im being paid to do this

who the FUCK is writing the captions on the voltron wiki

have you guys fucking seen this shit??? who the fuck is getting paid to do this like

theres this whole section of them just going “bruh”

the Science™


coran do not

lots of the captions are references to other stuff and i

they just straight up put a meme here

we got mean girls in space

alfor no


fucking shakespeare quotes


they even quoted spaceballs


theres also so many referring to shiro being the dad friend

support team


protective papa shiro


i know the feel shiro




i think its funny when folks talk to me about the freedom in their life to do what they want.  as if, me being a mother, has been such a huge burden or limit.  

and every. fucking. time. someone tries to pull this – it is always someone who has done so little compared to me.  like folks who have the money and free time and us citizenship, but havent even left the usa.  they reblog shit about palestine, but never been to the middle east (and are too scared to go).  

they need the space to do serious writing, but i just finished a book tour this year and am working on my next book (about my boring life being a mama)

they really need to focus on their performance art, but i’m doing paid shows and collaborations while my daughter helps with setting up the merch table. 

and i’m sure that these folks are going to do really amazing things.  im sure.  and there are times when i am happiest just hanging out with my kid at the park or not accomplishing anything.  2017 is the year where i have nothing left to prove.  

but i just think it’s funny…you know…for the past 10 years i have been told how much my choice to be a mother has limited me.  

and i think the secret is, the secret that a lot of artists already know, limitations make it possible to make great art.  deadlines, limited colour palette, limited resources.  some of the best writing ive done under gun fire.  some of the best visual art i’ve done with found materials from unwashed streets.  some of the best adventures ive done broke as fuck.  

limitations can make you or break you.  

mothering has made me and broken me and remade me.  

mothering has made me realize how precious my life is and how i dont want to waste it wallowing in self-pity and shallow pursuits.  

im so bored of people talking about freedom and pursuing freedom as if freedom is economic wealth or not being committed to anything.

art and revolution require commitment and discipline.  

its not a lifestyle.  no amount of money, prestige, the right friends, the right shows, the right teachers, the right apartment, the right address, even the right scene won’t create deep transformations.  

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So ive been talking to this dude and hes a good looking guy. We've been talking for a few weeks, when i find out hes in a relationship. Now he hasnt explicitly said hes trynna make me a sideho but i think he is. Good morning texts, he doesnt talk about his girl ever, hes always doing extra to get my attention, and being flirty. I like talking to him, but i feel guilty as hell knowing that im even entertaining the thought. What should i do?

delete & block that ass and get ur life. unless you getting paid there’s no point in messing with taken men. it’s not worth it and he ain’t shit anyway.


uh hi

so my mother went through my laundry and took my binder from me?? im really freaking out and panicking since i paid money for it and it’s my personal property but since i dont want to be kicked out i don’t have any jurisdiction. (it sounds extreme i know but it’s how control is maintained over me. i dont want to be kicked out) she claims it’s a bodymod/body mutilation .. .

this really seems like a tiny thing and i despise asking for help but without my binder i cant present in a way that doesnt feel dysphoric

well anyways just $10-20 would help out a LOT because amazon sells them super fuckn cheap and i can do some simple commissions if traditional art is ok with you? im thinking maybe $5 each but that ofc is negotiable because im not the best at art. im also totally cool with being paid after i do the commission

so yeah maybe help a dude out and get some cool art while you’re at it

a sketch like this takes an hour so this is the $5 quality im talkin abt

simple color is just $1 extra

and a cartoony lineart i can do on nice paper instead of lined paper for u for just a dollar ok everything helps

msg me if interested and we can discuss payment method!! these are open indefinitely and i don’t have any limit to how many slots so ask away you guys im kind of desperate


