im bored at night

Random Asks

1. How do you sleep at night?

2. If you could, legally and without any consequences, kill a person would you?

3. Last thing you ate?

4. Knife to a gunfight or gun to a knifefight?

5. Would you rather be a unicorn or become the official representative of all potatoes on this planet?

6. Are you hiding anything?

7. How do you like your eggs cooked?

8. How many bodies are you currently hiding in your closet?

9. This isnt even a question?

10. Have you ever had a lucid dream?

11.  What was/is your worst subject in school?

12. If _____ was gone, life wouldn’t be worth living

13. Do you like sushi?

14. Do you have a crush on any fictional characters?

15. Exotic Butters?

16. Cheese and crackers, or Crackers and cheese?

17. Lucky number?

18. Plastic bag or plastic fork?

19. Do you wear glasses?

20. When playing truth or dare, do you more often pick Truth or Dare?

21. Who is the most BAMF you know personally?

22. Do you like scary movies?

23. Do you like to root for the protagonist or the antagonist?

24. You can meet one celebrity of your choice for an entire day, who would you choose?

25. Someone is trying to kill you and for some reason you can’t contact the police. What do you do?

26. How would you survive an Electronic Apocalypse?

27. Are you supposed to be doing something else right now?

28. Least favorite song?

29. Can you answer this question with your eyes close?

30. Who are you?

probably valentines poems w/ Astro


roses are red

violets can make a crown

when you see me on screen

you turn the volume down


roses are red

violets are blue

my smile’s bright like the sun

you can feel it in the other room


roses are red

violets are blue

everyone knows

I’m prettier than you


roses are red

violets are blue

my fanservice on point

and it makes you swoon


roses are red

violets are violet

this poem doesn’t rhyme

I’m sorry


roses are red

violets are blue

noonas want to adopt me

and that includes you

BONUS: (This is for y’all Jinjin stans)


roses are red

violets are blue

I wanna go to bed

will you come too?

anonymous asked:

hiiii! can u wrote an imagine about Paul? idc about the content, i have nothing to read and im bored. thank you and have a good day/night🌹

A/N: sorry this took so long!! i just didn’t have any motivation. i really enjoyed writing this and i know this isn’t the most original idea (its probably been done before) but i’d like to continue this so if anyone would want me to let me know :-) ps it may be hard to tell but paul imprinted on her lmao

“He’s still ignoring you?” I asked my sister as I walked into the kitchen. She was standing by the landline with a look of hurt and defeat washed over her face. I furrowed my eyebrows in anger.
“That’s it, I’ve had enough. Who the hell does he think he is?” I scoffed.
Bella shook her head. “It’s all my fault. When we went to the movies with Mike– he tried to hold my hand, but I stopped him… I told him I wasn’t ready for a relationship and that he would ruin what we already had if he kept on trying,” She choked out then finally came to tears.
Bella’s never been one to cry. She hadn’t cried even when Edward left, but that was probably because she was too numb to feel anything. Then Jacob came around and things got better, a lot better. But now it’s worse than before, this time it seems like she’s lost the little bit of hope and sanity she didn’t even realize she had left.
“Bella…” I cooed, pulling her into a hug. We stood like that for a few minutes until she was finally done crying and lifted her head, wiping her tears. She glanced up at the clock.
“I, um, I– I think I’m gonna get started on dinner before Charlie gets home. It’s getting late,” She uttered then turned to the fridge, gathering ingredients as if nothing had happened. I bit my lip and nodded, knowing it would be best to leave our little moment at that. However, I now have some business to attend to. I quickly scrambled to find the keys to the old Chevy my sister and I share, then threw on Charlie’s old denim jacket.
“Hey, I need to run out to grab some supplies for a project I totally forgot about. I’ll be back soon,” I told Bella as I rushed out the door before she could ask any questions. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out what I’m really up to, given the fact that I have no problem with confrontation, unlike my older sister.
After a 25 minute drive, I found myself pulling into the Black’s driveway. I parked right where I was and took a deep breath before making my way to their doorstep. Jake would be as lucky as Harry Potter if he’s still alive when I’m done with him.
I vigorously knocked on the door. Okay, more like banged on the door. A few seconds later the door opened ever so slightly, revealing Billy Black.
“Carter.” He said, trying to remain monotone but there was an obvious hint of distaste.
“I’m here to talk to Jake,” I explained, wasting no time.
“He’s not in.”
“How much can you lie to cover your son’s ass, Billy?” I snapped. “Wait, I mean– Look, I’m really sorry. But I have to see him,” I apologized, rushing passed him. It’s not like he can stop me anyways, he’s in a wheelchair for crying out loud. I barged into Jacob’s room, only to find him peacefully sleeping.
At first I wasn’t sure if it was actually Jake. So much about him had changed. Most noticeably, his long black hair was now cropped short. His face was no longer boy like and is now hardened and defined. If I hadn’t known him before I would guess that he’s 25 instead of sixteen. He had to be at least 6'5 now, his legs were hanging off the bed. And lastly, on the side of his right arm was the same stupid tattoo Sam Uley and his gang had. The same gang that Jacob had hated and feared, the one that had lured in his friend Embry. The one that had been “waiting” for him, in Jake’s words.
It was all making sense now.
I heard some sort of whistle from outside and looked out the window to find Sam Uley and his guard dogs following shortly behind him, waltzing towards the house. Looking down at Jake, I huffed and shook my head then went outside, making my way to the five boys (although giant mutants seems more fitting).
Without hesitation, I stormed right up to them. Sam’s large frame towered over my 5'2 one. “What the hell did you do to him!” I yelled, shoving him. The others stepped forward, but Sam pushed them back.
“Hey, take it easy!” He ordered.
“What did we do? What did he do, huh? What he’d tell you?” The one to the right of Sam pried, quite hostily.
He was breathing heavily until I looked up at him, making eye contact. He looked at me with wide eyes, almost like he couldn’t believe that I was standing in front of him. His body relaxed and he suddenly looked completely disarmed. Okay, these guys are turning out to be even bigger freaks than I had originally thought. Although, he was really beautiful… No, what am I saying? Knock it off, Carter! This isn’t the time to be drooling over a guy.
I shook myself out of my momentary daze and pinched my eyebrows together, regaining my focus.
“Nothing! He tells me nothing! He’s been ignoring my sister for weeks! Give him back, he didn’t want to be a part of your stupid cult!” I screeched angrily.
The same one who had been staring at me in awe laughed. Laughed.
Before I could think, I took a swing and punched him right in the face.
I yelped, doubling over in pain. My hand is definitely broken. Well, that was a stupid move. When I looked up, I found the guy I had punched trembling in rage.
“Get back,” Sam commanded me then turned to his right. “Paul, calm down. Now.”
The trembling got worse, so I decided to be smart to listen to Sam’s advice. This guy is out of his damn mind!
Next thing I know, shreds of Paul’s shorts were falling to the ground and in his place was a giant wolf.
I gasped before bolting around and making a break for it to the house.
“Carter!” Jacob yelled, jumping over the porch railing and darting towards me.
“Run! Jake, run!” I shrieked. My voice filled with absolute fear.
I had been running faster than my legs could move, causing me to trip and fall. When I looked up Jake was jumping over me, then somehow bursted into a wolf mid-air.
The only things I could hear over my hyperventilating were loud growls and Sam’s voice instructing someone to take me to a girl named Emily’s house before I blacked out.

