im brittany in all of these

i’ve watched brittany, santana, and quinn’s perform toxic in the 100th episode of glee 30 times in the past hour, but im not gay or anything i just like the way the violins sound in that version that’s all

My ideas on PP3 plot based on the casting call:

Beca: music producer
Chloe: exotic dancer

IM WORRIED THOUGH could CR be a famous rapper but also is still dealing with her gambling problem?! So maybe the Bellas are struggling after graduation and they all come together to “find their sound” in their careers?


3 more customers on the portraits left, then my January checklist will be~

(Not in a specific order, I’m doin em all at the same time-ish)

- HanZO HES ALMOST DONE I SWEAR. Honestly I wish I could just redo him entirely, but I need to just finish him and move on. 
- Last pokemon team! ♥
- The 2 Overwatch pin ups that are my choice for the month~
- Finish my last large painty commission for Brittany~ 
- Start large book illustrations for val
- Pin up illustrations for KB
- trade for Linds♥

- Something fun for my birthday, idk… maybe a request stream day? Im open for ideas, I just wanna chill and laugh n stuff

Then I’m extending my vacation into February but still doin my NSFW sale then too :’^)

i cant believe im using these terms in 2017 but i just saw a Bad Post in my dash and i need to settle this once and for all…
santana is the cinnamon roll
brittany is the sinnamon roll

im watching glee with my sister cus i can’t stand feeling happy and the writers really did not give a shit about gay girls like at all its funny. like santanna and brittany had one if the best well developed relationships and once they got together its like they did everything they could to ruin it plus there was that weird call out they did to the lesbian fanbase when sam and brittany got together that was like “uwu we knoww this relationship meant alot to you lezzies please don’t be mad that we completely decimated it” then they made santanna be like “at least now i dont have a gf that secretly wants dick” as if… she wasn’t.. attracted to guys for the first three seasons and identified as fluid before admitting she was gay?? anyways i hate glee

i feel there’s some ppl taking @brittany too srsly i mean she’s not evil for hating dogs. a dog murdered my entire family once so how about that. i also feel like we should all consider taking some time to think about how unfair it is to judge someone and say they’re evil like j.k. rowling did when she wrote the harry potter books being all annoying and making slytherin be the Evil Hogwarts House. im a slytherin you see and im re-reading the first book and it’s all so offensive. i feel disgusted

a white autistic kid was kidnapped and tortured by drunk people who were upset because they believed he supported a particular political entity. Im incredibly upset and all I have to say is; have any of his supporters kidnapped and tortured anybody? dont pick a side think for your fucking selves.

id like to disclosure that brittany, the sweeran queen, allowed me to steal her description and thats why we r description twins. as we all know though im more likely to keep it longer cause i live and breathe sweeran. brittany has her own life and i do not, so she might get distracted w “friends” and “family” and “going out and having fun” but i, i will not.

good times

anonymous asked:

when Rachel got every second chance imaginable in life and kept fucking up and still somehow won a Tony... Sue's shrine to Kurt and Blaine... the Klaine/Brittana double weddding... everything about Brittany being the most overblown dumb blonde/slutty bisexual stereotype (and still somehow being a fan favorite — seriously, what was the Glee fandom's deal, lmao)...

omg that’s all spoilers but tbh i’m not even surprised lmao im just after she did her first performance. i’m still shocked that she got in to nyada tbh


based on the prompt “I accidentally took your notebook thinking it was mine and you have really nice handwriting and cute doodles” AU from this AU post. Also for my klaine bingo prompt “history”. hope you enjoy :)

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Blaine Anderson has not had the best week.

On Monday he slept through his alarm and didn’t have time to shower and re-gel his hair, so his hair was a total mess. Brittany followed him around all day petting him and asking if she could shave his head and use it as a blanket for her cat. It wasn’t as bad as it could be, but it was still pretty humiliating.

On Tuesday Kurt Hummel sat beside him in History and he wasn’t able to get anything done. Then, just as he was getting ready to leave, Kurt smiled at him and said he liked his bow tie. He didn’t get anything done for the rest of the day.

On Wednesday his mom surprised him by announcing that she’d done laundry while he was at school, and when he checked the dryer later he found his favorite bow tie had been completely mangled.

On Thursday Azimio Adams dumped a slushie over his head, effectively ruining the brand new sweater vest his mom had bought him as an apology for ruining his favorite bow tie.

And now it’s Friday and he just wants to finish his homework and lie on the couch and think about how Kurt Hummel had commented on his bow tie again today, but he can’t even do that because it turns out he accidentally picked up Kurt’s notebook instead of his own and now he doesn’t have any of the notes he wrote in class today to help him with said homework.

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