im being so brave

im so fucking proud of the usa women’s team for being so brave and having the courage to say no to usa hockey until they receive fair treatment, and im so proud of them for uniting so strongly. this wasn’t just a group of players, it is ALL of them, even u-18 girls. usa hockey is failing miserably at this whole “replacement team” idea and it’s awesome. it was about time they took a stand for fair treatment and im just so happy to see them staying so solid. they will make history.

yo I’m so proud of my son tho

like, he didn’t even think he could do it. And right then, just a few months before the entrance exam, he probably couldn’t do it. But then he worked so hard and so much that once the time to take the exam came he was strong enough to take second place, and he keeps on getting better and better every passing day

god I’m so proud of him


19 AUS FOR JUSTINE :: Mythical Beings [11/19]

a giant thank you to zel who sat through all my indecisiveness with this au and helped me with the final casting

how do i let kdin know i love and appreciate her

taylor did so much more than win a court case today. not only did a man get exposed of the horrifying action that he made against taylor but taylor has brought light to a bad situation and will inspire and encourage girls and boys, women and men, to understand that sexual assault is never ok and if they speak up about their situation then there will be repercussions for the cruel person who hurt them. im so proud of taylor for being so brave and im so unbelievably happy that taylor continues to positively influence the people of this era. we stan a legend and i couldnt ask for anyone better. 💜💜💜

wayhaught leaves such a nice warm, comforting feeling in my chest; it’s so nice. not to mention how those two make me feel individually. both waverly and nicole are such sweethearts, they’re just……so good and kind and they’re just great for one another. i’m so endeared by how much they both care and love one another….just like i said, a warm, comforting feeling in my chest. waverly is so incredibly smart, and she works so damn hard, she’s so brave….so smol. and nicole is such a good bean, confident in who she is and what she wants. these two man. so soft for one another. they’re so so good i just………..i love them.