Ask away.
  • 1. Last kiss
  • 2. Last phone call
  • 3. Last text message
  • 4. Last song you listened to
  • 5. Last time you cried
  • 6. Dated someone twice
  • 7. Been cheated on
  • 8. Self harmed
  • 9. Lost someone special
  • 10. Been depressed
  • 11. Been drunk and threw up
  • 12. had sex
  • 13. How many people have you had sex with this year?
  • 15. Made a new friend
  • 17. Laughed until you cried
  • 18. Met someone who changed you
  • 19. Found out who your true friends were
  • 20. Found out someone was talking about you
  • 26. What did you do for your last Birthday
  • 27. What time did you wake up today
  • 29. Name something you CANNOT wait for
  • 30. Last time you saw your all of your siblings at the same time
  • 31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life
  • 32. What are you listening to right now
  • 33. When is the last time you had sex?
  • 34. Who’s getting on your nerves right now
  • 35. Most visited webpage
  • 36. Favorite colour
  • 37. Nicknames
  • 38. Relationship Status
  • 39. Zodiac sign
  • 40. Male or female
  • 41. Primary school
  • 42. Secondary School
  • 43. High school/college
  • 44. Eye color
  • 46. Height
  • 47. Do you have a crush on someone
  • 48. What do you like about yourself
  • 49. Piercings
  • 50. Tattoos
  • 51. Righty or lefty
  • 53. First piercing
  • 54. First best friend
  • 55. First hookup
  • 56. First Bestfriend
  • 59. Eating
  • 60. Drinking
  • 61. I’m about to
  • 62. Listening to
  • 63. Waiting for
  • 64. Want kids?
  • 65. Get married?
  • 66. Career
  • 67. Lips or eyes
  • 68. Hugs or kisses
  • 69. Shorter or taller
  • 70. Older or Younger
  • 71. Romantic or spontaneous
  • 72. Nice stomach or nice arms
  • 73. Sensitive or loud
  • 74. Hook-up or relationship
  • 76. Kissed a stranger
  • 77. Drank hard liquor
  • 78. Lost glasses/contacts
  • 79. Had sex
  • 80. Broken someone’s heart
  • 82. Been arrested
  • 83. Turned someone down
  • 84. Cried when someone died
  • 85. Fallen for a friend
  • 86. Yourself
  • 87. Miracles
  • 88. Love at first sight
  • 89. Heaven
  • 90. Santa Clause
  • 91. Kiss on the first date
  • 92. Angels
  • 93. How would you label yourself?
  • 94. Someone You Pray Everyday For
  • 95. Did you sing today
  • 96. Who From All Your Ex’s have You Cared The Most About
  • 97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?
  • 98. Out Of Everything In The World What Do You Wish For
  • 99. Are you afraid of falling in love?
  • 100. Do you like the way you look?