort of truce
  • they still dont get along too well, but now keith will go to lance because he needs colored pencils, and lance tries to clean up as best as he can, but its hard, sue him
  • and a sort of tentative friendship develops
  • so time passes and theyve learned how to handle each other, and they have another class together. when they show up to the class, the professor gives the class a project; they have to recreate someome or something important to them in the medium they think suits the subject best
  • lance’s mind immediately jumps to his family, but when he looks over to keith, soft hair falling over his face, chewing on the end of a pencil, it hits him
  • his first reaction is to be insulted that its KEITH of all people, moody and broody keith, who gripes about lance’s mess, who has a MULLET for gods sake, but its also the keith that nodded his head when lance told him he was bisexual, who answered “im gay”, keith who distracts him with bad jokes and chipped nail polish and stupid bets, and he decides its ok
  • keith on the other hand is completely lost. the only family he really had was shiro, and the only thing really important to him was simply art, but he figured a lot of people were doing that
  • and back in their dorm, when they’re both working, and keith needs a very specific marker, and lance gives it to him without thinking, he stops
  • lance, who insists on being his rival, who is constantly picking on keith and calling him out, but its also lance that gives him obscure materials, doesnt push him about his past, who sings in the shower but its grounding and keith accepts it
  • this leads to very bad attempts at drawing the other when hes not looking
  • i hope you never have to draw someone when they keep moving its impossible
  • its been weeks and the project is due soon, lance is out, and keith stayed back to work. when he ends up needing some different markers because none of them are the right blue of lance’s eyes, he heads over to his desk
  • it looks like a warzone
  • keith spends almost 5 minutes trying to find the markers, and he stumbles across lance’s sketchbook
  • lo and behold its filled with drawings of him, and keith’s initial reaction is to freak out, but he realizes that it must mean lance feels the same way, and he’s elated and a little terrified, but he’s never been one to sit around, and decides to tell lance when he gets back
  • when lance shows up, keith doesnt even end up saying anything, just shoving his open sketchbook into lance’s arms
  • and as lance flips through his face lights up, because keith feels the same way  and he’s so excited  and this poor noodle cant think through something to save his life, and he just smooches keith
  • keith is 100% behind this
  • keith ends up doing his final piece in as many mediums as he possibly can
  • lance does his in charcoal with a red wash
  • they both pass

halesstiles  asked:

‘I told my sibling that I had a crush on you and in hindsight I should have known that was a bad idea. Anyway I’m so sorry that they tied you up I swear I had nothing to do with it’ AU + Sterek, please?

okay i made this a high school au i hope thats okay! im imagining stiles and derek are 16, laura’s 18, and peter’s like 25. anyway i hope u like it!

Derek really hates the predatory grin Laura’s giving him right now. He had been sitting at the dining room table doing his homework, but now, apparently, he’s sitting at the table being interrogated about his crush. Technically, he could try to lie, but even if Laura wasn’t listening to his heartbeat, she’d make some comment about his ears turning red being a telltale sign that he’s lying.

He shuts his algebra book and slides it and his notebook to the side. Because Laura is Laura, he knows she won’t stop until she manages to squeeze out every last detail from him.

“It’s just a crush, Laur. It’s not a big deal,” he says.

Laura just raises an eyebrow and keeps giving him that sly grin of hers. Derek’s pretty sure that she wouldn’t need to show off her claws and fangs to convince someone that she’s a werewolf; just the way she looks at other people certainly could.

“Not a big deal, hm? That’s not what Peter said.”

Derek can hear Peter chuckle from the kitchen and he rolls his eyes. “Who even cares about what Peter says?”

“You, for one,” Laura points out. “Just tell me about her. Is she cute?”

Derek shifts in his chair and avoids eye contact with Laura. “It’s not a her,” he says after a few moments.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, i love your blog so much! By the way, once you said that Hidan needs Kakuzu. But why? I hope this is not too stupid question ><

Ah No, it’s not really a stupid question at all.

It all really comes down to Hidan and Kakuzu’s complex relationship.

Although the two constantly feud over the most mundane things, both have a respect for each other. 

Kakuzu seems to disrespect Hidan at every turn, calling him a moron and him to shut up consistently.

But when Kakuzu is alone and fighting Team 10 he does admit that Hidan is not one to be underestimated in skill level. Kakuzu might not respect Hidan at an intelligence level. But he does trust him enough to have a basic combat strategy with him.

“Like always” or “The usual”

Apparently their strategy is Kakuzu letting out a barrage of attacks that Hidan doesn’t need to worry about dodging all so he can get his opponent’s blood, if they’re that high of a skill level that they don’t die in the initial blast radius. 

