im being paid to do this

who the FUCK is writing the captions on the voltron wiki

have you guys fucking seen this shit??? who the fuck is getting paid to do this like

theres this whole section of them just going “bruh”

the Science™


coran do not

lots of the captions are references to other stuff and i

they just straight up put a meme here

we got mean girls in space

alfor no


fucking shakespeare quotes


they even quoted spaceballs


theres also so many referring to shiro being the dad friend

support team


protective papa shiro


i know the feel shiro




i feel like if aquamarine and topaz were like, not official gems or someones unrelated ocs i wouldnt give a shit but it just doesnt fit in with what we have

their designs are bland, aquamarine’s doesnt fit in with the shows aesthetic, and these people are once again, PROFESSIONALS who are BEING PAID to make this shit. these people work in a highly competitive field, went to art school, have been doing art for many more years than most casual artists, and this is the best they could come up with?

forgive me for being a bit pissed off, but there are great artists who are struggling and starving out there, people who could do amazing things if they had the budget and team, and these guys can get paid to serve us first draft unproofread writing, shit designs with no heart, and pretend to progressive while putting racist caricatures of their characters in a concept art book and selling it for 20+ bucks a pop? fuck out of here, im not buying this shit anymore. im done with this show

Peter Quill x Reader

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Date : Thursday 6th April 2017

Requests : Open

Imagine / Series? : Imagine

Title : Dance floor

Warnings : Mentions of sex and theft

If you didn’t love him - he would be dead.

Your boyfriend Peter, was so amazing. He was almost flawless. First of all. The thing that attracted you to him in the first place. He was amazingly good looking. Not only was Peter the definition of tall, dark and handsome. But he was also slightly dorky looking in all honesty giving him a sort of innocence to his otherwise lusty ways. Another thing about Peter was he was the only person who could make you laugh so hard you could cry on Que. You don’t know, and probably never will know why he’s so hilarious, but guessed the mystery was just another added bonus of being in love with him. There was just one problem

His dancing. Now, you weren’t saying he was a bad dancer, he was actually rather good and it was amusing to watch. But, when he was dancing around you for an hour straight, the same tape playing over and over again,his pelvis repeatedly thrusting near your face - which by the way made you very flustered and uncomfortable - There was only so much you can handle. Finally he had gotten on your last nerve and you pushed him away lightly standing up, an action that simply encouraged him more.

Today was one of the guardians lazy days. And as much as you wanted to be a guardian of the galaxy. You weren’t. You lived in Xander as a simple sales women. You got good deals for Peter whenever he stole something and needed some good money for it. Of course you would scold him afterwards, but money was money. And Peter was the one who wore the trousers in your relationship so he paid the bills mostly.

Glaring at Peter you asked. “I’m filing papers. I understand your home and you want some, fun…” He smirked cockily. “But I have work to do Peter. Stop being impatient and let me finish.” You hissed, marching over to his tape player to turn of the music which was now more of an annoyance then anything. Before you could pause the music. A hand wrapped around your wrist and you were suddenly pulled into Quills hold. He kept you close. His arms securely around your waist.

“Come on (Name insert), Im only here for two days before I’ve got to go off fending for the galaxy again. Being taken by you means I’m not allowed to get up to my old star lord habits with the ladies meaning you are my only…”

“Only what Peter?” Your glare told him to choose his words carefully.

“You know…”

“Do I Peter? Do I?” He was silent. To be fair, you did feel bad depriving him of sex. Though before you could say anything he lent into your ear and huskily whispered.

“Your my only dance floor (Name insert).” His hand then span you before dipping you down where you were met with his goofy grin,making you laugh.

“Peter stop it. I told you I’m not happy with you.” Your face went back to looking serious, though the twinkle in your eyes told Peter otherwise. He chuckled, knowing you wanted him to continue, after all, you missed him. Dipping his head down, his soft lips kissed yours and with his free hand which wasn’t supporting your waist, he swiped some hair from your face.

“Well I’m happy with you (Name insert). Always have been always will be.” Biting your lip, you supposed your paper work could wait. After all, it had been a long time since you had provided him your ‘dance floor’.

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Hey do you ever wonder where tae get all those money to buy gucci? Like i'm glad that he's being paid well but comparing to the other members? that boy's drowning himself in expensive clothes??? idk im just so curious lol > < ILY BTW 💖

Well the others also have gucci clothes its just that they don’t have an addiction like Tae ehehhe. Also maybe the other members prefer to buy other brands! And fans give them a lot of gifts! So maybe some of his clothes are gifts from fans! Maybe he’s borrowing other gucci clothes from the members since they all share their clothes!

