im being paid to do this

EDIT 2 please for the love of god how do so many people misread a post i hate this post i hate everything i never intended for this to happen

EDIT no one will see this but im not defending the guy, i dont like him, i like making fun of him and picking on him, hes an unoriginal and unfunny asshole who doesnt even have confidence in his own jokes (see: loss parody), idk why people think im defending him or claiming hes doing any good/nothing wrong and im not saying its fair he gets to make money off stupid bullshit because its not. im saying buzzfeed sucks and their humor sucks and adam ellis sucks and its shitty but also enviable that people get money for just being dumb and stealing jokes and i hate it but also i would probably sell out if i could make money doing, again, the most low-effort inane shit possible. not emphasizing with him when i say that bc fuck him im just tryna survive like everyone else

making fun of the buzzfeed comic guy is good but also if you got paid to do the most minimal bullshit possible would you not do it. if buzzfeed offered to hire you to write their “47 funny memes” articles that are all tumblr posts and nothing original and you got paid for it would you not do it. adam tots is actually owning all of us by making money doing the most low-effort inane shit possible

who the FUCK is writing the captions on the voltron wiki

have you guys fucking seen this shit??? who the fuck is getting paid to do this like

theres this whole section of them just going “bruh”

the Science™


coran do not

lots of the captions are references to other stuff and i

they just straight up put a meme here

we got mean girls in space

alfor no


fucking shakespeare quotes


they even quoted spaceballs


theres also so many referring to shiro being the dad friend

support team


protective papa shiro


i know the feel shiro




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Holy fuck. The wage gap has been debunked multiple times, the latest by a Harvard Graduate. A female graduate, might I add. You people just like to take every little situation and call it discrimination or prejudice. Women are not oppressed in the USA. You know what oppression looks like? It's being stoned to death for being raped, forced to always have a male guardian, and forced to have genital mutilations. All which happen to women in middle eastern countries. And I'm a women too.

Those are all examples of oppression, yes. But PAY gaps (which do exist. Im not sure why people have decided that just because we understand the factors involved makes it invalid), lack of paid maternity leave, misrepresentation in government, and restrictions to reproductive health are also oppressive. Just because our issues are different doesnt make them unimportant.

