im breaking them up

daichi just wants to watch the movie in peace


strong eyebrow game boyfrensss

my goals for today were:
- get out of bed by 10.30
- submit part one of my final written assessment for placement
- do my laundry
- work on my novel

and i achieved all of them!!!! theyre all small but i feel so good going to bed knowing i ticked them all off

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“And that’s how you ruin a life. Congratulations." Freewood?

(hey remember that super old spooky scary fahc au of mine? no? oh well, here’s some random snippet in the au anyway)

Two days after he’s brought back to life, Gavin leaves with no intention of coming back. To ever seeing Ryan again. Not after what he’s done.

“I saved your life!” Ryan had screamed when he figured out what Gavin was doing, furious in a way that would be terrifying, was terrifying. But Gavin was too angry to be scared of him. And after all, like Ryan would ever destroy something he worked to hard on.

“You shouldn’t have bloody experimented on me!” Gavin spat back, eyes red and tongue spitting venom.

“I wasn’t experimenting! I was trying to bring you back - !”

“To what?! To this?!” He screamed, pointing at his body, a mismatch of body parts, covered in a patchwork of stitching, a monster, a creature, a damnation-

“I did the best I could to make you have your life back!”

“You ruined it, Ryan,” Gavin snarls. “This is how you ruin a life, Ryan. Congratulations. I hope you’re fucking happy.”

He stormed away, grabbing his bag of stuff Ryan had accumulated while he was dead, while he was still a normal part of this world. Ryan screamed at him to stop, begged for him to just listen. But Gavin wasn’t going to hear a single word he had to say. He slammed the door in his face and never looked back.

attempting to draw out young paladin Zakron for some stuff/comics i got in mind and welp this is not allowed


SONGS OF OUR BREAK UP // inspired by playlist series by jay e. tria

“it would take forever to count stars that don’t want to be seen.” (mix contains english songs by filipino indie artists; you can expect serene threads of music; sun, moon, and stars metas.)

listen // (spotify) // (playlist series collection)

  • rowling, tiffany, and thorne: we're going to spend an entire book leading you with a gay couple then haha whoops they're straight and hey here's black hermione such #diversity i know
  • clare: here's this one canon gay couple who im gonna send away for an entire book and focus on this incest plot line but wait here's another gay couple oh wait im breaking them up forever haha how'd that happen
  • rick riordan: holy fUCk guys heres a new book series that revolves around a bisexual guy whose son is also very Gay and in a healthy relationship and here's ANOTHER series with a Muslim warrior and a deaf kid and if that wasn't enough only 3/7 main characters in THIS series are white and did i mention that like all these characters are ADHD/dsylexic its rad

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How do I stop liking boy

look at a dog. just one. You’ll forget boys even exist as a concept. 

Me: *grunts and sighs at the screen 

Mom: why are you upset? 

 Me: well everything will be fine and dandy once Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Comes out and I see my babies being all lovey on screen for the first time in like ten years but I have a really bad feeling that DC is going to ruin my happy mojo and break them up and Im gonna have to be in depression mode for another ten years. 


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@hexmaniacinien i love ur mob au,, a lot,,,, 


– i’m dangerous, but only for you. (x)

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all this taz critical shit is messing with me im really heavily influenced by other opinions but this show pulled me out of one of the wt periods of my life and now ppl i follow are saying its really fucking bad and the mcelroys are awful and i have no place to comment cuz its not shit im familiar with but now i feel bad for likiig it????

LISTEN MAN IT’S BULLSHIT it’s just. it’s fucking dumb, honestly, just… unfollow people who are stressing you out and enjoy the content you wanna enjoy

you: Yuuri said ‘let’s just end this’ because he wants to break up with Viktor

me, an intellectual: Yuuri said ‘let’s just end this’ because he wants to end the coach/student relationship he has with Viktor and he wants Viktor to see him as a rival plus they just got engaged so how in the heck would they break up when YOI has proven to us multiple time that they really care for each other so this is probably just another small hiccup in their relationship which makes it seem that much more real and adds another level of depth to it


👀👀 sekai i see you