While Kakuzu depends on Hidan in combat…

A reason I go to in my comic…

(read right to left And also Read Akachou sure it has shitty art at the start but so did One Punch Man originally. do u not like opm? im just jk ofc but seriously if you like my rants read my comic. I know 69 people read it on average and I have roughly 900 followers soooo.. ‘w’; ) 

I just make it a point in my comic that Kakuzu’s wind technique is VERY easily dodge-able without Hidan weaving in and out of the gusts. Take Hidan out of the equation and Atsugai is pretty much a tornado. And in the world of Naruto, a Tornado can be easily avoided. Add a pointy immortal psychopath inside the tornado who wins the battle with one hit with his blade, or one cut from flying debris it’s a much harder to avoid. 

“..Who can be my partner.” Kakuzu confesses that it’s easier to have Hidan around. Simply because he can not die in any circumstance. Even though Hidan does not align with Kakuzu’s goals, he is immortal. Which allows Kakuzu to go full berzerker without needing to worry about killing his partner. And it’s shown when he does get angry at Hidan, he has the attitude of a man who has watched him die so many times he sees them fighting as unproductive and a waste of time.

In any case. Hidan seems to have a massive respect for Kakuzu. Despite his grievances with being a bounty hunter and disrespecting religious places like temples. 

However…. Whenever Hidan is in trouble.. or having difficulty in a given situation… it’s always…


(Sorry for the low quality screens. I’m coping screenshots from the original files I downloaded as a teenager in 2009 internet. Someone needs to teach me how to rip DVDs for better quality mp4 files.)

Hidan is the one who relies on Kakuzu’s intelligence to help him through a fight.

While Hidan is pretty smart on his own:

(As I’ve said a million times before he ain’t stupid) 

Hidan tends to lean on Kakuzu in high situations of stress. He depends on him a lot, and while he tends to not give off the impression. Hidan is the one who values Teamwork in their dynamic a hell of a lot. When Kakuzu tells him to shut up, in front of other Akatsuki he usually responds with a “Tche” but listens. 

Hidan leans and depends on him a lot. As companionship and probably the closest person to a friend he’s had, and judging by his reaction when Shikamaru tells him that the blood on his pike was his partners..

“Sons a bitches” indeed Hidan. (fansubs are so fun. I’m sure he’s saying “son of a bitch” or “why you little-” here. at least from my weeabo understanding of basic japanese phrases sound like…) 

His face is pretty much like: “Sure I’m stupid but fucking Kakuzu?! This little bitch ho hurting my man.”

haahah okay I’m paraphrasing. But Hidan really respects Kakuzu and tends to lean on him and follows him around. Even though he claims he has his own religion and goals to follow, he disregards the commandments to follow Akatsuki’s rules, and goes bounty Hunting with Kakuzu even if it’s something he despises. 

He is usually his shadow, and while headstrong, I noticed he tends to let Kakuzu take more of a leadership role. Whether out of convince or subconsciously.. Hidan depends on Kakuzu. I think this might be because he sees him as the only person who will outlast the world with him. But Hidan respects him a whole lot and relies on him a lot…


This is the only mention of Hidan once Kakuzu has been revived as a corpse.

Now keep in mind, I know Kakuzu is a reanimated corpse under control of the Edo Tensei and controlled by Kabuto.

There are certain limitations to what he can and can’t do.

However, Kakuzu expresses ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in reviving Hidan.

He finds it humorous that Hidan was defeating. And Kakuzu expresses knowledge that since Hidan wasn’t reanimated with the other Akatsuki members, that he must still be alive… Probably somewhere… in pain, with his head cut off, in agony, suffering slowly…


He smiles at this. 

Now Kakuzu has worn a mask through most of his first appearances but he never gave off the impression he was a cheerful man. 

But with Hidan out of the picture, and not getting in his way:


Every character in the Edo Tensei arc react to being brought back to life in a massively different way. 

Deidara is angry and frustrated.

Sasori feels he became what he always wanted to be.

Nagato and Itachi feel used and abused by a shinobi system that abandoned them.

Kakuzu meanwhile…. just kinda picks back right where he left off. Taking hearts and taking names and actually appears happy, joyful even.

He is able to fight without Hidan yelling at him what to do. The fact that Hidan is away suffering somewhere is enough to give him pleasure.

Even in Edo Tensei form and under Kabuto’s control, the revived characters express goals and opinions. Like Itachi is a  prime example of this. And Itachi is able to gain independence and help Sasuke out for a time and apologize for being a bad brother.

Kakuzu expresses no interest in this meanwhile. There’s no: “Oh I better go save his ass.” Not even that. Kakuzu is overjoyed to not be with Hidan anymore. 