Stop making minority students guilty for pursuing a career that PAYS them well BECAUSE it pays them well.
  • I can’t fight the good fight if my family doesn’t have what they need. It’s them I fight for first. 
  • I DESERVE to get compensated for my work. 
  • I am not the SOLE representative of my culture. 
  • WE are all responsible for addressing discrimination, yeah WE not just ME
  • I can pursue public work WHILE getting paid, do y’all KNOW who sits on the boards of those charities and decides where that money goes??

Making our most talented feel guilty if they don’t pursue a career in public interest because they want to make more money fuels a cycle of dependence on those that do. (hinthint it aint us) 

Pursuing public interest work is a commendable CHOICE, but its a CHOICE and not an obligation. I don’t see anyone making non-minority students feel guilty because they want a job that pays them well. 

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why are you sending hatred towards everyone? to the people who would love an deep interaction between even sana and isak? your life is so empty that you need to put on this blog "evak is overrated" ? many many people started to watch skam because of them, and the great representacion that, today, we need, in a couple of the same sex. All you do is to base your opinion on the fact that you are Muslim, and the your extreme hatred for julie and even (for being a white boy")

im filled with hate because every time I go to mcdonalds and I order a big fry ? they don’t fill it right ? it’s like half empty ? and like I PAID for a big fry. like I gave them my money, expected some service back, some sweet capitalistic deal of business. but all they do is put the sad, half empty not even warm thing in front of me. and you know that shit ain’t good cold and that it’s getting colder and colder because there ARENT ENOUGH FRIES in that big ass bag. and I smile and pretend it’s all fine but inside ? I really wanna die.

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Imagine tweeting "I'm so fucking hungry rn" because well you are but to lazy to cook. Harry being on tour and seeing the tweet and calling a pizza place and ordering you pizza. 20 minuets later a pizza guy shows up at your door with your favorite pizza already paid for. Not to mention brownies and cookies -✌

this is such a harry thing to do im crying !!!!!11!!!

to be paid heaps for doing nothing but make videos and be yourself, the fact that youtubers say shit like “im a human too!” as if they even have ANY problems not being treated like a human. im gonna back hand every youtuber who acts like their life is tough at all, go fuck yourself.

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You should definitely do another insta live show bc I was asleep and I Missed My Father

….would anyone be interested in listening to my boring self talking at lenght about nothing at all? everyone is busy here & im not Being Paid Attention to :/


So my classes start May 1st {{also gonna be moving to a new place that day}} so my activity will probably decrease quite a bit.

I’m also probably gonna need to get a new internet plan, so I may be stuck on mobile for a little while. I’ll try and be active, but I may not be able to do much as far as threads go for a bit unless I drag my laptop to a café or something.

I also will hopefully be getting a new computer next month. Basically the next year is gonna be like a hell week but… All year, give or take a couple breaks.

I hope to share some of my work with you guys, as well as possibly starting a youtube chanel for art stuff as well as gaming shenanigans.

The Commission Post

I am going to disclaim that I have a history of taking a long fucking time with larger pieces and I apologize for that in advance. My health is shitty, but, I am trying to get back into the actual swing of that.

I do have a PayPal, though I believe due to PP’s ToS, being paid for explicit adult work is sketchy so we may have to find another option. 

If you are uncomfortable with that/it isn’t an option, we can work something else out. I enjoy the barter system. Seriously. Especially when it comes to art4art– Being said, I severely need actual money to pay for my livelihood.

Using this as a relative closeup (with some areas of leeway of course, this will not be approximate sizes but its’a  good thing for a general idea.)

Prices are rough estimates. They will change depending on complexity/detail/etc. Prices are all in CAD (Canadian Dollar), which is usually converted roughly 1 CAD = 70-75cents USD (fluctuates but generally stays in that range)

Generally the lowest of the estimates would be loosely detailed/shaded sketches with simple rendering, if any. I have the most examples of these, given older works that I have finished are old and comparably low quality. (Honestly I’ll do shitty scrappy sketches for pennies but yknow)

Close up/busts/headshots: 10-20$

Medium shots: 25-50$ (Add probably 10-15~ for an extra character, depending on the scene.)

Full bodies: 30-60+. This is very dependant on the pose/detail/overall ‘scene’. Extra characters will likely be over 15$+ but again, it all depends.