Circus Act

Fandom: IT
Character: Pennywise/it
Relationship: Pennywise/reader
Request: Have you seen the new IT??? I really need someone to write for the new pennywise because im strangely attracted to him.
Can you make the reader like a vampire who works in the circus and travels to cover up her murders. But pennywise wants her because shes like him and her stage costume is like a sexy clown (kinda like Harley quinn meets pennywise). Please please please????
Authors note: I love this fandom! Im reading IT at the moment and saw the new movie the midnight it came out.
You stood in the centre on the ring, the lights around you so bright you couldn’t see the darkness of the audience as you started your routine.
You were a dancer/contortionist for a small circus that was traveling through town after town. Not that you minded. You were getting to do the thing that you loved and you were being paid for it.
Tonight, you wore tights but each leg was a different pattern. Both black and white but your right leg had strips and the left was a diamond pattern. You found that the children loved it. You wore a frilly skirt with multiple layers of whites, reds and blacks with a large, red bow on the back. Your top was a similar style to a corset, but more flexible, allowing you to move around easier. It too was black and white. It had invisible straps over your shoulders to keep it up while you danced. Your stage makeup was extraordinary. Your entire face would be painted white, with a light blush on your cheeks so you didn’t look too washed out in the bright lights. You had a little heart shaped tattoo on the top of your cheek in black ink which you were carful not to cover. You wore bright colours around your eyes. Pinks and blue to make them dance in the light and your lips were painted a deep red.
Your hair was pulled back in high pigtails but curled down to just passed your elbows.
You loved your stage outfit.
As you smiled, you bent over backwards and placed your hands on the floor, preforming a backbend. You then pushed your legs up so you were standing on your hands but your feet only inches from the ground so you were in a backbend handstand. You turned on your hands, showing the whole audience your trick as the music came to an end.
“Give it up for our beautiful dancer, [y/n]!” A voice cried out to the audience and you stood up, curtsied and walked off stage.
The second the lights left you, your smile faded and you walked through the crowd of performers till you were outside the tent. The circus was on the outskirts of a forest that looked so beautiful in the moon light, you couldn’t resist but to walk into.
Your mind was bored. Bored in a way that only one thing could settle it. But you knew you couldn’t do anything till later and, even though it was dark, you still needed to wait.
You were thirsty, very thirsty. And you weren’t sure what was worse, the thirst or your boredom.
A short way into your walk and you were in a clearing, in the centre the stump of a tree that had been chopped down.
A small smile dawned your lips as you skipped towards it.
Placing your hands on it, you pushed yourself up into a handstand on the stump with minimal effort thanks to your trailing.
Pointing your toes, you started to make small circular motions with your feet before pulling your legs apart and doing the splits. You then bent your knees and pushed your legs back up. After a few seconds, you bent your knees slightly and pushed your lower body forward till your feet touched the centre of the large stump and you were, once again, in a backbend. Pushing yourself up, you allowed your eyes to close as you slowly raised your upper body up into a stance.
Standing on your left leg, you lifted your right leg out behind you. Leaning forward slightly, you raised your arms for balance but raised your leg higher and higher till you reached back and, giving a little kick, grabbed your ankle. After a few moments, you allowed your leg to snap back down and you stood on your two feet once again.
You heard a slow clap from behind you.
Glancing over your shoulder, you saw a pair of yellow eyes in the darkness. As they moved forward, a clown came into the view of the moonlight.
You slowly turned on the spot to face him as a devilish smile played on his lips. You weren’t scared. No, you were more curious.
He was unlike any clown at the circus you were at. His costume was a mish mash of different time periods but he was tall. At least 7 foot tall.
Even when you stood on the stump which was at least 2 foot tall, your small frame was nothing compared to his.
he wore a rather dated clown costume. It looked like it used to be white but it was faded with red pompoms on the front as if they were buttons. His forehead was slightly larger than normal, similar more to a child than to a grown man.
But as he continued to clap and draw closer, you smiled. Taking a handful of the ruffles on your skirt your curtsied, bowing your head to him slightly.
“Most have to pay to see one of my shows.” You joked, straightening up but tilting your head to the side.