In fact when Kakuzu dissolves from the Edo Tensei, he’s actually smiling this time around. I need to watch that moment to get a better grasp on why. But he really feels happier when Hidan isn’t around. 

Hidan depends and relies on Kakuzu far more then Kakuzu relies and depends on him and I think that is most evident in the juxtaposition between Hidan’s death, and Kakuzu’s edo-tensei death. 

sns as songs by the front bottoms

one day i said to my gf “i wonder how many songs by the front bottoms can be applied to sasunaru?”

the answer is 14

note: this is in order of the discography so better ones might be later in the list

@franruto here u go!!

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MOB AU good good shit

The night air was warm and stale, just the way it should be in any good city.

For Sidon, what should have been a fun evening had turned extremely sour early on. Having a boyfriend break up with you via text was one thing. It’s was an entirely different monster when they do it on your birthday, especially when your social circles mixed as heavily as theirs’ did.

A quick text to the group chat, curt and to the point, killed any plans that had been laid, shutting off the phone once he had sent it. No way in hell was he going to listen to his phone go off all night with that bullcrap.

Mad and hurt though he was, he knew better then to turn off the secondary phone he kept on his person. Being the son of a mob boss, a notoriously strong one at that, meant that he always needed to have a way to be reached. The number was only known to a few and had only ever rung once. For as much as he wanted to be left completely alone, that was never going to be an option for him, not really.

Gritting his teeth at the thought, he pulled himself from where he sat in his living room and left with a sharp snap of the front door closing and the heavy thunk of the deadbolt being turned too quickly.

It was still his birthday, dammit. He was going to have some fun if it killed him.

The evening flew by him as, drink after drink, bar after bar, he slowly let himself forget that he’d just been dumped. He was careful to only go to bars he wasn’t well known at, where he could announce that it was his birthday and only a smattering of drunken applause accompanied it.

This was what he needed. This is what he wanted. To be unknown, to just be another drunk bastard at a bar.

It’s with this thought in mind, this one task at hand, that he finds himself on the very edges of his father’s turf. Another block or so farther and he would be breaking the one thing that kept them out of another full fledge war. Like a gold cap on a rotting tooth, it covered up the problem, but had every opportunity to fall of hit the wrong way.

He closes his eyes and sighs. The world wasn’t spinning behind his closed lids yet, so he’d be plenty fine for another round. Or two, it would depend on how heavy the pours were at the next bar.

Pulling his personal phone from his pocket, he quickly turns it on, plugging in his password as he is prompted to. He’d be better off ordering a cab to get him back up the way he’d come and he could do this all over again if he so chose.

Immediately his phone receives an incoming call, the nickname of his newly made ex flashing across the screen as the device buzzed in his hand. A frown crawls onto his face at the sight and he is quick to pointedly press the ignore button. An onslaught of texts await him, most of them from the group chat complaining about him backing out and screaming at his ex for ruining the night. The other half are from the same person, ten of which are just the words ‘CALL ME’ written over and over again.

He skims the messages, promptly ignoring two more incoming calls as they appear, and his blood boils at what they say

‘It’s not you it’s me’

‘Pls i only sucked his dick ONCE!!!!!’

‘i diditnt mesan to ghurt u im sop sorrtyytggt’

‘pls dontt do theis t o uss’


Its at that final text that he simply turns his phone off and, with a ferociousness he’d been trying to stifle all night, throws it hard against the side of a dumpster, a satisfying crunch letting him know it’s broken thoroughly.

He grits his teeth as he runs his hands through his hair, pulling it from the now messy ponytail. He runs his fingernails over his scalp, perhaps a little harder than necessary, pacing around the small car park he found himself in. His anger had already left him, leaving him feeling more hollow and cold than before. Typical.

The moment things got heavy, the moment things got tough, his vision went as red as his hair. This was the reason so many people whispered their concerns to his father. Dorephan was aging, his hair now more gray than black. He wasn’t immortal and, eventually, the Oras family would need a new leader.

By blood, Sidon was the only person this future responsibility would fall to, the day his father died. If he couldn’t even control his temper over a few poorly worded texts, couldn’t so much as make a personal relationship last longer than six months, how the hell was he supposed to run a crime syndicate?!

He took another deep, steadying breath and closed his eyes, pulling his hair into a high bun, trying to cool his neck down.

It was his birthday, dammit. His twenty-fourth birthday. This wasn’t how he’d wanted to spend it. Not at all-

The thought is cut short as something, or really someone, barrels into him.

His nerves, already frayed, all but became raw as he he hit the ground with a hard THUNK, the person who’d run into him landing just as hard right beside him. A growl of frustration rumbles in his chest as he sits up, eyes snapping open as he turns to yell.