I understand the situation clearly right now. Pewdiepie, known gamer and famous YouTube star, had made a video where he paid guys $5 to hold up a sign saying “death to all Jews”. And yes, I agree with everyone else! What he did was wrong, and he should be punished for it. HOWEVER, I am tired of having people being misinformed and saying he deserves his entire channel to be shut down because he made a very, very bad joke.
I, personally, do not want his channel shut down because it is one of the only things saving me from things in my life. To me, he’s funny, but with a bad taste during this time.
What’s bothering me is that people are saying he deserves what he’s gotten. Saying he’s complete trash and the fact that @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier are saying that what he did was okay because it was his -opinion- is completely not true.
Mark and Jack never said that the joke itself was okay. They probably know that the joke was very bad and he should apologize , which, may I remind you all, he did! He understood his mistake and swears he will never do it again.
I’m sorry if I’m rambling, I’m just so, so tired of people saying that he’s getting what he deserves, when he’s already gotten so much more than that. His show, which hundreds of people worked on, was cancelled. People are constantly calling him antisemetic and other bullshit when he has never been that.
I’m sorry if you disagree with me, and I understand if you wish to unfollow or block my blog. But seeing all these posts about Felix is just knawing at me.. Like Mark said. Treat people with respect. Even if you think they do not deserve it. Because Felix? He does deserve respect. He’s gotten his punishment. Now please, stop making posts. I know you’re happy, and that he’s ‘finally getting what he deserves’, but that’s not it at all.
We have more important things to worry over rather than a man who made a bad joke.
Sorry for the rant.
I hope you have a good day.

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You're correct I do not know you personally. But yes I can very much see how obsessed you are with the mere facets of life such as instagram of course it just saddens me. You should consider taking a break you might decide your enjoy life better without social media theres so much more to life.

Instagram isnt entirely my life, i find it very rude you accusing me of this, i get sent clothing and jewellery to create content for instagram sometimes paid its is technically a second job, i like making photos, i like being creative, creating a nice photo, people care about what i have to say, im able to share my thoughts and words, i keep my private life private thus no private account, i see no wrong in what i do i go to school 5 days a week sitting the hsc shortly, i work and i have a social life, i have a boyfriend and a a bomb ass girl gang, you do not know me personally and you have no right to judge me, so what if i like clothing jewellery etc? What teenager doesnt? I get some people dont like things but im not one of those people, i wanted to aim into the fashion industry and its a job which consists of materialistic things we are in the 21st century instagram is job for some people and its sad that you dampen that, social media is strong girls are uniting becoming one, were globally protesting, with fashion, ideas, creating creating creating creating, i like things and so do many others and i am lucky i have an opportunity to share my style my poetry, my room, my ideas and thoughts with a global audience i dunno bout you but i think that’s pretty damn cool.


Hey im opening commissions!

I started college recently and, for a lot of reasons i cant get financial aid or get a job and im out of money.

school’s being paid for by family but i have to buy my own food, transportation, and supplies and i currently have literally $2.95 to my name, so it’s getting pretty tight and i kinda need some help


things i am ok with:

  • gore
  • humanoid characters
  • original characters
  • fanart
  • traditional art (pencils/watercolour/oil)! we can talk about that, if you want.
  • re-doing it they’re not up to your standard!

things i wont do:

  • nsfw
  • overly complex stuff , eg mecha, armour
  • busy backgrounds

prices are negotiable with a $10 minimum!

paypal only

message me here or on twitter for details!

  thanks so much!

WolfStar AU based off of an AU post I was tagged in (rated K) 

“Im a librarian and I catch you almost every week moving your favorite fantasy series from the fiction to the non-fiction section,”

Is it payday yet? I do not get paid enough for this. Wait a tick, HE’S BACK. Keeping his cool, Remus Lupin slid in between two rows of books to watch the amusing raven haired boy (man?) take every copy of “The Lord of the Rings” this library owned, and shuttle them over to the historical section. 

Every week, this guy would come in and rearrange the books from fiction to non fiction. To avoid being caught staring, Remus pretending to organize books from the isles’s book cart to the shelves. For thirty minutes the other arranged the LotR series around, before making his way to the exit. 

As he walked over to the exit, Remus couldn’t help but to stare only to have the boy stop in front of the isle, wink, and say, “Nice sweater,” then coolly walk out. Remus was left a blushing git, trying not to shake as he put away books. 

The following week, the raven haired boy was back, and made a bee line to the fantasy section. Upon arrival he scratched his head in confusion as to where his favorite books were. Remus was behind the front desk fixing old books with glue and book tape when the cool black haired boy came striding over. 

