People as objects

-Headphones: Introvert. Usually building elaborate fantasy worlds in their heads. Has a couple of close friends. Says they will go to bed early every day and then never does. Lives for long car rides and oversized sweaters. Always picking up new hobbies that they never follow through on. Good listeners. Loves the sunrise but will not get out of bed before 10. 

-Pencil Case: Carries a bullet journal. Hair always looks amazing despite the fact that they got no sleep last night. Always have hair ties. Perfectionist. Always say they barely studied. Studied for five hours. Probably bakes like nobodies business. Will give you cough drops when needed. Have a strange relationship with their graphing calculator. Somehow always have protractors??? Always???

-Button pins: Loud, at least around friends or friends-of-friends. Decorate everything. Doodles on their notes. Usually not straight and have at least one pride flag and two pins that address that. Winged eyeliner. Would die for their friends. Probably have dyed and/or short hair. Has a strange devotion to Waluigi that they will never explain

-Sweatband: The Grind Never Stops. In some sport, usually track. Overachiever. Could get a concussion and would still go to school because they’re ‘fine and can’t miss a day’. Eats tons of junk food. Will protect you till the end. Honestly just be nice to them, they always appreciate it. Deserve better tbh and are in dire need of a mom friend.

Favorite Lines From The Prom

  • “And a bonus it’s gay, so it’s something I can relate to!”
  • WAR.” — “Oh Jesus Christ.”
  • “Let me dress you!! We can go to Sacs!” — “Uh there is no Sacs here.. we have a K-Mart?” — Barry: *is distressed*
  • “I live with my grandmother now.. she’s cool.. she likes the gays..” — “Oh good! I like the olds.”
  • “Now do me a favor and point me in the direction of the K-Mart.. or we can just follow the scent of dispair.”
  • “I’ll give you a ride.” — “Ooh! In your pickup truck?!” — “Are you saying that because I’m a lesbian I drive a pickup?” — “Well do you?” — “Shut up.”
  • “Oh come on, Greg is so obviously gay.. all we do is sit in his car and talk about Zac Efron.”
  • “I went out of my mind watching you trying to make peanut brittle in chemistry class.” — “EMMA I BLEW IT UP.” — “You blew up peanut brittle! It was incredible!”
  • “You know I’ve never said this to someone but.. tell me about you.”
  • “You better hurry up in there. You’re gonna be meeting my grand alter ego.. Carole Channing Tatum..”
  • “I’m coming out!” — “It’s a little late for that.” — “Shut up.”
  • “They might as well be wearing a garbage bag, with the word whore spray painted on it! You know why? Because they’re whores.”
  • “We brought Häagen-Dazs!” — “It’s fancy ice cream!” — “I know what Häagen-Dazs is..”
  • *Emma, eating ice cream* “No one’s talking about the hate! There’s just so much hate! I’m gonna need more of this shit!”
  • “And that girl was you?” — “How fucking old do you think I am?
  • “This video is killing me.. It’s worse than that one with the guy being reunited with the lion he raised from a cub.”
  • “I thought you hated me? I thought you all hated me?” — “Oh they hated you alright, they HATED you! With a searing passion fueled by centuries of intolerance and the LACK OF A DRAMA PROGRAM!”
  • “Oh my god! Is this it? Have I found my calling? I will! I will stay here in this bucolic little heaven and start my very own” — “Say it.” — “Juilliard! Yeah!”
  • Literally Alyssa’s entire spiel telling her homophobic asshole of a mother that people don’t “turn” gay and that it’s who they are and the world is a different and more accepting place and then her coming out in front of everyone. (I literally start crying at this moment in the show every time I watch it because I just get a bunch of different emotions at once)
  • “I love you Emma Nolan.” — “Holy shit!
  • “You know what you just did?” — “Woo! I think I just came out in front of my mom..” — “In front of everyone..” — “HOLY SHIT!” — “That’s what I said.”

Feel free to add on :)

Ok .. so~

as I did not have many ideas to draw, besides that the school itself is boring (especially the recesses because I spend it as a lonely wolf, which I am, apparently), I’ve been drawing anything I could think of, and definitely this is much better than being in the fucking pain of muscle, throat and head, and the sudden urge to vomit so … do not judge me.

help me!!