“Can you not see? What the hell-”

He stops himself as he takes in the crumpled mess of a person next to him. He was smaller, so much smaller, than Sidon, but he looked like he’d taken more of a beating then Sidon ever had.

Blond hair half pulled from his low ponytail and darkened in spots with what Sidon could gather was blood, the man’s face was battered, his left eye swollen shut and colored purply black. Blood had made a now dried path down his face from his nostrils, a coagulated drop still clinging to his chin. The stranger looked up at him with his one good eye and, this could be the alcohol talking, Sidon was certain he had never seen a more true blue color before.

Before he can say anything else, begin trying to apologize for his yelling, the other tosses his attention behind his shoulder, where a series of whoops and yells could be heard. It’s when he scrambles, tries to stand up, that Sidon can tell something is wrong with his leg as he lets out a yelp of pain and topples to the ground again.

“Hey man, don’t try to move, you’re hurt real ba-”

“Hey Link, where’d you go little buddy?!” The voice erupts from the nearby alley, just as a group of three other men all but burst from it.

Sidon was really, really getting sick of this shit. He pulls himself back to his feet, just as the group catches sight of them. He can hear the smaller man, named Link by the sound of it, attempt another scramble to his feet as the group calls after him. Another hiss of pain tells him he’s back on the ground a moment later

“Hey there, little Linky. Did you really think-”

The biggest of them, the leader if Sidon was to guess, stopped cold as his eyes fixated on Sidon. The other two paused, following the biggest one’s line of sight, freezing too once they got a good look at him.

Sidon looked the three of them over, cocking an eyebrow as best as his tipsy self could. He was bigger than all of them but, god, trying to take on three people alone was tough, even in the best of conditions. Still, he wasn’t one to let someone face an unfair fight alone.

“You boys looking for trouble?” He said, placing himself between Link and the three thugs with a few clean strides.

“N-nah, not at all. J-just passing through, you know? Just joshing around, right guys?” The other two were nodding before he had even finished.

“By the looks of my friend here,” Sidon tilts his head back towards Link, “I’m kind of inclined to think you’re lying to me.”

“Nah Sidon, it’s no big thin-” it was the smaller of the three who had spoken, cut off suddenly by a swift elbow to the sternum, a little oof sound escaping him.

Sidon couldn’t help the look of confusion that crossed over his features. He studied their faces closely now, their outfits, their body language. He was tipsy, but he wasn’t dumb. Nothing about them stood out; not their plain jeans, plain faces, plain cut hair. They were cookie cutter goonies, made to blend into the background and disappear without a trace. It sobered Sidon up quickly and a part of him was glad he had kept his private phone on hand.

“Why do you know my name?”

“It’s nothing, just give us the guy you’re in front of an-”

“I asked, why do you know my name?!”


Who should the miscellaneous pair be for the next post? No suggestions means I use the default.

But here’s this! Definitely no smut this time!





“Do you like me?”

Everyone froze mid-step. Ino and Sakura had been arm in arm, headed towards the Yamanaka home to relax after the group’s outing. Shikamaru and Choji had been on the verge of starting a conversation, their destination not yet decided. Naruto, Lee, and Sai were headed back to Naruto’s apartment to play card games for a bit. Hinata and her teammates along with Neji and Tenten were discussing where they wanted to go, but now they had stopped like everyone else, staring at Sasuke, who had caused the outburst in the first place.

And he was glaring at Hinata.

He hadn’t meant to say anything.

He and Hinata started out as people who happened to be around each other when their friends hung out. Then they became people who ran into each other almost everywhere they went. Then they became people who actively hung out, but they always seemed to be secret about it. And maybe he will admit they had their moments – moments where they touched or looked at each other by accident and for some reason it didn’t feel like just a touch or just a look. Sometimes their words of greeting and departure weren’t just words. Sometimes their time together wasn’t simply because they were bored and wanted to hang out. Sometimes they had moments that would determine whether or not they were just two people who hung out together, but she always blushed and put distance between them. He always huffed and brushed it off.

But they had held hands under the table tonight.

It was crowded, and they were smushed together, and she didn’t shy away when his hand accidentally landed on hers. He didn’t pull away when she wrapped her hand around his. Neither of them broke eye contact when they met, and there was no way they were just stares.

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Okay, i’m going in on this. Yeah, i am.

I saw something not long ago that triggered me into this.

First of all, let me say something. i have no plans to be rude here, i just want to put out my opinion on this.

