im bored lol

Things I wanna do through the next few weeks.

-Revamp bio and add more detail to the universe of No Title, maybe make some pages, possibly attempt coding again though dyslexia makes it difficult…

-Draw more things, maybe practice some painting/coloring

-Watch the new Voltron series. I’ll admit I’ve been getting some followers/following some characters from the show but I haven’t seen it yet. But sci fi makes me weak also Voltron because ya know, I’ma “old lady” and that shit was my childhood.

-Sci fi practice stuff


-Finish Commissions in order to open them again

Things to happen today

-P L O T  more t h r e a d s. I’m still talking to some people, but I really wanna reach out to more followers about plotting, new and old followers alike. Please I encourage you guys to talk to me, I won’t bite,I promise!

-Expose Dirk to the greatness that is Star Ocean 3 because I’m salty about 5 turning out to be worse than 4 in terms of story.

-Maybe continue 450th playthrough of Xenosaga

-Maybe Shadow Hearts 2. Idk I know I wanna game today.


-Organize the house a bit


Sometimes when I see a meme that involves a clearly false ‘fact,’ or acts like animals have human thought processes, I think about the time my history teacher told us about Prince Rupert’s poodle, Boye.

Prince Rupert was an experienced German soldier who went to England during the First English Civil War to help his uncle King Charles I. He gained a poor reputation because he used war practices that the English had yet to accept. His dog Boye was with him wherever he went and the enemy Parliamentarians quickly used that in propaganda. They claimed the dog was the devil in disguise and was proof that Rupert practiced witchcraft.

In response, Ruperts side, the Royalists, created parody work based around this propaganda. They claimed the poodle could find hidden treasure, catch bullets meant for Rupert between his teeth and predict the future. Imo, this sounds similar to how the Internet will mock stupid with even stupider. Stuff like certain memes, The Onion, etc. But when I brought this up, my history teacher just looked confused. Maybe I articulated in poorly, but he didn’t understand why I didn’t agree that Royalists, at least, believed that Boye was demonic. I thought it was obvious! The Royalists wouldn’t have claimed him as a mascot of their side if they thought he was actually a product of witchcraft, would they?

I wonder, 400-500 years from now, what will people think we actually believed? Will somebody see the claim that Cruz is the Zodiac killer, do a large amount of research to find an answer, just to flip their desk and yell, “People back then were so stupid!” when they realise that the dates don’t match up in the slightest? How many historians will waste their time looking into a parody news article that we know is just satire? Ofc, we don’t know how the internet will affect the reading of our history, but historical eras are always simplified to a degree. It’s interesting to think about how ours will be.

Day Off | Malik and Allison

Malik grunted softly, pressing his face into Allison’s hair. “Allie,” He mumbled quietly, trying to keep her close but not hold her too tight. He looked across the room at the clock, still three hours until sunset. Well at least he’d gotten some sleep.