“Excuse me, where did the Lord of the Rings books go?” He cocked his brow and had a dashing smirk on his face. 

“Thought I’d save you the trouble, and move them there myself,” Remus looked up briefly, if he looked at him to long, Remus was sure he’d blush like a mad man. 

“Well that’s to bad, it was my excuse to see you every week,” he rested his head on his hand as he watched the librarian’s face glow an attractive shade of red. 

“And why, why would you want to do that?” Remus’s hands shook as he fiddled with the books he was trying to fix. 

“I’m Sirius, by the way, and would you like to go out for coffee sometime?” So he had a name, and it was just as attractive as he was. 

“Remus, and I prefer hot chocolate, I’m off on Sundays,” Remus looked up from his book trying to calm his blush as Sirius leaned in close.

“Sunday it is, it’s a date.”    

Closed starter with @haveyouseenshaun :)

Alice was super excited. Through her trek in the streets of Seattle, she had found several stores that she fell in love with; one of those stores being the pet store. As soon as she arrived, she found so many outfits that had cute little sayings like “BAD TO THE BONE” or “MOMMY’S BOY”. 

However, as soon as she went on a splurge and paid for the items, she realized that she didn’t have a dog…so what exactly was she meant to do with 6 dog outfits that she desperately wanted to use?

Her eyes lit up and widened as she remembered the dog she had seen as she perused the apartment complex. With quick footsteps, she headed to the complex and knocked on the apartment door, holding the large plastic bag filled with the assortment of outfits she had bought. 

fifth harmony out here working their asses off w their choreographies & vocals and being supportive and vocal about the lgbt+ (especially trans) community, preaching about women empowerment IN EVERY SINGLE THING THEY DO, trying to educate people on social justice matters, caring SO MUCH about their fans, representing the latinx, polynesian and black community, teaching young girls about self love and respect, working 10000000x harder just to get half of the recognition that any male artist gets in this fucking industry and yet this is how they get paid back??? lmao this is disgusting 

The signs as superheroes

Aries: saves a person, but also destroys the whole city 

Taurus: too lazy to be a superhero, they like watching them on Netflix better

Gemini: the one with two personalities, something like if Hannah Montana was a superhero instead of a singer

Cancer: cries when they discover all the cruel things that happen in this world


Virgo: loves saving people and they really good at it, only bad at being social and nice with their fans so they are usually trying to avoid that situation..

Libra: only agreed on being a superhero because of the pretty outfit

Scorpio: the one who destroys other superheros or their exes.. 

Sagittarius: destroys the city and ends up saving no one

Capricorn: they probably get paid really well to do this..

Aquarius: only saves really specific things and people and nobody knows why

Pisces: probably screaming “DONT BE SO MEAN” to their enemy

me @ checkout: hi-


me: (look i didn’t fucking ask bitch do u think I care about ur life I am being paid $8/hr to bag ur cereal and take ur money I don’t give a shit if u have somewhere to be!!!!!!! Lousy bitch!) that’s great to hear!! *dazzling smile because I’m a child of God and they obviously would do well from being in my presence*

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Okay I don't know how this is going to sound, but I feel like Jensen only smiles and takes good photo ops with fans that are pretty. Like you can tell in the ones where the fan is like gorgeous and wearing makeup, that he is being really touchy and sweet, but others its like "im doing this bc im being paid"

this is not true. i’ve been to a convention once and had a photo op with jensen and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

although i’m not pretty and wasn’t wearing makeup (and i was super nervous obviously), jensen smiled so warm and reassuring at me and asked me how i was going when i was walking up to him for my photo op. he then just pulled me into a hug, which i didn’t even expect bc the convention etiquette said “do not ask for hugs” so i thought i would never get one. i thanked him after the op was taken and he said “thank you” to me, all genuinely. jensen was being nice and sweet the whole time and that op is one of my favourite photos ever.

i know that some photo ops might not turned out that good, but they have nothing to do with what you said about jensen. i believe jensen loves and appreciates every single fan he has (except haters ofc), not just the pretty ones.