“I bet millions must come to see you.” The clown smiled, his voice a little higher and lighter than you expected. His front two teeth were longer than the rest and, as he smiled at you, he pushed his tongue against the back of them.
“perhaps not that many.” You shrugged, noticing he had now stopped only 5 feet from where you were.
“You are spectacular.” The clown purred slightly, his eyes drifting down your body and back up. You discreetly sniffed the air.
He smelled nothing like normal humans did. His scent was different to anything you had ever smelt before. And you loved it.
You clenched your teeth slightly, not wanting to act on impulse too early. Besides, he was curing your boredom.
“So, do you have a name?” You asked, raising an eyebrow and noticing how this question seemed to make him happy.
“yes, yes, I have a name. I am Pennywise. Pennywise the dancing clown.” He let out a loud laugh, baring all his teeth. “Although I do not know if I could outdo you, [y/n].”
You almost froze as he spoke your name but then remembered your name was painted on banners outside the circus.
“Pennywise, huh? Never heard of a clown called that. Do you get called Penny for short?” You giggled, winking at him as he lowered his chin to his chest and chuckled.
“no, but you may, kitten.” He purred, his eyes dancing with danger and fire.
He wasn’t human. You knew that much.
“Ah, so the kitten is as smart as she is dangerous.” You heard him mutter, more to himself than to you.
But, before you could question him, a pair of footsteps drew your attention. All your senses were more tuned than a normal human so you instantly knew where the noise was coming from and whipped your head to look.
Pennywise had heard it too, looking in the same direction and voices filled the air.
“3 males. About 15 years old.” You mumbled to yourself.
“Good, kitten.” Pennywise grinned and chuckled but you weren’t paying attention to him. Your thirst was becoming strong.
just then, the three stumbled out into the moon light of the clearing. Their eyes instantly fell on you and Pennywise. Two were stunned, their fear only making their smell greater, while the other, either too stupid or too brave, started to laugh.
“Who the hell are you two? Circus is back that way.” The leader laughed, pointing in the direction of the circus.
You let out a low growl, sounding more from a tiger than from a human.
But Pennywise started to step forward.
“Why, I am pennywise the dancing clown. Would you like a balloon?” He pointed to your right and, sure enough, there was a bright red balloon. It was as if a invisible man held it there. Your gaze drifted back to Pennywise. You didn’t know who he was or what he was, but he was like you.
“You think I want your stupid fucking balloon.” The leader said and started to storm towards you, plunging his knife into his pocket and pulling out a blade.
You couldn’t help but let out a laugh at him, but this only made him worse.
“Stupid bitch.” He growled.
“Now now, the kittens got claws.” Pennywise giggled, his eyes darting to meet yours. “Or fangs.”
Instantly, you knew he knew. He knew what you were.
You were a vampire. A creature from nightmare and from myth.
And he wanted to make sure of it.
When the boy got close enough, you smiled, allowing your fangs to show now. It was something you could normal hide, but now you were thirsty. And he had pissed you off.
The boy froze in fear about 3 foot away from you, allowing you time to pounce.
You grabbed his wrists and pushed him to the ground, straddling him as you ducked down and bit his neck, hard.
He let out a screech of pain and started to writhe but you were stronger. You held him down as his blood passed your lips and down your throat as you sucked.
Pleasure ran through your body as you finally fed. It had been weeks since you had last been able to properly feed and you were locked in a feeding frenzy.
You heard screams from the other boys but didn’t care.
finally, you tasted his blood beginning to thin.
You forced yourself to pull back, gasping for air as you did.
You could feel a bead of blood run past your lips and down your chin as your world spun. Focusing, you saw Pennywise crouching about 3 feet away from you, his eyes wide with fascination and a large smile on his lips, his head croaked to one side. Looking past him, you saw the limp bodys of the two other boys, blood around them.
“Spectacular.” He chuckled, inching closer.
You pushed yourself off the body and stood up, noticing how closely he was watching you.
“How often do you have to feed?” He asked, his eyes dancing as they fell to the drop of blood on the side of your lips.
“If I don’t suck the idiot dry?” You kicked the body slightly, frustrated that you had allowed your thirst to take control. “One human can last me years. But they have to stay alive so their body can continue producing blood.” You explained, your eyes falling on the boys face. His eyes were still open in fear.
“Do you like children?” He asked, inching closer to you.
“Yes, but they are impractical for me.” You shrugged. “While they do taste slightly better, their small bodies cant keep up with what I need. Teenagers are okay, a blend between adults and kids.”