I am not trying to invalidate any opinions, im just putting out my opinion on those opinions. I want see if anyone agrees with me; i need to see it. I’m beginning to have a loss of hope.

please keep in mind I’m also not here to trigger anybody. I’m triggered. This is my release. I’ve wanted to say it for awhile, but i have also wanted to withhold getting into the fandom drama. well, now i think it’s gotten to the point in my head where I need to say it.

I’m not gonna put my opinion on everything, just things that I feel kind of passionate about whenever I see it pop up.

(generally about tog)

One of the most common statements i see, or simply have a passionate opinion on, is this:

I. Rowan is controlling and possessive.

II. Aelin was better as Celaena.

III. Aelin doesn’t give Chaol or Dorian any credit.

IV. All Rowan wants is sex.

V. Aelin hasn’t changed at all. She kept her bad traits and gained more.

VI. EoS was written poorly than all the other books.

VII. Certain ships like Lysaedion being mashed together.

VIII. Elorcan, Malide, and Manorian.

IX. Chaol not being in EoS.

X. Nesryn is boring.

XI. Not enough diversity in the series.

XII. Killing the black character (Nehemia) being killed off to further the white character (Celaena).

XIII. Doraelin.

XIV. Chaolaena.

XV. Samlaena.

XVI. Rowaelin.

XVII. Aelin is overrated.

XVIII. Sarah J. Maas sexualizes abusive relationships.

XIX. Aelin is mean to Chaol, after all he has done is help her.

XX. Dorian after Sorscha.

XXI. Sending SJM hate. (F u)

If you want my opinion on what I feel is truth about these topics, go ahead and keep reading. This is merely my view on things, and I’d like to see who agrees with me.

If you disagree, that’s cool. You can tell me why something I said about what triggered you, or where you think I’m not seeing things correctly.

But at the end of the day, this is how I see it, please don’t send me hate for it. Only 1% of you guys would think of it, this fandom is beautiful, but it can be brutal, too. Save it, at least for now. If I really piss you off, just punch a pillow. Don’t hate on me through an anon ask.

If you doooo decide to reblog this with a counter-argument, I probably won’t have a discussion with you: this is where I make my peace, and say what I need to say.

so many people say the whole fandom is up SJM’s ass-look at me. I love her. But I don’t totally agree with what she’s done. Read below, and you’ll find a hard truth that people who love SJM and her books do have their own opinion.

and btw shoutout to the people who say you can’t love an author? I met SJM and actually talked to her for an extended amount of time okay I can damn well right love her my queen

besides we basically know every author, because they expose their soul when the write. Fite me writing is style soul and spirit

Here we go. Let’s Russian roulette this post.

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so in honor of me seeing hamilton last monday im going to compile a list of all my fave moments/things i distinctly remember. i can organize it between act 1 and 2 but beyond that no promises. also spoiler alert (?)

-so they dont have curtains and the lights just get dark and the music plays but it’s still relatively dark and burr wears dark clothes so when he casually walks out it’s really surreal that it’s starting

-cjack got more applause in the opening number than hamilton. people clapped every time he opened his mouth in act 1

-thayne was u/s for laurens and in aaron burr sir he went to lean on burr but he wasn’t looking and burr was a lil too far and he almost fell over

-thayne tripped in my shot he kept falling i felt so bad for him

-elizabeth judd was the first ensemble member to put on a dress and it was amazing shes gorgeous

-they all are

-how does rory keep a straight face people don’t stop laughing

-he goes why so sad and then frowns and like sinks down w his whole body

-“im so blue” *stomps on stage to change lighting from red to blue*

-andrew chapelle was herc and his hair poked out of his beanie just a lil bit it was great

-not on soundtrack: the extra whoas into story of tonight and herc’s “let’s have another round gentlemen”

-also not: the marching cadence to get kgiii offstage that stops as he eliminates a patriot

-angelica and peggy are always in the rafters, peggy more than angelica and they dance along to the songs

-guns and ships: jasmine was shaking her arms, renée was twerking (or as much as u can in 18th century dress)

-jasmine was wearing shiny earrings and was just really pretty in general

-idk if this is a dance move but in satisfied it went “number one” and the whole female ensemble dabbed for a split second

-charles lee: gets shot, falls halfway across the stage, gun goes skidding. calm down charles. u survive

-battle of yorktown straight up gives you chills like damn

-winter’s ball/helpless and satisfied legit have the same choreography it’s just how long they are in certain locations it’s really well done

-at the end of right hand man they’re all behind gwash and then everyone walks away except burr who steps forward to be pissed off abt ham in winters ball

-dear theodosia is hijacked by ham. eliza steps in the back at the end and i started crying bc she has the letter from south carolina

-in nonstop he says he was chosen for the constitutional convention and his voice gets high and he shakes his hands and arms like straight up fangirling about the govt a. ham is the og leslie knope

-at the end of nonstop everyone is surrounding him and singing and he walks up the movable staircase to meet gwash and it ends

-BUT during intermission tech crew put it back then rolled it back to the middle like wyd tech ???

