im boring as frick

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Ajfjfndjwhhd i'm love u!!! I was searching up Mock Trial posts and found your lawyer!Woozi akdnfjhfsj We have competition in a month and finals are next week bleh I LOVE U AND HOPE YOU'RE DOING FANTASTIC AND ARE TAKING CARE OF YIUSELF OTHERWISE I'LL POP RIGHT THROUGH THE SCREEN AND MAKE SURE YOU'RE NICE AND COZY AND WELL FED AND HYDRATED AND HAPPY!!!!! 💕💖💞💕❤💖💞❤

DSKFJDJLFSF ELLI MY BBY!!!!!! omg tb to lawyer!woozi what a time!!! im gonna need all his luck bc my competition is in 2 DAYS!!!!! SCREAM!!!! GOOD LUCK PREPPING FOR YOURS BBY I KNOW YOU’RE GONNA KNOCK THOSE SCORERS OUTTA THE COURTROOM!!! IM CRYING YOU’RE TOO SWEET I HOPE U ARE WELL RESTED AND HAPPY AND HEALTHY!!!!!! I WILL PERSONALLY FLY OVER TO U AND MAKE SURE U ARE TAKING CARE OF URSELF!!!!! LUV U BOO MISS U LOTS!!!!! i also have smth for u n ur fellow junhui stans 👀👀👀💕💕💕💞💞💞💓💓💓

I was tagged by @zerogettie, thanks boo

Nicknames: I have been called Batman, Gentlethem, Sparkplug, and Green

Gender: Nonbinary

Star sign: Aquarius

Height: 5'11"

Time: uhhh it’s 8:12pm at the time of writing this

Birthday: January 25

Favorite Bands: Panic!, Ninja Sex Party, Bowling For Soup, IDKHBTFM, Queen, Fall Out Boy

Favorite solo artists: P!nk, Adriana Figuera, Lady Gaga, Kesha, Thomas Sanders

Song currently stuck in your head: Cold War by Foreign Figures

Last movie: Thank You For Smoking

Last tv show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Why did you create this blog: uhh my friend Samantha dragged me here

Posts/reblogs: I reblog whatever makes me chuckle or aligns with my moral compass. My posts are anything from quick art to writing pieces

Last thing you googled: did the emu war actually happen?

Other blogs: dood I can’t even run this one, how on Earth would I run another??

Why the URL?: I don’t mix well with 5 hour energies, that’s all I have to say

I follow: 395 peeps

Followers: 490, why are you all here?

Lucky number: 5

Instruments: oboe and the glockenspiel

What are you wearing: jeans, boots, star wars t-shirt, leather jacket, beanie

Dream job: Therapist

Dream Trip: Paris, but lately I’ve been dying to visit Australia ;)

Favorite food: chicken fried rice

Favorite Song: Mr Moon by Jonah Taylor

Last Book I read: The Murder of Roger Akroyd by Agatha Christie

I’m tagging @amberissues @the-rain-on-your-dandelions @lightlady599 and anyone else who wants to give this the good ol college try ;)