im biting my tongue

@rosethorn-rapier agsgsgsg see when I lived in Maryland we lived in a development so like. Ppl all around, but all the grocery stores and stuff were like 20minutes away, where as now we live like, Middle Of The Woods but the grocery store is like 5minutes away it’s so WEIRD

my family is throwing me a surprise party and have been trying to be sneaky but like. since i got home from nyc two days ago i have known but been pretending otherwise. well. THEY JUST ACCIDENTALLY EMAILED ME AN INVITATION AND IM JUST SITTING HERE BITING MY TONGUE SO HARD THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH PRETENDING I CAN DO

ive wasted so much time and energy showing kindness to people who never deserved it or took it for granted. 2017 is gonna be the year i quit biting my tongue and start standing up for myself. im done rolling over and exposing my belly to people who treat me like shit.