im being so brave

im so fucking proud of the usa women’s team for being so brave and having the courage to say no to usa hockey until they receive fair treatment, and im so proud of them for uniting so strongly. this wasn’t just a group of players, it is ALL of them, even u-18 girls. usa hockey is failing miserably at this whole “replacement team” idea and it’s awesome. it was about time they took a stand for fair treatment and im just so happy to see them staying so solid. they will make history.

how do i let kdin know i love and appreciate her


19 AUS FOR JUSTINE :: Mythical Beings [11/19]

a giant thank you to zel who sat through all my indecisiveness with this au and helped me with the final casting

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Okay but why aren't more people talking about how Connie held her own against a gem warrior and SAved StEVEn's LiFE I'm so proud of this child!!!!! The best child!!

SHE’S GROWN SO MUCH TOO ♡♡♡!!! everyone has!!! im so proud of Connie being brave and holdin herself together during battle!! ♡

CanceR crew preference- How they ask you to be in a video.

CANCER CREW PREFERENCE- How they ask you to be in a video.

A/N these are how I imagine they would do it, feed back if you disagree :)

•Hes been working up the courage to ask to be in a video for at least a week.
•His palms are all sweaty as he gently says “Y/N can I ask you something”
•"What’s up?“
•Joji’s palms are like waterfalls now
•"Well, my youtube channel-”
•"“The one with the voice?” You giggle, making him turn red.
•"Yeah, that. Well I was wondering if you’d like to be in a video with me? I know the fans are insane but i-“
•"id love to”
•Not much filming gets done because you keep distracting Joji.
•Lots of kisses.

•He neglected you for a week before he did asked
•You obviously get annoyed and have a go at him
•He towers over you, staring intimidatingly down(His glasses slide down repeatedly)“I wasn’t being horrible y/n-”
•"I dont want to hear it, just leave me alone"
•"I just wanted you to be in my video but it doesn’t matter"
•Despite you apologising profusely, he keeps telling you that it doesn’t matter and ‘maybe next time’ which makes you feel even worse.
•Hes already plotting for the 'next time’

•Hes stood downstairs in your shared house, screaming your name until you respond
•"Max, you’re literally a toddler"
•The fluffy headed cunt would bear hug you, telling you he had a proposition
•"Wanna do a challenge video, with the real maxmoefoe official?“
•You OBVI agree which results in a tighter hug that restricts your breathing
•"You might vomit, I dont apologize.”
•Max explains the challenge in full, sounding crazy as he laces more and more swears into it
•He wasn’t wrong,you vomited like a pregnant woman

•"Sit in on one of my streams since I never upload to youtube.“
•Everyone is bitter
(This is a joke okay)

•"Just stand there and let me throw eggs at you”
•Why..Why do I have to wear this?“ You query referring to the comical outfit that clung to you.
•"Just stand there okay?”
•"That’s eggcellent y/n"
•Kisses to show thanks and well done for being brave

A/N IM V sick rn, so this maybe a little (Very) Shit. Im sorry its so cringe plz feedback. REQUESTS OPEN.

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I wanna reach out to people, connect with others that might understand me. But I'm so scared of getting hurt or THEM tracking me down if I ever submit anything off anon. It seems like such an amazing thing to talk to fellow psychotics, but I cant shake off that fear of being watched. So Im trying to be brave today: Hi! My name is Hannah, im a small, pan, non-binary, 17 y.o. schizophrenic kid. I admire y'all for being you and hope that those who are hiding behind anon know that they are not alone

u cn jst msg those tht already submitted smthing!!! theyre all open 2 hav ppl 2 talk 2 thm, or ppl who wnt 2 talk 2 u cld interact w ths post so u cn msg thm!!! its def nt impossible without actually giving ur blog 2 everyone!!!

wayhaught leaves such a nice warm, comforting feeling in my chest; it’s so nice. not to mention how those two make me feel individually. both waverly and nicole are such sweethearts, they’re just……so good and kind and they’re just great for one another. i’m so endeared by how much they both care and love one another….just like i said, a warm, comforting feeling in my chest. waverly is so incredibly smart, and she works so damn hard, she’s so brave….so smol. and nicole is such a good bean, confident in who she is and what she wants. these two man. so soft for one another. they’re so so good i just………..i love them.