im breaking them up

daichi just wants to watch the movie in peace


Like, ouch, and stuff


strong eyebrow game boyfrensss

While I’m working really hard to pump out a new comic amidst my homework, I’d like to share with you all my favorite picture in existence

im just really overwhelmed bc it’s been so long since we’ve had robron content like that

because i know it was sad, it was so so sad, but even still, the whole vibe of that scene was so soft and filled with longing and… like….. that wasn’t a scene about how they should probably be apart, that was a scene about how they want to be together, both of them, even though they can’t

and we literally feels like we haven’t had that since the reveal

my goals for today were:
- get out of bed by 10.30
- submit part one of my final written assessment for placement
- do my laundry
- work on my novel

and i achieved all of them!!!! theyre all small but i feel so good going to bed knowing i ticked them all off

anonymous asked:

Flubber blasters vs Allen blasters?

here’s a size comparison between Allen, his blaster, and Flubber:

Flubber is a blaster gaster, and because he’s so small(4′10″~5′) Allen’s would overpower him very quickly.

Anonymous said to wdgadget: Where do Allen’s blasters come from?

he made them. Above is the finalized blaster that’s bigger than the prototypes. They’re designed to amplify his own blast since it’s weaker in his monster forme

Honestly, if they break up sanvers for the kid argument they are dumb motherfuckers, Arizona didn’t want kids and Callie did, and they stayed together, until Arizona felt as if she was holding Callie back. They, however, GOT BACK TOGETHER, so the whole “one wants kids and the other doesn’t” argument is bullshit

wow i cant believe Kinder Eggs made wreckerhusbands,, ,

im calling it it’s destiny everyone

attempting to draw out young paladin Zakron for some stuff/comics i got in mind and welp this is not allowed