im bored so this comes into my mind

anonymous asked:

Hey, I go to the same uni as you and someone reblogged a pic of you (this fat/femme bitch eats bigots) and I recognised you immediately because even though I've never spoken to you I always admired your instagram selfies and you dont forget that kind of eyeshadow haha I think you look amazing in those pics im honestly blown away haha but yeah

omg!!!! thank you!!!!! this is so nice!???? you can totally feel free to come up to me when I’m wandering around, I spend a lottt of time at uni sitting on my own bored out of my mind

also I need to actually…… remember instagram is a thing I can use, I usually only get as far as putting things on facebook and then I get distracted haha

Alright so I was really bored

and i decide to see what’s most widespread on the internet

which basically means, how many results come up for certain anime

the first one that comes to mind is 

alright! 21mil, nice

Then next up is

not bad, not bad


i feel robbed, because it’s the greatest thing ever and it’s literally the sunshine of my stormy life, but whatever, whatever, it’s fine i’m not (that) mad

are you fucking serious


it got popular fast and it’s more recent than snk and more accessible than TG and more fantastical than haikyuu, so it’s not that crazy, plus it originated on the internet, so that makes sense



WHOA, alright death note, fandoms been dead for a while, but i guess it’s been either mentioned a lot or around for so long it’s gathered a hefty database

ok, my bad, i should’ve specified, because free anime can bring up a lot more than just the swimming anime that we know and love, so

not bad. 

but what happens when we 

ah, there we go



hello i’m holly and i’m repostin these because i look like trash rn whoops!!! anyways i am tøp and p!atd trash so if u like them then i will like u. talk to me usin tumblr’s new shinY MESSAGE FEATURE OOOOH or just send me an ask, i don’t mind!!!! i hope u are all having a great day, ur all BEAUTIFUL (also sorry for the bad quality of these oops)

hello friends !!! so yesterday i hit 2k which is still blowing my mind so i thought i would do some good ol blog rates ! :)

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blog rates bc i need more blogs to follow

so my dash is seeming pretty dead recently and im close to my next hundred too sooo….


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