-speaking of tech there was a malfunction w burrs mic and they fixed it without like the majority of the audience noticing it or stopping the show (i only noticed bc thats what i do when i tech) like the tech crew is amazing ??? and no one every really says that ??? do u know how hard it is to fix a mic in the middle or a show ??? really fucking hard props to them

-also tech crew doesnt give two shits during intermission theyll walk across that stage w a laundry basket u can fight them

-one of the ushers was walking around asking people to take selfies w him

-theres a draft in the rafters and it blows on a letter and jasmine’s dress and it’s really distracting but that’s okay it’s probably their air conditioning

-an ensemble member (neill that night i think) pops out of the conductor’s pit at the beginning of what’d i miss

-tjeffs spends more time bouncing than he does walking no wonder he needs that cane

-ham literally shoves himself in between gwash and tjeffs and inserts his hand into jeffersons when he introduces himself

-an ensemble member helps tjeffs off the staircase and he wipes his hand after the contact

-in the cabinet battles gwash, tjeffs, and ham all have personal microphones. im surprised tjeffs didnt have rhinestones on it

-at the end of cabinet battle #1 tjeffs drops his mic into madisons hand (im proud of them for protecting their mics) and madison KEEPS IT SAFE FOR HIM until the next cabinet battle

-cjack broke character bc when he went to tell hamilton to take a walk michael luwoye was halfway across the stage and he started laughing people were confused, i laughed at him

-the hamilton household has different rooms distinguishable by lighting which is actually really rad and eliza has to walk to the back of the stage to go “up the staircase”

-philip is really nervous for the forst half of his rap but then gets into it. like really

-angelica has an umbrella when she is reciting her comma letter

-the foyer of their house is downstage and when angelica arrives the light extends to where she’s standing it’s a p big foyer and as i said before: the whole lighting of the dif rooms was hella rad

-say no to this hamilton is alone at his desk in the middle of the light and the turntables. the outer one has the lamposts and mariah starts to walk around

-side note jasmine is perfect and her dress is. so red

-james reynolds is a cocky dick youve probs seen the pictures of him but he’s always walking with his faux swagger and i hate him. so much

-mariahs house is in the balcony on sr based on where she was looking

-when ham gets mad at her abt the letter she gets on her knees in front of him and holds his hands and looks down and it’s really sad and he rips his hands away then walks downstage and she follows him after some aggressive hip/dress movements that idk how to explain w words

-“when her body’s on mine i do not say no” she’s sitting on his knee and he’s sitting on a chair wth kind of affair

-if you have seen wicked and the song where elphaba’s mother has an affair ?? it’s nothing like that. at all. that’s what i had always pictured though

-at the end when ham agrees to pay reynolds, he walks offstage and mariah looks like she’s going to stay but HE SNAPS HIS WHIP AND SHE RUNS AFTER HIM. i feel so bad for her she needed help i hate ham

-they just continue the show as if nothing happened and you’re like. dying inside. it hurts a bit to look at eliza and philip in schuyler defeated ham sucks they deserved better

-ANYWAYS in the room where it happens you see the whole repeated choreography motif as it shows burr, madison, and jefferson in their thought processes leading up to that night and then taking hamilton away from the dinner so he can piss off burr

-also in cabinet battle #1 burr is in the rafters so technically he WAS in the room where it happened

-congres is fighting over where to put the capital, yet they all shouted virginia, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

-when ham says “you get nothing if you wait for it” to burr he’s really irritated and shakes his shoulders as if he could get burr away from him and does lil quotation movements if i was burr is be angry too

-the burr dance in room where it happens, like the big one, he was using his hands to make his coat flap more

-cabinet battle #2 madison hands tjeffs his microphone (which had been kept INSIDE HIS JACKET) and hamilton retrieves his from the special case

-when he pretends he’s king louis’ head he put his hand on his head as if he was holding it up by the hair

-tjeffs is about to walk offstage but burr is singing “it must be nice” and he just HAS to gice his input

-they r all jumping as they say southern mother fucking democratic republicans

-tjeffs hands gwash his letter of resignation as he walks offstage after washington on your side

-ham is reading a bunch of papers but puts them all down in favor of reading tjeffs’ letter of resignation

-the f ensemble has their corsets and legging things and female overcoats but no dresses in one last time and it’s probably my favorite look bc as they do their dancing it falls around their legs more and i love it

-kgiii walks on stage and is disgusted to be near gwash

-he is told the next president and goes WHAT like really monotone and loud then tells the ensemble member (kamille) to go away

-at the end of his song he sits downstage sr on a stool and makes kamille move the stool. he stays there until hamilton screams motherfucker

-speaking of which he’s holding a stack of papers the size of abt 5-6 harry potter and the order of the phoenix’s and drops the stack from the top rafter like g e e z

-jefferson’s WHAAAAT and he like bounces over to burr to look at the letter

-ham keeps the letter in a drawer that i didnt notice until then but is like on the wall ????