Pennywise let out a loud laugh, almost bouncing on the balls of his feet.
“Can you taste fear?” Pennywise asked more and more questions, making you confused as you bit down on your lower lip. You were a little unsure about him, but a part of you was drawn to him.
“I cant taste fear. But I feel it. Our senses are a lot more tuned than a humans. But, if they are scared, their blood runs faster.” You explained to him, seeing how excited he was getting. “Now, enough about me.”
You walked back to the stump and sat on the edge, watching him closer. But he didn’t speak. He simply smiled at you.
“ive heard about you, around the town. Children are under a curfew. They are scared of you. Every 27 years, isn’t it? 27 years that you need to feed.” You smirked as you saw his smile falter. He now knew and understood you were witty and intelligent.
“Yes, 27 years. How do you know that, my dear?” He asked as you shrugged.
“When you’ve been around as long as I have, the world really isn’t a big place. Rumours travel.” You smiled slightly, unable to hid the small sadness in your voice. You had been around longer than some family names. You had seen humans grow old in the blink of an eye, a tree go from a sapling to a full tree in the flutter of an eyelash. At some point, loneliness was bound to come back.
“You don’t fear anything. Why?” Pennywise suddenly asked, taking two steps towards you.
“Fear is natural in most animals, but not in me. You see, fears stem from ones ability to predict death. Someone who claims to be scared of heights isn’t, their afraid of falling. Those afraid of spiders is because spiders can be poisonous. Fear is a natural way of trying to warn you. But I am immortal. I cannot die. Therefore, I have nothing to fear.” You explained.
Pennywise let out a loud laugh before moving quickly forward and dropping to his knees in front of you. Due to his height, he became eye level with you.
“I feed on fear.” He whispers to you, as if it were a secret. “But, some children don’t fear me like they should. Some think because they hid in their silly little groups, they can escape me. But they cant.”
He became angry as he spoke, looking past you and frowning.
You didn’t know why you were drawn to him like you were. You didn’t know why you were attracted to him like you were.
“And you think I can help. How?” You tilted your head to the side, raising a singular eyebrow at him.
“You, my dear-“ He reached out and placed a finger under your chin. “You will make them fear. You are able to attack them, whether or not they think you are real.”
you couldn’t help but smirk, knowing it would be a fun plan, but you saw a fault.
“And what about when you disappear for 27 years? Will I just have to circle back?” You asked.
“no, no, no.” He shook his head, laughing. “You can stay. This town wont care. You could pick off anyone you like. And you wont have to worry about getting caught.”
It almost sounded too good to be true. But you knew he was right. The town was incredibly strange.
“So? Do we have a deal?” He reached out a hand to you, his eyes seeming to darken. But this didn’t seem to worry for 2 reasons.
The first, he couldn’t harm you.
The second, you were more than enough competition to him if he did. If he was having problems with kids, he wouldn’t stand much of a chance against you.
You reached out and shook his hand.
“Perfect.” He bounced up to his feet, chuckling with joy.
You too stood up, realising you came nowhere near his near 7 foot height.
“There is one thing missing.” He mussed, turning to look you over once again. “Oh! I know!”
He pulled two wrist ruffle cuffs off his wrists. They were white with red towards the tips and very pretty. They matched your outfit perfectly.
Pennywise held them out to you, that deranged smile playing on his lips as you took the items and slid them on.
“Better?” You asked, shaking your arms slightly before doing jazz hands.
“Perfect.” He moved forward, taking your chin between his thumb and pointing finger and raising your gaze to meet his. “We shall rule this town.” He growled, possessively and it set a shot of pleasure down your spin.
“On a throne of corpses.” You added, smirking.
Pennywise then did the most unexpected thing. He leaned down and dragged his tongue up your chin to your lip. As he pulled away, you saw he had licked off blood which had dripped down your lip. This seemed to send him into a frenzy.
He leaned down and pressed his lips firmly against yours.
You were surprised by the kiss, not thinking he wanted that from you. But now you knew, you weren’t going to complain. You kissed him back fiercely, wrapping your arms around his neck. He lifted you up, a growl emitting from his chest.
You knew he could taste the blood on your lips and he loved it.
You were the first to pull away and when you did, he moved you up to sit on his shoulder, wrapping his arm around your legs to keep you secure.
You didn’t know where this was going to take you or if you could really trust him. But by that kiss and his general aura, you like him. Plus, it might be a little fun. Like a circus act.

