im breaking them up

you: Yuuri said ‘let’s just end this’ because he wants to break up with Viktor

me, an intellectual: Yuuri said ‘let’s just end this’ because he wants to end the coach/student relationship he has with Viktor and he wants Viktor to see him as a rival plus they just got engaged so how in the heck would they break up when YOI has proven to us multiple time that they really care for each other so this is probably just another small hiccup in their relationship which makes it seem that much more real and adds another level of depth to it

  • rowling, tiffany, and thorne: we're going to spend an entire book leading you with a gay couple then haha whoops they're straight and hey here's black hermione such #diversity i know
  • clare: here's this one canon gay couple who im gonna send away for an entire book and focus on this incest plot line but wait here's another gay couple oh wait im breaking them up forever haha how'd that happen
  • rick riordan: holy fUCk guys heres a new book series that revolves around a bisexual guy whose son is also very Gay and in a healthy relationship and here's ANOTHER series with a Muslim warrior and a deaf kid and if that wasn't enough only 3/7 main characters in THIS series are white and did i mention that like all these characters are ADHD/dsylexic its rad

attempting to draw out young paladin Zakron for some stuff/comics i got in mind and welp this is not allowed


SONGS OF OUR BREAK UP // inspired by playlist series by jay e. tria

“it would take forever to count stars that don’t want to be seen.” (mix contains english songs by filipino indie artists; you can expect serene threads of music; sun, moon, and stars metas.)

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– i’m dangerous, but only for you. (x)

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Turkeith >>> Klance-the-halls

I am sad to say turkeith’s time is finally done


👀👀 sekai i see you

Hugging Astro from behind

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It was thirty minutes before one of Astro’s biggest stages. I mean, of course they have performed before, but never for an audience of 30,000+ people. Jinwoo’s nerves were clearly getting the best of him as he was pacing around, muttering his rap in Clap Clap. You being the great girlfriend you are, decided to come up behind him and hug him!

“What was that for?! And, can I have another one?!”

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the gang’s all here… I couldn’t rest until I’d drawn them all OTL

ms paint (if u want to use as icon, credit me)

WIP McHanzo stuff… I’ll finish after I get a new tablet!

I want those tights


I logged back onto Tumblr to see like 98 notes on my last post… Like, what?! So here, have some really terrible quality Stydia drawings. I should note, most of these ideas are Zali’s, not mine. 

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yoo i relate to your post about the body pillows so much like... it also applies to me when i read yoi fanfics too. I feel bad if it's like Yuuri x reader or Viktor x reader and ESPECIALLY YURIO X READER CUZ idk man yurio is too young (if it's fluffy whatever but when it's all NSFW im like???? how should i feel about this) and like yuuri & viktor are canon so i feel bad when it's x reader since like.. they're gonna get married yenno? lmao i just feel awkward.

ugh ew no thanks tbh i haven’t read any yoi fics but i’ve seen so many quizzes and fics where they completely invalidate a characters sexuality and it’s disgusting idk it’s just?? there’s no need?? like you said yurio is just a small child and then victuri are a canon m/m ship and it’s so gross to me when girls see that and just kind of erase that just bc they find a character attractive like no thanks go thirst after anyone else honestly pls just leave them all alone 

talking about Ian nd Mickey’s relationship from season 1 to 5 like