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Hey guys! So I’ve been working on this project for over a month, and its finally done!

I’ve created my own Fullmetal Alchemist coloring book!

This is an original handmade book featuring illustrations of Ed & Al and the whole gang! (yeah the book quality’s not sooo great sorry -__-)

Choose from 15 drawings to color on high quality paper! I tried to include a variety of characters and settings

The price of the book is 23$ plus add. shipping

Currently there are only 15 books made, so its first come first served (if there a demand for more, i’ll consider making a second batch, but its a lot of work)

You can purchase the book on my ebay account >>> HERE <<<

Please consider buying or spreading the word because I put a looot of work into this project!

Also note that FMA does not belong to me, but these are original drawings of mine based on the series.

Please feel free to message me with questions and thank you so much to anyone interested!




  • Payments in full after initial sketch. Paypal USD only!
  • No refunds unless I fuck up on my end
  • Single characters only!
  • Visual references for OCs please!
  • I will send you a WIP halfway through for any minor fixes if necessary
  • Comes with a white or simple colored background

Extra fees: Longer hair (past the shoulders), big weapons, detailed jewlery, makeup, and/or tattoos are $5 extra!

I won’t draw:

  • Mecha/Detailed armor
  • Heavy Gore (exposed innards, lots of blood/missing skin) 
  • Furries

If you’re interested, contact me at the email above and in the body provide:

  • Name (tumblr, deviantart, whever so I can link to you!)
  • Paypal email (for an invoice)
  • Commission type
  • Any needed references 

You’re also free to email me with any questions or concerns!


hello! i’ve opened up my commissions again + am doing rush commissions of lined+flat colored busts (or headshots in your discretion) for only $8 per character! i need the funds for school supplies/textbooks and pocket money in general! please contact me on tumblr or email me at if you have any questions or if you’re interested in commissioning me. 

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