basically I was gonna put down a payment on my phone bc I can’t rly do my job without one……..  I can honestly pay ppl back, I just really need $75-100 today to ship this guitar and pick up the phone…… nobody even wants to help me bring a giant fucking box to the post office and my brother got a free car from my dad who had a fucking stroke. we live together.smfh

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i am SICK of damn prank calls. often we can't pick up the phone because we're so busy during x hours but when we do have the time to pick it up. it's nothing but sexual harassment jokes and racial remarks. Fuuuck, I hate customers. The same shit I always tell them after they enjoy wasting my time is 'did you know im being paid right now and you aren't?' Sometimes I hear a click, sometimes I don't. And if someone asks if we deliver, I redirect them to a porno website. I. Hate. Fucking. Teenagers.

i feel like if aquamarine and topaz were like, not official gems or someones unrelated ocs i wouldnt give a shit but it just doesnt fit in with what we have

their designs are bland, aquamarine’s doesnt fit in with the shows aesthetic, and these people are once again, PROFESSIONALS who are BEING PAID to make this shit. these people work in a highly competitive field, went to art school, have been doing art for many more years than most casual artists, and this is the best they could come up with?

forgive me for being a bit pissed off, but there are great artists who are struggling and starving out there, people who could do amazing things if they had the budget and team, and these guys can get paid to serve us first draft unproofread writing, shit designs with no heart, and pretend to progressive while putting racist caricatures of their characters in a concept art book and selling it for 20+ bucks a pop? fuck out of here, im not buying this shit anymore. im done with this show

please please please support fan run update accounts (((no im not talking about the ones who leak things to stalkers and spread drama and are nasty for no reason … they can choke))) the ones im talking about are ones who work their asses off to give everyone a source to find things their fave is doing and also work hard to promote their career and stay 100% professional these fans arent being paid to do this for everyone but are doing it for the love of their fave and the fandom, we all know the boys teams have always been slacking and we have to pick up the extra work and been like that for years so always make sure you thank your fave update accounts for all the work they do ! ♡

so thank you to some of our faves @thetomlinsondaily @louist91updates @harrystylesarchive

Peter Quill x Reader

Originally posted by pajamasecrets

Date : Thursday 6th April 2017

Requests : Open

Imagine / Series? : Imagine

Title : Dance floor

Warnings : Mentions of sex and theft

If you didn’t love him - he would be dead.

Your boyfriend Peter, was so amazing. He was almost flawless. First of all. The thing that attracted you to him in the first place. He was amazingly good looking. Not only was Peter the definition of tall, dark and handsome. But he was also slightly dorky looking in all honesty giving him a sort of innocence to his otherwise lusty ways. Another thing about Peter was he was the only person who could make you laugh so hard you could cry on Que. You don’t know, and probably never will know why he’s so hilarious, but guessed the mystery was just another added bonus of being in love with him. There was just one problem

His dancing. Now, you weren’t saying he was a bad dancer, he was actually rather good and it was amusing to watch. But, when he was dancing around you for an hour straight, the same tape playing over and over again,his pelvis repeatedly thrusting near your face - which by the way made you very flustered and uncomfortable - There was only so much you can handle. Finally he had gotten on your last nerve and you pushed him away lightly standing up, an action that simply encouraged him more.

Today was one of the guardians lazy days. And as much as you wanted to be a guardian of the galaxy. You weren’t. You lived in Xander as a simple sales women. You got good deals for Peter whenever he stole something and needed some good money for it. Of course you would scold him afterwards, but money was money. And Peter was the one who wore the trousers in your relationship so he paid the bills mostly.

Glaring at Peter you asked. “I’m filing papers. I understand your home and you want some, fun…” He smirked cockily. “But I have work to do Peter. Stop being impatient and let me finish.” You hissed, marching over to his tape player to turn of the music which was now more of an annoyance then anything. Before you could pause the music. A hand wrapped around your wrist and you were suddenly pulled into Quills hold. He kept you close. His arms securely around your waist.

“Come on (Name insert), Im only here for two days before I’ve got to go off fending for the galaxy again. Being taken by you means I’m not allowed to get up to my old star lord habits with the ladies meaning you are my only…”

“Only what Peter?” Your glare told him to choose his words carefully.

“You know…”

“Do I Peter? Do I?” He was silent. To be fair, you did feel bad depriving him of sex. Though before you could say anything he lent into your ear and huskily whispered.

“Your my only dance floor (Name insert).” His hand then span you before dipping you down where you were met with his goofy grin,making you laugh.

