im boring as frick

imagine rick is all depressed n stuff then morty came up to him and showed him a drawing he made for his cool grandpa 😎

rick may criticise it ( BC YKNOW HOW IT IS ) but deep down he loves it and probably stick it to his wall in his room aaaaa

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Hey bro how's ur night goin ? im bored as FRICK so I hope it's better than mine

I feel ya man I’m in the same boat lol just trying to write a TodoDeku fic but failing hard core and I’ve been righting this since 11 my time and its almost 3 now lol

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legit me right now lolol and it doesnt help that my friend keeps sending me links to doujinshis (i mean its not a bad thing but i need to finish this tonight but these are distracting lolol)


my weakness is tiny baby kuroko ok

idk i was really bored and wanted to draw something and i tried coloring a lliiitttle differently idk ahaHAhahAh i got lazy to draw everyone else beside the 3 though AHAHAH imsry

blog rates/ships cause im bored as frick

i don’t think i’ve done these for months but i’m hella bored so yeah

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i’ll do the following

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have fun kiddos :-)