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fans both gay and straight make het assumptions about the boys all the time without the presence of hypothetical situations. i don't know any of your business outside of this but you can't pretend like there isn't always an underlying assumption of heterosexuality that's only confronted when people start talking abt LGBT identities and it's a lot more harmful than someone asking who jinyoung would be attracted to if he were gay.

oh my god did you even read what i wrote !!!??????????? 

honey, i understand all of that. there is immense amounts of stigma against LGBT+ people especially in the kpop community where heteronormativity runs rampant and the second anyone mentions that someone’s fave might not be heterosexual a great number of kpop stans go off in homophobic rants

please don’t put words in my mouth. i know, darling i fucking know. i’ve faced many situations of aggressive homophobia and i know that heterosexuality is always, for some fucking reason, the default sexuality. 

i know it’s more harmful to assume that someone is heterosexual because it risks erasure of LGBT+ identities. don’t assume i don’t know any of that, because i’ve faced erasure of our community first hand. many times. 

it’s harmful to assume either way, because it’s none of our fucking business. it’s their personal lives so we shouldn’t assume either way. we should just enjoy their music and move on with our lives. 


- spock prime taking out that picture of the crew whenever he doubted himself during the building of new vulcan

- spock prime taking out that picture of the crew after having a heated dicussion (argument) with a collegue and wanting to be reminded of how debates (especially with bones) could be fun

-spock prime taking out that picture of the crew when he sees a family, a group of brothers sisters and grandparents, and needs to be comforted by his lost family

-spock prime taking out that picture of the crew whenever he feels lonely

-spock prime taking out that picture of the crew as the first thing he does when he gets back to his home after a long day

-spock prime keeping that picture of the crew next to him while he’s on his death bed, so he doesn’t feel alone

-spock prime taking out that picture of the crew just so he can see Jim’s face again

Sirius Black carrying around with him at all times even though he has them all memorised anyways a parchment full of dog jokes because there’s no time like the present and telling james that his favourite type of pizza is ‘pupperoni’ and watching his reaction is beyond hilarious


So I submitted a story like a month or two ago and while i had considered myself in the right, the responses seemed to say the opposite, so I figured i would formally ask for your opinions about it/ feedback on what I should have done differently if i was in the wrong for if it ever happens again.

So one time i was a customer at the golden arches near my old job (i was getting food before work). The woman who took my order, I recognised since I frequented the place. She had never been particularly nice to me but I wasn’t going to say anything since working there has got to be hell and I couldn’t possibly blame her for it. But on this particular day she was even more standoffish that usual. I put in my order and waited for it. When i got my food I realised that they forgot my drink so i asked about it and was given the orange juice after they checked the receipt to verify that yes i did order it. The woman seemed very upset with me for asking about it, but again I figured it was just a hell of a day for her.
I went to sit down and eat but realised a few minutes later that i forgot to ask for grape jelly for my biscuit. By that point another customer had gotten in line. I went to stand next to the counter to wait. After she rung up the guy, she looked at me and asked “what?”, again standoffish but not outright rude. I asked for the jelly and she grabbed the jelly packet and just threw it at me, like not an underhand “here catch” kinda toss but a “I’m aiming for your face and want it to hurt” kinda overhand throw. Luckily i caught it. I had wanted 2 but i went and sat back down hoping not to incur actual bodily harm in case I didn’t catch another thrown jelly packet, or get my uniform stained before work even started.
As i sat there, I decided that I would fill out the customer survey and complain about it because getting things thrown at you at 7:30am just for wanting jelly seemed a but beyond the realm of “im having a bad day sorry if I’m not all smiles ” and into the realm of “im having a bad day and now i want YOU to have a bad day”.
But im worried that since some companies actually care about what those surveys say, it could have actually gotten some real clapback. But on the other hand, is the situation actually a situation that should have some consequences? Idk im very lost as to what to feel about it.

  • when someone says my fave character isn't their fave: what??? how could you not love them???? they're the best character ever in this universe!!!!! i wish you could see how incredible they are!!
  • when someone says my fave character is their fave too: ...okay...but you know...i love them more right...lets just be clear...they are my fave first...