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Percy’s Powers Headcanon
  • He learns how to move with the water. After Jason told him about how wind spirits become part of the wind, Percy becomes obsessed with learning how to become one with the water. 
  • When he does it’s a bit scary, he gets a wild look in his eyes. The green becomes dark and a smile promising horrible things comes over his face.
  • It makes moving from camp to camp a lot easier.
  • None of the Romans were warned and so he appeared in a swirl of mist from the Little Tiber the sentries shot at him, but he reversed the process so the arrows went through him.
  • There was a blink-and-you-miss-it moment in which he smiled ruefully at his invincibility, but seeing the Roman’s apprehension he laughed it off. 
  • His enemies developed a fear of water; afraid of Percy appearing with his Stygian trident, tied with the power of Hades and Poseidon, in one hand and Riptide in the other.

okay so can we talk about how Marinette gave Adrien (aka Chat Noir the symbol of bad luck) a lucky charm 

& how Adrien gave Marinette (aka Ladybug the symbol of good luck) an open umbrella while she was still technically indoors 

if ur like me with no time on ur hands but like musicals just download all the music and read the wikipedia summary

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did you know that "nudne" means "boring" in polish?

i swear to god every message i get about my url is either asking what it means (if i misspelled ‘nude’) or if i know it means boring in polish the answer is yes bc im polish and thats why i chose it cause i dont do shit

When I’m alone I think “wow I’m such a catch, anyone would be lucky to have me, you people sure are missing out” but then the second someone shows any interest I’m like “BUT WHY WOULD YOU LIKE ME, IM ME”


i didn’t know what patience was till michael cliffords hair.