im blushing so much omg

I’m not sure what’s going on but I’ve been meaning to submit fan art anyways and I, for one, love this strong beefly daughter and accept her as our new wrestling overlord

you’re one of my absolute favorite daily blogs and you’ve always tried hard to make people happy!! I hope you know that you’ve succeeded so many of us, including me!! ❤

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;; I recently just followed you and I absolutely adore you blog..I’m so sorry the community didn’t treat you well ): I hope you have supportive friends that allow you to feel a sense of belonging that the LGBTQ+ community failed to provide..You’re such a role model to me— and just absolutely amazing?? I hope your 2018 is great because you deserve only the best <3 !!

aah omg im blushing ;; thank u so much hun !! .. ye i have a few supportive friends c:  ohmy gosh im rlly not a good role model tho adfkj im such a mess but thank you!! u too hun <33 i hope 2018 is good to u !