im beyond not sorry

- spock prime taking out that picture of the crew whenever he doubted himself during the building of new vulcan

- spock prime taking out that picture of the crew after having a heated dicussion (argument) with a collegue and wanting to be reminded of how debates (especially with bones) could be fun

-spock prime taking out that picture of the crew when he sees a family, a group of brothers sisters and grandparents, and needs to be comforted by his lost family

-spock prime taking out that picture of the crew whenever he feels lonely

-spock prime taking out that picture of the crew as the first thing he does when he gets back to his home after a long day

-spock prime keeping that picture of the crew next to him while he’s on his death bed, so he doesn’t feel alone

-spock prime taking out that picture of the crew just so he can see Jim’s face again

I haven’t did one of these in a really long time, and the last time I did, I bailed on writing anything nice because I suck at that, but seeing as I’ve reached 413 400 followers, I figured I’d have to woman up and get cracking because you’re all wonderfully awesome!

Thank you all so much, I’ve found such a safe haven on this blog, and couldn’t find a more awesome and chill community. I’ve loved every second of exploring Kara and having her interact with everyone and working those relationships. You’re all just so fantastic for letting me write with you, honestly.

So, without further adieu…

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  • when someone says my fave character isn't their fave: what??? how could you not love them???? they're the best character ever in this universe!!!!! i wish you could see how incredible they are!!
  • when someone says my fave character is their fave too: ...okay...but you know...i love them more right...lets just be clear...they are my fave first...

“go to space with me?”

there are a thousand stars staring down on them and the night tastes of snow; the damp grass has long since soaked through leonard’s jeans. jim’s words are soft, like a wish. 

today marked the completion of their first semester at the academy. everyone else had gone home for the holidays, it seemed, except the two of them. jim kirk and leonard mccoy, alone with the stars. 

jim had dragged him way out into the middle of nowhere after dinner. to celebrate, jim claimed, to which leonard replied bullshit but went along anyway because jim had already whipped out his best grin and stripped all leonard’s armor away. 

leonard turns his gaze to jim. “don’t know how much choice i’ve got in the matter,” he says. 

“if i’m captain, i could request that you be my cmo.” jim’s words turn to clouds in the cold air. he’s silent for a long moment. “If you wanted.”

leonard can’t find the right words to respond. out here in the dark, he feels impossibly small, and the stars still feel like someone else’s dream. 


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Ahsoka and the whole of Torrent Company wearing shirts that say ‘Captain Rex Fanclub Member’

And Anakin wearing a 'Captain Rex Fanclub President’ shirt

Cody walks in, sees this, makes eye contact with Anakin and takes off his armour’s chest plate to reveal his bodysuit which says 'Captain Rex Fanclub Founder’ across its chest.

! ! ! ! ! !pwease read

I am going to Anime Midwest this summer !!!! :^) !!!

if any of you guys are going, let me know !! maybe I will see you there!!! idk who would want to meet me, but idk just thought I might let that be known !

maybe ill draw you a lil doodle if u want, wheatever :^) !

but yee hmu if you’d like ~ ((ill keep this updated if things change/i get more details))


I am still…….slowly…working on more junkrat icons AND I FEEL SO BAD I HAVENT POSTED ANYTHING IN SO LONG ;0; SCHOOL HAS BEEN BUSY N I WAS IN A P BAD ART BLOCK I AM BEYOND SORRY ;—–; but if im willing to do some free requests??? ill do the first two and if i get more, ill keep them n do them as the days go by! who knows

Joining the MysMe fandom

Expectation: fluffy fanfics, amazing fanarts, cute HCs

Reality: 01001101 01000101 01001101 01000101 01010011, lolololololol, angst, smutty smut smut,freakin’ reset theory, more angst, spoilers