“Peter stop it. I told you I’m not happy with you.” Your face went back to looking serious, though the twinkle in your eyes told Peter otherwise. He chuckled, knowing you wanted him to continue, after all, you missed him. Dipping his head down, his soft lips kissed yours and with his free hand which wasn’t supporting your waist, he swiped some hair from your face.

“Well I’m happy with you (Name insert). Always have been always will be.” Biting your lip, you supposed your paper work could wait. After all, it had been a long time since you had provided him your ‘dance floor’.


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querencia - (n.) a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self.

You honestly dont even know how you never noticed. Out of literally nowhere, a guy randomly pops up, acting like your absolute dream man. 

Having so many things in common with you and acting as if he’s known you, your entire whole life. 

Making you think he simply appreciated every thing you were, by the way he’d capture every single little thing you’d say or do.

And just over all, instantly creating a bond with you. 

Becoming your rock and support after all you had been going through at the time. Going from being a girl without a family who’d get bullied day in and out at school, to becoming someones main priority, their everything, made you fall instantly in love.

He would always be ready to hear you out on whatever matter need it be. Taking you out for ice cream every time you’d tell him you were feeling anxious or upset.

Standing up for you whenever people would trash talk you over at school. Staying always by your side, making you feel accompanied always, in contrast to how you’d be alone before, and without anyone to even speak to.

In other words,he’d just succeed in making you feel like the most prized possession on the face of the earth. He made you feel like the happy and perfect heroine of a cheesy romance novel.

How he’d oh so beautifully, dedicate poems to you, or could go on hours talking about how gorgeous you were and how attached he had become to being with you, all the time. 

Leaping you off of your feet, every single time he’d flash you that smile of his. 

Only after a mere month of knowing each other, he had declared his everlasting love for you in front of the entire lunch, letting people all around know someone finally cared and loved you at last. 

For you however, at that moment, the timing was perfect. You thought you weren’t rushed into things at all, feeling like you knew him inside and out and wanted to be able to call him yours as soon as possible.

A few months after and you had both graduated, making you start work, in order to get enough money for college.When you started your job you began becoming busier than ever and yet he’d still be there. 

No matter at what time you’d finish whether it was one in the afternoon or one in the morning, he couldn’t care less and would instantly be at your home waiting for you, always a small gift in hand. 

At some point, you were even ready to jump out and marry him if he asked the question. Thinking you were both madly in love and that the sooner you were married, the better. 

Your new made co workers, would always tell you how surreal he acted. How they wished they had someone like him in their lives. 

Others, would tell you things were going far too fast. That nothing good would have ever come out of a relationship that was built on overnight. 

But you brushed them off, because you couldn’t explain the butterflies going on in your stomach every time he’d look at you or simply talked to you.

Or even the feeling you’d get every time you’d wake up and see him there laying beside you, hands wrapped around your waist. You couldn’t trust those people you would tell yourself, those who’d say It was far too good to happen truthfully.

You would just call them jealous, you’d say they just wanted to break your special bond, so they’d talk and talk to make you question his love for you.

Oh how awfully wrong were you. He had succeeded, definitely, but not in being the best man in the world, or being the perfect boyfriend. He had succeeded in stealing your heart, with the cruelest of intentions behind it.

You found out one day, when you overheard him talking on the phone.

“Its almost been a year, how long do you think I’m going to keep this act up? Its been fun and all but I have a life I need to attend to, my actual life, away from here. One where I don’t need to pretend I’m in ‘love’ with a random girl you paid me to be with. Plus she’s getting extremely annoying. Im through with this act. I’ll just leave soon, without a word. She’ll be crushed as you wanted, so I’m done here.”

You can’t even begin to describe the pain you felt in your heart in that moment. Your entire body felt completely and utterly numb. 

Your boyfriend, had been paid from the very start to be with you. To somehow leave you in the end broken.

You wanted to go over there and slap him until your hands would feel like falling off, punch him, scream at him. Ask him why he’d ever hurt you. 

But you couldn’t, you couldn’t even comprehend why someone would be so heartless enough as to do what he, and the person he was on the phone with, did to you. 

