im bored so i figured why not

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i realized i was bi (thought i was lol now im a full blown LESBIAN) when i looked back at when i was in a journaling class listening to a pre-lecture that was really boring and i started looking at a girl and deadass thought "why do i like her face so much??? why??" and started drawing her. like. could i have been more of a lesbian like ohh my god

HAHAHAHA i’m so happy you figured yourself out 💕


so, the other day, i got really bored, and decided to open up rpgmaker and make a little game in my spare time.
and since i really like the @transcendence-au i figured, why not make a lil thing for it?

so now i’m in too deep in a side project that doesn’t even have an actual plot, but it’s generally looking good?? and i kinda don’t want to stop, aha;;;; whoops—

(click the pictures, theres commentary)


its been a while since i last posted a doodle dump so i figured hey why the heck not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

okay, the whole story of what the fuck happened to me and why i had to have emergency surgery, you’re seriously not gonna fuckin believe it im still reeling myself (but im ok now!! im home and being well cared for)

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