WHAT I WILL DRAW: Porn/NSFW generally anything. Things from fandoms I am not in provided I can try and get a good understanding. Gore, horror, stuff your mother probably doesn’t want to look at. (I am REALLY BAD at drawing furries,anthros/charr/whatever but I will try my best.)

WHAT I WILL NOT DRAW: anything offensive, underage characters in things they shouldn’t be in. honestly you’d have to be asking me to do some pretty messed up shit. I have yet to run into me being uncomfortable drawing something due to /content/ that isn’t in the general lines of being generally fucking offensive. if you make me go ‘yikes’ i’ll be sort of impressed and disgusted tbh-

i lied, I will not draw f*ta, h*rms, or any other transphobic stereotype that people think is a fetish category on Hentaifoundry. 

Prices are mostly variable on what specifically you are after. I am pretty easygoing on prices and sympathetic. I can haggle, I just pray you don’t try and take advantage of that. Because I will eat you. Seriously. Or place a curse upon your household or something.

I am very uncomfortable taking payment upfront, and prefer to take it after I am finished the piece. If I do not know you at all, I may ask for half at some point in the process just for insurance purposes. Please communicate with me. I cannot stress this enough! If you are unhappy with something/change your mind/whatever, please tell me. I can’t read minds, although I try.

Give me references of everything. I don’t care if you give me half a GB, I want them. Your character has a blog? Lemme see. Pinterest board? Yes. Other art? Yes. This obscure model has the nose you think fits your character but just the nose no other parts? YES. Even a playlist. Gimme. I draw inspiration from the wierdest of places. Especially if I do not know you/the character, give me every little source of inspo fodder you have.

That is all I can think of to put on here for now but if you wanna talk/got questions, hmu here on tumblr, ingame or

BICH IM SO GOOD AT INVESTING IN STOCKS AND SHT ?? when I made that post about being rank 5 I messed around some more and dropped to rank 13 bc I did some risky shit and sold all stocks in Microsoft (they weren’t doing anything for me anyway) but it paid off because now I’m RANK 4 like ???!!! I’m so good st this

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Oh god these people don't understand how movies work. Even if a film is a documentary type, they still have to SELL it so they make back the production costs so everyone in the cast and crew can get paid. This means relatively high profile actors. The film is American which means it's aimed at an American audience which mean the actors must have American accents. Now how many high profile, American-Armenian GOOD actors who are suitable for the role do you think there are? Not many at all. (1)

(2) To conclude, it is im-fucking-possible to cast every character in every film with an actor that matches the characters ethnicity. If the film was being made in Armenia, in Armenian, by an Amenian production company then sure. But it’s being made by America with American money so people don’t have the right to complain. (And it’s not exactly as if Armenia has a roaring film industry - or any, really, so you’re lucky this film is being made at all)


Good point.

I also think it’s funny that they’re only focusing on the white actors. If you look at the full cast list, you can see that the movie isn’t filled with white people. There are a lot of Latino and MENA actors playing Armenians too. I also love how Tumblr made a big deal out of Oscar Isaac being Latino in Star Wars, but write him off as a white man in this.


  • 1. YouTube is doing shit being people’s backs and not telling them the changes they’re making to the website. Confirmed by a drunk employee who opened their mouth.
  • 2. Basically if you’re a YouTuber and want to get paid on there, you’re pretty much gonna have to make these kinds of videos only:
  • 3. Pretty much only family friendly channels get paid now these days.
  • 4. Nearly all Advertisers have pulled their ads off from YouTube, and pretty much only allow them to be placed on “Family Friendly” videos.
  • 5. People are getting unsubbed thanks to restriction mode, resulting in YouTuber’s losing thousands of subscribers.
  • 6. Apparently this is “safe” for kids to watch: (WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK)

And there’s more, but yeah. YouTubers are going rogue now and turning to Twitch for money, or going over to Which is getting seriously popular with YouTube going under right now. But yeah, this is all I’ve gathered from many news channels and trusted sources like Philip DeFranco. Hopefully I didn’t fuck anything up.

For you princess pt.1

Got7 Jb

 pt.2  pt.3 pt.4  pt.5  Pt.6  Pt. 7  Pt.8  Pt.9 

Summary: You get a literature substitute teacher, who for some reason gets interested in you.

Gif: the one down here? not mine

Smut,fluff or angst: we’ll see later

A/N: Let me know if I should continue this or just drop it.

You woke up at 7am, you always did. You are really organized and punctual person, never late, never missing anything. You got to your bathroom to take a shower. Cold water hit your face as you washed your hair. You started singing because that’s what you do every morning. This morning you sang Beyoncé’s Halo. Once you finished you hopped out of the shower and blow dried your hair. You did your makeup and chose your clothes, black jeans and grey sweater.

