im by no means trying to come off as rude

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hello xx !! i don't know if u quite remember me, but i requested a dan x reader imagine n the reader has a v anxious day n have tons of panic attacks n stuff n dan takes care of her, by all means i am definitely NOT trying to be rude or pushy, but i asked for it a few days bfore xmas n i was just wondering if u forgot or decided not to write it or have it in your "list" of things to write. but yeah i hope i'm not coming off as rude i am just wondering !! thank for ur time bb !!

Don’t worry about it! Im about half way through writing it but I’ve been busy with work and school. It should be up within this week ❤

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about your last post- can you elaborate on what you mean if you dont mind? while i personally never cared for the show, i was under the impression that a lot of people liked it and thought it did justice to its predecessor. :o

i hope that didnt come off as rude and i’m not trying to offend anyone who likes it ^^;; i dont want to start any discourse or anything but i’m just not a fan of how … fake deep it is? lol like its just sort of embarrassing how the show is treated like its so powerful and poignant for a kid’s show when one of the major story arcs that drove like an entire season was some crusty white kid trying to choose between rowan blanchard or sabrina carpenter lol it just really irks me whenever i watch it

wtf, like im listening to bb’s old music again [2006 - 2010] and honestly they were so great even as rookies or whatever. there is no group like them ???