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IS there any soumako fanfiction you like? I can't find anything good in the tag on ao3..

//speaks in rose’s voice// its been 84 years since i’ve read soumako fics…

haha no but its sincerely been a while. i’ve only read one soumako fic recently last month which was 404 by moeblobmegane (its a soulmate au so it def got me hooked ;v; its v adorable and just a bit angsty on makoto’s part). if you’re looking for some newer fic recs i don’t really have any besides that orz but i def have some old recs if you’re interested! i’ll name some of my personal favs but i have a rec list you can look at :>

FIRSTLY one of my fav soumako writers is definitely @brickerbeetle her soumako interpretation is a+++++ fantastic beautiful amazing i thank god everyday. my personal fav from her is Just Don’t Leave Me she writes soumako so darn cute i scream and squeal all the time and im just all smiles ;v; also she’s cool and funny and adorable and also my fiance

Chicken and Corn Soup by Ad_Astra I LOVE THIS!! Its a longgggg one-shot and its hilarious. It had dorky Sousuke (which is the best kind of ssk). also its seiyuu au!!! i love this au there needs to be more of it.

Almond Danish by  devious-sex-monster (darkotter) MAXIMUM FLUFF OVERLOAD. WARNING: YOU WILL GET CAVITIES

Lover Dearest by APurpleAvocado ok this one is def NOT fluffy. I have to warn you there’s abuse in this one (not from ssk thank god). At the time I caught up to the recent chapter, the author went on hiatus, and the story hadn’t gotten much happier yet (i hope it does). The author is back to updating though! I have yet to catch up but I’m planning to!

The World Ends With Me by TheMonster This was another fic that went on hiatus but its now completed! :> i also need to finish reading it…. but from what i read so far its really interesting!! i love the story’s concept about the after life and grim reapers.