You waited, until he left, and then you waited even more for the perfect timing, to somehow get back what little dignity you had left.

You somehow during that week, discovered who had set this all up. You had gotten his phone while he was on the shower and had looked through his messages, hidden within all of his texts was one with the rich obnoxious guy who had bullied you, all throughout high school. 

The same guy who supposedly, your ‘boyfriend’ had helped you stand up to. You could have never imagined them being friends or even talking to eachother. 

Scrolling through the messages however, you noticed they were awfully close and saw how they’d talk abut you, making you seem literally even less valuable than trash.

You waited two more days, seeing as you still needed to overthink a plan perfect enough to pay for what they had done to you, most importantly, what he had done.

Today, is finally the day you’re getting you’re revenge on Jisoo.

You carefully stand up from the bed, looking to your right side at the bathroom door, making sure he’s still showering, in order to not get yourself caught. You softly move onto the closet, the place where you had seen him store his money in, whenever he’d think you were asleep.

Standing up on your tippy toes, you grab onto the top shelfs black and get a shining gold shoe box, opening it to reveal what you could guess is easily more than fifty thousand dollars, you quietly gasp, as you never thought there’d be this much money hidden in here. 

You quickly grab the money, and head on over to your bed, where underneath, a big suit case is hidden. You’ve been preparing the suit case with all your must have items. 

So far, you had a bundle of clothing, bathroom care items, your makeup bag and a few perfumes. You throw the money inside and make sure to cover it up with a t-shirt as you lock the suit case and grab your car keys which were by the kitchen, rapidly going to your car, you ended up grabbing the suit case by its handle, and throwing it on the back seat. 

You then make your way inside. Only to be greeted by an amused Jisoo, whom sat at the kitchen table, looking at you questionably as he seems to be surprised you were up and hadn’t told him you were doing something so early as you’d always tell him even the silliest of things just to keep him in the know.

“You thought you had me all figured out didnt you?” you say, as you move toward him, looking up at him with nothing other than despise in your eyes.

“You know, I always thought you were perfect. But now looking back, I realize ever since the very start you were far too ‘perfect’ to be even begin to be real. I literally feel so stupid for all the time that I gave you, all the time I lost, oh my god.” you say as you chuckle bitterly.

“What are you talking about?”

“Are seriously acting oblivious right now? Im talking about you, getting paid to fuck me over. Thats what I’m talking about you insensible piece of shit” you say as you slap him across the face, making the sound echo throwout the apartment.

he suddenly grabs your wrist, and looks at you deeply, with an expression so cold, that it sickens you to your stomach.

“Sweetheart, you just made the plan fail. I knew I should have left a long time ago, with my money. But now, now.. don’t act so strong, we both know you definitely aren’t. I’ve seen you at your weakest points, I’ve seen how truly weak you can be love, theres simply no lying to me.”

he snickers as he holds you closer, smirking coldly almost as if he’s enjoyed the entire time hurting you over and over again.

You can’t help but feel hate for this man standing in front of you. If accepting to do what he’s done, doesn’t make him a terrible enough person, the words he speaks reveal his true colors, making him seem like the biggest asshole on the planet.

“Thats where you’re wrong. Sure you have seen me at my lowest points. But that itself doesn’t define me to be weak, it simply shows I was too strong for too long. Aside from that, id like to let you know, that yes, maybe you did waste the last year of my life. But you should know, I did get my payback, ‘love’ and now, it is me who feels terribly sorry for you, seeing that after this, you wont even have money to go on. I hope one day you come to realize that you are the absolute definition of scum. Oh, and one more thing. Don’t. Ever. Question what I’m cable of, again.”

you say as you pull yourself out of his grip and strike him by kicking his leg, which ended up making him fall onto the floor, as you rapidly sprint toward the door, slamming it open and making your way to your car.

Opening the drivers door, you quickly get in and slam shut the door, you then push your key into ignition and lock all the doors, as you see him running out the house, screaming for his money.

When you drive off, you end up seeing him, sprinting far back behind you, trying to catch up desperately.

