im bored so this comes into my mind

suho: *answers phone* hello? *sips on his coconut while relaxing in the shade*

hotel staff: is this kim junmyeon?

suho:…yes? is something wrong?

hotel staff: oh it’s nothing really sir it’s just that your sons having been eating a lot at the snack bar-

suho: wait…my sons?? 

hotel staff: uh yes? a tall fit red head, a tall skinny man with wide shoulders, a tan man that looks like he just woke up, and a short man with brown hair? and they seem to have dragged a reluctant little man with short black hair here too

suho: oh my god that’s- *brings hand to heart* i’m touched my members actually…*tears up*

hotel staff: ok but sir-

suho: i mean i always thought that maybe one day there was a chance they would look at me as a father figure and now finally the day has come 

hotel staff: that’s nice but sir-

suho: ah yes sorry, what did my sons want?

hotel staff: they told me to put all the food and drinks on your card since you are their dad so the total cost comes to about two thousand seven hundre-

suho: *faints*


do u ever get punched in the art gut so hard it knocks u mind body and soul all the way back to 3rd grade

i havent yet seen someone call cleuce boring bc its “straight” but if they did id lose my mind bc. for starters, bi people exist and i hc both of them as such, but also theyre a canon interracial couple that has existed from BEFORE the very start of mh and always portrayed as loving and NEVER demonized in the animated media, and they stayed together all 5 years of the preboot.

so EVEN IF both of them WERE cishet, theyre a white guy and black girl in a healthy supportive relationship and theyve never been in anything BUT a healthy supportive relationship despite what says. and both of them have amazing character writing, deuce w implied anxiety and cleo with canon ptsd and a solid character arc. so thank god i aint seen it yet but if i ever see someone dismiss them as boring straights, im warning yall im going to start swinging

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god i REALLY need to be more careful about scrolling down your blog when im bored because the endless stream of scripts & spirals just leave me feeling fuzzier and fuzzier as i go. doesnt really help that i read the scripts in your voice now? signed, a Very Sleepy Hypno Sub (damn you)

Being careful would imply something bad could happen. I believe it’s just the opposite. Nothing but good things can come from scrolling through my playground. Who needs thoughts anyway? When it’s so much easier to get lost in my words. Hear my words echo through your mind and slowly, silently surrender to me


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To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die. | under a bus, with my fingers crossed. | it feels like nothing matters in our private universe. | take me, i’m yours. | i’ll be a rock and rollin’ bitch for you. | you want the real story? you shouldn’t ask me. | i’m so drunk, i don’t mind if you kill me. | i don’t pretend to know what you want, but i offer love| you’re so mean, baby! | he will have his way. | i’m bored; come on, let’s get high! | why don’t you walk away? | where i go, there’ll be no kind welcome. | into temptation, right where you belong. | we’re still outsiders. | i never feel pain, won’t you hit me again? | oh, i just don’t know where to begin. | practically all is nearly forgiven. | black words slipping off my tongue. | couldn’t it be easy to believe? | you are afraid of me; that’s why you’re so unkind. | sinner; i have never learned. | desolate in anger and safe in isolation. | do you feel the pressure? | i wanna be forgiven. |spare us the theatrics and the verbal gymnastics. | how i needed you when i needed you.|history has been cruel. | do you see what i see? | is there anybody in there? | i’d beg for some forgiveness, but begging’s not my business. | we may never meet again, so shed your skin and let’s get started. | every day i love you less and less. | there’s nothing that you love that i’ll ever miss 

ok but can we please talk about Gil’s “obsession” with Saber tho. i started reading HF out of boredom and it just proved a point for me with its little Gil cameos (and him being a tasty snack). like, compare UBW and HF Gil to Fate Gil. he’s just. he doesn’t care that much for Saber in first two, but in Fate?? i might be missing something (i am completely sick and w a headache now so) but this doesn’t add up. he wouldn’t act so… aloof if he was obsessed with Saber. which means he isn’t. he only sees her as a plaything to entertain himself and, as i pointed out earlier (although kinda stealthily), his behaviour in Fate route seems like a manipulation just to get Saber irritated and all that. like, in Zero he likes it when she’s “tortured” by people telling she hasn’t been doing her king thing right and— wouldn’t marriage be completely against her principles thus invoking that reaction he really likes. so basically he’s been playing with her feelings ever since Zero. just because he could. just because he found it somewhat entertaining.

connversefangirl  asked:

Will you make more Connverse headcanons in the future? I LOVE THEM

!!! of course! 

i probably will come up with something soon, since i know they make great fic material!  recently my minds been focused on my series so i hardly think of connverse headcanons.

hopefully things will turn up connverse soon, im already trying to get in the connverse mood again!

“Have to wine and dine,” Alexei says. “Charm pants off you.”

“You really don’t have to,” Kent says truthfully. Alexei’s leading him by the hand through the ice rink–he’d managed to reserve the entirety of for an hour past midnight–like Kent doesn’t know how to skate. The lights are dimmed to a nice lavender (it’s actually quite an ugly shade of violet, but Kent’s boozy mind doesn’t really register that) and some woman with a Parisian, whispery-quiet voice is crooning away on the stereo. “I’m easy. I’ll take off my own pants like a big boy.”  

“Want to do this,” Alexei murmurs, pulling Kent close to him, and Kent lets him, because Alexei is warm and Kent is feeling particularly generous. “Will do this for you any time.”

“If this is for a birthday,” Kent says, “then I’m expecting a private yacht for the anniversary.”

“We reenact Titanic. Buy you big blue diamond and do the drawing and horse carriage scene.”

Kent makes a face. “Ugh, gross, never mind. You know I actually don’t like that scene too much? Plus, you draw like a 1st grader. You color outside the lines.”

“Is talent. One day maybe you learn.”  

Alexei’s lips are dry and pliant as he bends down so he can catch Kent’s mouth in his. Kent leans in, like he always does, because it’s always been so easy with Alexei.

“Hey,” someone yells. Kent groans as he pulls away to see that the voice had come from this bored looking teenager behind the counter, smacking her gum. “You grandpas done making out in there? I gotta close up in like, one minute. Sorry.”

“I change my mind,” Kent says. “I want the yacht.”

“Should have saying yes faster,” Alexei responds, grinning. “That ship has sailed.”

(Alexei wheezes a little bit when the force of Kent’s little smack on the chest comes across a little rougher than he’d expected.)

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