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You know of me all I can bear to be known. All that is relevant to be known. You know my genuine friendship and loyalty. Can that be enough and there still be trust between us?

medalion confirmed isabella is a lesbian, which means ssc had a black girl as a main as well as a black man as a prince and a middle eastern lesbian princess and tons of other rep for everyone, but you guys decided to sleep on it because white feminists were pissy. got it. 


Make Me Choose

  • Anon Asked: Kenny Omega or AJ Styles 

I made a taz thingggg

black & blue

pairing: pansy parkinson x godric gryffindor

setting: modern, non-magical, zombie apocalypse au

word count: 7,131

link: ao3

She curls her toes inside of her Chucks. The clasp of her necklace is sitting at an awkward angle, tickling her clavicle. “I don't—” She breaks off, directing her gaze to the shattered neon Taco Bell sign standing behind him. It’s an old one. Faded purple and magenta and seafoam green. “I don’t understand why you took me with you.”

“What, like I was gonna leave you? By yourself?”

“You could have,” she insists. “I would have been—”

“You would not have been fine,” Godric interrupts, too flatly. “Jesus fucking Christ.”

She swallows. “So?”

He rears back. “So, I–what the fuck,” he says, and he sounds appalled, actually, like the very idea of allowing her to be swarmed by a ravenous pack of flesh-eating monsters is fucking offensive to him. Maybe it is. “I wasn’t going to let you die.

“Wow,” Pansy deadpans, gesturing expansively around the barren, corpse-strewn wasteland they’ve found themselves in. “Well, don’t do me any favors.”

He furrows his brow like he isn’t sure how to respond—like he isn’t sure if he needs to respond—but then his face clears and his lips part, curve upwards, stretch into a helpless half-smile, and Pansy—

Pansy doesn’t know why she’s so surprised when he starts laughing.

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