Making your way into the highway, you turn on the radio, to try and help you clear your mind, in order to think of where you’ll be going next, now that you don’t live in that apartment after this. However one things for sure…

For now, no other man will get to be your everything so easily. As of right now, you’ll be your own rock, you’ll be your own home.

~admin ari♡

JAKE: I dont know how i feel about romantic pursuits if im being honest. Maybe im just not cut out for them? Or maybe its that im too insecure to imagine it its hard to say.
JOHN: jake, romance is fake and made up by the holly wood people to sell more movies. have you ever seen anyone “in love” or “married”? 
JAKE: Well no but i mean i grew up alone on an island so
JOHN: that’s what i thought. 

serial killer! au | donghyun (2)

part 1 of this crazy ass au

mentions of suicide and the ending sucks ass sorry man

  • you couldnt get him out of your mind for a solid 2 weeks after you met him
  • lowkey you wanted to smack yourself for actually kIND OF LIKING A SERIAL KILLER???
  • f off m8
  • after weeks and weeks (more like a couple of days lmao) of deliberating
  • you decided to walk down the path at 2:00 AM again
  • just in case he was there you know
  • you walked past the placed you first met him and heard grunting again
  • your heartbeat started to go wild
  • “jesus, i cant believe im doing this”
  • you walk down the hill, a smile lingering on your face
  • he was there digging a hole with a shovel and a dead body laying next to him
  • “hey, mr. serial killer” 
  • “oh, its just you” his hand was resting on his wildly beating heart
  • you nod your head, sitting down on the ground
  • “continue doing your work, i just need to be in the presence of somebody today”
  • he smiles down at you, taking off his jacket, “the ground is dirty… sit on my jacket instead”
  • he continues to dig the hole and finally he throws the girl in there
  • he starts to fill the hole up once again but stops turning towards you
  • “hey, _____…. this may sound a bit weird but i kind of need a ‘partner in crime’…. do you think you could help me out with that?”
  • um what
  • you open your mouth to say something but then close it immediately after
  • he sighs, running his hand through his hair, “you know, it was a stupid request anyway… im sorry-”
  • “no,” he looks over at you, “i’ll do it”

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Hey Skelly!!! I saw you talking about how your work isn't giving you any paid leave for the month(?) you'll be gone and I wanted to know if you had a paypal? It won't be much, but I want to help you out! You're always so nice and kind to everyone on here so it's my turn to do that for you!!!

this is it but ya really don’t have to!!!! i’ll figure something out!!!!! thank u for being so nice though :^)

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Honestly a lot of you creators are so inconsiderate and rude af. Like wcif stuff is such a simple thing, the anon wasn't even being rude, just asking if you could answer since you said you were bored. Everyone gets so frustrated in this community because creators are entitled little pricks. You expect to be paid, have a ton of followers/support, people to download your stuff so you can make money. Yet can't even be kind and considerate of our time, money, or feelings. Fuck you guys.

omg???????????????? i dont even use adfly????????????????im against ppl who expect money for their cc through patreon???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Lmao i swear u guys are as much pricks as u think of us to be like do u realize that it actually takes time to put together the wcif preview and find the link ??? anyway feel free to not download my stuff have a WONDERFUL tuesday night and i hope u go look at some wholesome memes lmao

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i was taught about laissez faire capitalism in school! afaik, terribly, mostly because i didnt care to learn and never actually paid attention till i wanted to learn myself. but my teacher explained it like: its in its own name “Let Do” aka let it happen. which is what their supporters basically say: “let whatever capitalists want happen and it’ll work trust me im an economist “

they don’t even say capitalists tho, they say “the market” like it’s a mythical being

i am so happy for nu'est fans like… i hate that it had to come to nu'est joining produce 101 as trainees and taking ten steps back but they are honestly doing so well. they r getting loads of screentime and literally millions of fans, kim jonghyun is being called “nation’s leader” and u can see their confidence rise with every episode!! OG nu'est fans must be thrilled af!!!!