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Gay? Yeah, Gay.

Summary: Without any warning, one of Kuroo’s hands shot out, wrapping it around the back of Bokuto’s knee and hiking his leg up until it rested against his own hip, a startled hoot coming from Bokuto at the unexpected action.

A few moments of silence passed between them before Kuroo coughed, motioning down at Bokuto’s leg as if that would explain what he was doing.

Not wanting to lose his nerve, Kuroo reached out with his other hand and lifted the hem of Bokuto’s shorts up, letting out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding when he saw the cut off of Bokuto’s kneepads.

Pairing: Pre-relationship. Bokuto Koutarou/Kuroo Tetsurou

Chapter: ½

A/N: Next part after Spilled Into Your Life. Here’s the AO3 link

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