-hurricane lighting is rad. ham is in the middle surrounded by a blue ring of light that looks like wind or waves

-at one point a lot of ppl are on the turntable slowly doing their thing: reynolds is being a dick, mariah is transporting the quill to ham, and burr is there. why is he there. he was just reading a book

-mariah hands ham the quill over his shoulder and is there to support him even though he didnt support her i feel bad for her have i said that

-the reynolds pamphlet: aka everyone has a pamphlet. where did they come from ??? i followed jasmine across the stage she only had the quill yet she had a pamphlet as soon as the song started. magic

-james reynolds is back this time to be all proud of himself when he is mentioned

-thayne slowly backs up into jevon, careful not to fall or trip again

-philip finds out via madison and jefferson (and burr a lil bit) he looks up at hamilton and you can see he is crushed. ham watches as he runs offstage

-reynolds pamphelt is chaotic but fun to watch. angelica is savage. she arrives from london by walking under some peoples suitcases

-at the end ham is surrounded by people throwing pamplets on him. kgiii helps and does some Classic White Person Dance Moves

-they must throw abt a hundred papers but they are all gone by the end of the song. magic

-they set up burn and the juxtaposition of the sadness if burn w the fact that neill was doing some insane dance moves as he put the fire bucket down was weird

-burn is quiet. we are sad. eliza is perfect

-philip stands in the middle of the theater to shout at eacker in the balcony jesus christ can you try NOT to make a scene

-you think you’d care if you were shooting someone but eacker is extremely indifferent

-eliza screams. im sure you know this but if u weren’t already crying then you are then

-renée is amazing her it’s quiet uptown is amazing how does she not break down how is it so perfect

-after eliza forgives him they just stand in the middle of the stage. crying. my heart is broken in actually going to cry just remembering it

-madison is wiping away tears when he says please in election of 1800

-it’s dead silent when burr says “i learned that from u” and i heard the crinkle of the paper when he gave hamilton is pamphlet

-“gave” more like forced upon. hams arms were crossed and he put it on his chest burr was so smug and excited abt winning sorry fam but no

-hamiltons big announcement is in the rafters. it’s funny how earlier when people wanted to listen to him he was downstage but in act two and he was posting unwelcome letters or responses they put him in the rafters which is where lee was when he talked abt washington in stay alive. hmmmmm

-so jasmine was in the rafters in your obedient servant and i was looking at her until burr literally screamed “then STAND, alexander” and i got a lil scared

-burr said “this man has poisoned my political pursuits” instead of “this man is poisoned by political pursuits” was it on purpose or not ?????

-“we were near the same spot my son died” philip is there. hamilton runs to him

-sasha #thebullet is the bullet in other songs but in the world was wide enough it’s really distinct. burr shoots the gun and she follows its path slowly across the stage during hamilton’s monologue. this is in a straight line as the turntables turn. they choreography is reminiscent of previous songs in the musical. he goes in the middle like he did for his my shot monologue and the ensemble is around him. the bullet is coming towards him. “im running out of time, im running…” he runs away from the bullet which is center stage at this point. gwash salutes him. laurens looks on from the stairs. when he speaks of eliza she is standing between him and burr as if she’d thrown herself in front of him to take the bullet. he’s surrounded by the whole cast and then suddenly theyre gone

-he is shot, he hunches over (philip had done the same and was places on a table)

-the music is slow now, we can hear the turntables. we are shocked. we knew it was coming but we are shocked

-burr is sad. we are sad. wlwdwtys plays


-at the end of the song she cant wait to see him again and they walk in a heartshape to meet

-everyone is in storyteller clothes again, even rory

-ham leads her center stage, she looks out and up, gasps and it goes dark

-i got chills just remembering all this

On Creator-Control

Please bear with me as this post will get long. I might not be a huge authority on the subject (so if anyone would like to expound or correct me, please go ahead) but this was written from the connections of my brain ^^;

Now I don’t want to stir up the fandom or anything, but I’m starting to see some patterns occurring with this whole spoiler fiasco going on. Now I don’t want to jump into any conclusions but…

I feel like ML doesn’t deserve the treatment it’s been getting from Zagtoons.