 You went to the kitchen and made yourself a sandwich. You scrolled through your daily schedule: 

~ 9.00-16.00 school

~ 17.00-18.00 gym

~ 19.00-20.00 call mom

~  21.00-21.30 homework

~  22 sleep

 You smiled, looked at the time, grabbed your car keys and started driving to the school. Once you parked your car you looked at the time again 8.55 you had a minute to walk to the class that’s 4 minutes extra to read your book before class. You checked your messages as someone bumped into you. You fell to the ground “watch where you are going.” You said and looked at the tall guy. He was really handsome with he’s dark hair and piercings eyes. You have never seen him and your school was really small “you are one to talk.” He groaned. He noticed that you were staring at him “hello anybody home?” He waved he’s hand in front of you. “Are you new? I have never seen you around here and I know everyone here.” You babbled. He chuckled “well kind of, but I’m not a student I’m litterateur substitute teacher. Jaebum… Im Jaebum.” He said as he helped you up “so can you tell me where the teachers lounge is or are you just gonna stare at me?” He chuckled. You shook your head “wake up Y/N.” you thought. “Yeah I can take you there.” You said and started walking but you bumped into a pole and fell again. You got up quickly and walked again. 

Once you showed Jaebum where the teachers lounge was you started walking to your class which was math. Day went well till you had literature. Jaebum was 5 minutes late “Hey, I’m your substitute teacher Im Jaebum. I’m your teacher’s son actually so I don’t get paid to be here. So my mom gave you guys homework but I don’t wanna check them so if I can know your names I check you as ‘I’m here and not skipping school’ instead of you know ‘not being here’ and you can go home.” He said and started taking names. If he was gonna end the day earlier what were you going to do till 17.00. Jaebum looked at you “And you?” He asked and looked at the list with names “Y…Y/N” you stuttered. “Ok, that’s everyone. I’ll see you tomorrow,now go home so I don’t have to look at you.” He said laughing and everyone rushed home.

 You were leaving when Jaebum talked to you “Y/N, right?” You nodded “do you wanna grab some coffee? You know as a thank you for helping me out this morning.” He said. “It was nothing. I mean anyone could have done it.” You said while playing with the hem of your shirt “yeah anyone could have done it and you did. So is that a yes or a no because I don’t take no as an answer from pretty girls like you.” He winked at you. Your cheeks got red as a tomato “So that’s definitely a yes. Great wait me at the parking lot.” He said.

 You waited at your car. “Pretty girls like you.” Rang in your head as you blushed even harder. “Nice car.” Jaebum said while walking to you “Yeah it’s a Lamborghini aventador.” You answered. Jaebum’s jaw dropped down “how did you afford this?” He asked in a shock “I worked hard for it.” You said and took your keys from your pocket “can…can I drive?” Jaebum asked. You laughed and threw the keys to him “sure.” You said and walked to the passenger seat. 

You got to a fancy cafe and talked for hours about everything. You lost the track of time with him, it was like talking to a friend who you had known for a long time. You looked at the clock on the cafes wall 20.00 “oh shit.” You thought “hey I kind of gotta go, do you need a lift somewhere?” You asked from Jaebum he got up from he’s seat “if that’s not a problem.” He said “ no it’s not. After all we came with one car.“ You smiled.

Once you drove Jaebum to his apartment he smiled at you “Hey Y/N do I know you from somewhere? You seem familiar.” He said “I don’t think so.” You said with an unsure tone “oh…well can I have your number?” He boldly asked. You smiled as you wrote your number on his palm. Jaebum got out of the car and looked at you one more time “bye Y/N, see you tomorrow.” He chuckled and left. 

When you got home your phone buzzed. “Wanna hang out tomorrow after your classes, princess? I can end my day for you anytime you want -Jaebum”

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I've kinda labeled you as the clumsy person I guess maybe almost as clumsy as me lmao??? fun fact: one time when I was little I fell up the stairs then fell back down and broke my arm and then a week later I fell that same flight of stairs and broke my other arm I'm quite the klutz lmao

omfg, how can you fall up and down the stairs and break both your arms?? [stunned]???????? we’re gonna be clumsy together, honestly being clumsy is a job we need to be paid for lol. i dont know what to do with you honestly im still shocked that you broke your arm twice, you might have to take the ultimate title as “Queen of the Clumsies”… i resign 

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