im bored and i felt like wearing it


I was tagged by @tarathefeminist to post 6 selfies that I took in 2015! Truthfully I don’t take a lot of selfies, and when I do it’s only when I have makeup on (which is when I’m bored at home and usually never when I actually go out lol, so I don’t wear makeup often and thus I don’t take many selfies)

but I felt like including the nerdy one with my lab goggles anyways lolol

bonus if you send me fancasts or characters you could ship me with based on my face

I tag @snarkymisha @arthonystark @tonystahrk @reindeerhodey @bobbimorxe @suicidevsquad

Magical melodies (Open rp)

You have been sitting by the water looking at the little fish swim around. You are wearing your favorite red boots, Star shirt, Grey shorts, And your glasses and you styled your lavender hair just like Connie’s. You have been sitting around playing your ukulele for the past 2 hours. You kinda felt like you where supposed to be waiting for someone. You brush it off and continue playing.