First we have slapped-on “luxury” designs that don’t look like they’re worth half their prices.

Then we have this incredible slew of spoilers that are being released without the original creator, Thomas Astruc’s consent. 

This is poor treatment of creative work if I ever saw it. 

There are some companies that allow their creators almost full control of their material and how much is talked about before episodes air. We see Gravity Falls, how Alex Hirsch was allowed to end the show in only two seasons and let their fans theorize about (spoiler!) Stan’s twin for idek how long before they finally actually confirmed it. Then there’s Avatar/LOK  where Bryke had control over their material designs like DVDs and books for example. 

We didn’t get full-blown information regarding future events until they actually happened and theories were confirmed in these shows.

This isn’t happening with Zag.

Instead, we’re getting massive spoilers over who gets what kwami, what miraculous, what villains are showing up. Now there aren’t as much plot details and some people would probably tell me to be thankful it’s not worse than it is. But consider that Thomas Astruc himself does not let slip any of this information to the public when asked. Yet the guy who told him he could make ML famous decides it’s a good idea to throw out information in order to get the fans excited.

Oh, the fans got excited alright. But it also divided them. 

Here’s the thing, if you saw on Twitter, I posted something about delayed gratification. It works with spoilers. When they tease, they build up hype. They induce the fans to start coming up with theories, ideas, designs, etc. etc. It creates a build-up of anticipation for the upcoming reveal.

 It’s like staring at that marshmallow but then you don’t get the taste just yet (so you become excited for the day you get to eat it) and eventually, like the reveal, you get two marshmallows AND you get to eat both and savor them.

When you post spoilers like THAT however, it’s like they shoved that one marshmallow down your throat even after they told you to wait for 10 minutes. So while you are initially happy you get to eat it, suddenly you don’t get the full reward of experience. 

This is where I see a huge difference in the treatment of creative work. You have the business treatment (that’s Jeremy) where you need to constantly up the hype in order to get fans to buy or get into your product by giving them more. There is that principle of marketing (though I have no authority in discussing since I’m not as well versed in it).

Then you have the creator’s treatment. How Thomas Astruc does things. Here, you could tease, you could hint at things, but in the end, you care for your consumers’ experience. It’s not about how much a product sells, or how many seasons are bought. It’s about how you can let your fans enjoy a story in its full essence, emotions and all. And that might mean holding out on certain information until it’s time to reveal it. 

Now I can’t say which one is a better way of doing things because you actually need both to be successful in this sort of thing. So there has to be a balance.

HOWEVER, if there is a skew in the balance of that relationship, that’s when things get messy.

TL;DR Miraculous Ladybug imo, is getting too much of the business treatment and not enough of creator’s treatment. You have shows like Gravity Falls and Avatar to compare with. We’re getting the one marshmallow instead of the two.

I understand the frustration the creators face in this situation.

And It’s Good Enough To Make Me Wanna Fall In Love

my friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex quick make out with me” au


It’s not that Dan isn’t a party person. He likes parties. He likes the whole socialising, drinking, I-don’t-know-who-the-hell-you-are-and-why-we’re-sitting-on-the-trampoline-in-the-back-yard-talking-about-dinosaurs-but-I’ll-roll-with-it vibe to it (okay, maybe the latter was only one time), and what’s the harm in getting a little drunk every now and then?

But the problem with Joe, is that he has more friends than Dan can keep up with. He knows too many people Dan doesn’t, and he goes to way too many parties.

Which, Dan supposes, isn’t really a problem in itself, but it’s where he comes into it that is – being the loyal roommate/best friend he is, Joe seems to have adopted him as his party mascot. His trusty ‘plus-one’, for want of a better term.

“Come on, Dan,” Joe throws him a red and black plaid shirt, dismissing one (of many) of Dan’s excuses of ‘but I have nothing to wear’. “I’ve grown out of that, so it’ll fit you just fine. You suit red.”

Dan glares at him, but walks over to the mirror and holds the shirt up to his face. It does suit him, kind-of, and he supposes he could probably get a couple more wears out of his jeans before he has to wash them.

“We’re like teenage girls, you and me,” Joe smirks, watching Dan assess his reflection.

Dan smirks, but tugs his pyjama t-shirt off and grabs the red plaid thing. He’ll never win.

“You owe me big time,” he mumbles, buttoning it up.

“Come on, it’ll be fine. This is Andrew – he knows how to throw a good party.”

“Ah, yes – ‘Andrew’. Another strikingly familiar name.’” Dan mutters dryly, grabbing his straighteners.

Joe tuts. “You’ll love him.”

Dan wonders how many times he’s heard that one before.


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