“The only reason overwatch got so popular was because of the whole Tracer censorship drama” ok i know you’re probably being paid to do native advertising by the battleborn dev team or whatever but … in what world? that drama literally lasted for 5 minutes, otherwise known as 1/10th of the average wait time for a battleborn match

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I just started a new job at a super market and my boss said that i get paid in cash and on the books? What does this mean? Also regarding taxes im a dependent under my stepdads stuff (so i think he'll be paying my taxes?) how do i go on about this? im sorry if this is a stupid question im just really lost.

You need to talk to your boss to confirm this, but likely it means that you’re not being paid “under the table” but are actually being paid as part of payroll, but they will be giving you cash instead of a check. Make sure you still get some kind of pay stub to ensure you’re getting paid for the correct amount of hours, that taxes are being taken out, and so you have some kind of documentation, since you won’t have the check.

I can’t tell you what to do for your taxes, but this will contribute to your household’s overall earnings, so make sure you give your W2 (you’ll receive this at the beginning of the new year) to your stepdad.

Well, the date went pretty well I guess. He picked me up, took me to a sushi restaurant, and paid for everything while being a nice gentlemen (at least from first impressions). We had a nice chat and everything and although I wish he was slightly taller, his face was totally my type.

So, while saying goodbye to my date (let’s call him C), I turned around after hugging him. Well, he held one of my hands gently and asked “Actually, do you mind if I kiss you right now?” And then I pretty much just contemplated life and death since I had never kissed anyone before but still said “no, not really.” 

The first kiss, however, was an utter fail. I literally shut my mouth tight so he thought I was turned off or something and said, “sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out.” Then, I freaked and said, “no, it’s not that. It’s really embarrassing to say this but I’ve actually never kissed a guy before and don’t know how to.” 

So, he put one hand on my shoulder and said (he was so awkward here haha-we both were) “ok ummmm…just close your eyes and relax.” So I did. And then he leaned in and kissed me and I hope you don’t mind me telling you such vivid details but I don’t want to miss anything out so sorry if you don’t want to read haha. He kinda sucked on my upper lip once and I didn’t know what to do. The second time he did it that, I tried to kiss back but I was probably really trash. So then, it was really awkward and we waved and said bye lolol. 

I’m pretty happy about having kissed him but at the same time, it wasn’t as magical as I had thought. I do feel slightly guilty since I made a policy not to waste my first kiss on someone I didn’t like. And, don’t get me wrong- I liked him and found him very attractive but I just met him recently and it takes me a while to get emotionally invested in someone so I don’t know. I have no clue where to go from here since it’s almost the end of the year but he lives in the same city as I do so maybe it’ll be okay? I’m just nervous I guess because he’s a junior and I’m a freshman in uni. Either way, I’m just living in the moment. Sorry for the long message- just wanted to update you guys! <3

i hate that white people mistake praising poc with “making it all about race”. like someone will say “im so happy that these people of colour are doing so well” and some stupid white person will be like “why is it always about race” its not about race to white ppl when poc are killed by police and are paid less for doing the same jobs as white ppl. its only about race to white people when poc are doing well at something. get over yourselves, stop being selfish and expecting all the praise to be given to white ppl.

this ‘news’ of sam smith and his boyfriend just like… fascinates me

bc he has been very public about never having been in a relationship before and being chubby and having body image issues and relating that to men not finding him attractive


not long after he finds mainstream success he is suddenly attractive to these same men?

like i do not at all believe the two are not related

and i am just very skeptical that this skinny white bearded guy would have paid him any attention if he were not famous

and im just thinking about how those things are related and how romantic relationships take so many forms and have so many motivations that are misappropriated forms of what we are told is 'love’

and how there is this whole article on buzzfeed about how in december (which was A WEEK AGO) sam smith was talking about how they were in the 'very early stages’ of dating and now it’s 'confirmed’ and buzzfeed is like, shipping their relationships 'forever’? which is clearly hyperbolic but also TERRIFYING

and i also have a lot of feelings about sam smith and how his lyrics are actually horrible and terrifying and how mainstream queer artists (sam smith, tegan and sara etc) sing exclusively about really unhealthy relationship dynamics and uphold ideals of homonormativity and like… this just plays into all that.