im being critical

Do you ever just sometimes marvel at the fact that the aesthete culture of the likes of Oscar Wilde has found new life in Millennials? Like there is an established subculture of the “deeply shallow” (to quote @dionysae ) who find real meaning in the look, feel, and texture of our worlds. We have this amazing talent for finding uniform beauty in different vibes and we have no shame in organizing our lives around that vibe pursuing the feelings and values said vibe stirs up in us. Like the “live and die for the aesthetic” meme is funny by it’s not a lie; we are the inheritors of a great tradition of building personalities and commentaries out of sublime, carefully cultivated Looks. Art for art’s sake is back in a Big way folks.

Knowing that rooster teeth always planned to kill off Pyrrha like this just makes all the time they wasted focusing on Jaune all the more irritating tbh.

Like, who is Pyrrha to Nora and Ren? What kind of relationship did she have with them? What did they talk about when they hung out, what did they have in common, or disagree on? Did she get along better with Nora then Ren, or vice versa? We don’t know. We don’t know because Pyrrha never has a single scene of just interacting with her teammates who aren’t named Jaune Arc. 

Instead of wasting screentime on Jaune being bullied or Jaune ignoring Weiss’ consent, they should have fleshed out Pyrrha over the last two volumes. Shown us how she got along with everyone, not just her other two teammates, but also Ruby! Ruby is the one who is there to witness her death, whose emotional reaction to it triggers her hidden power. Pyrrha’s relationship with Ruby should have been very fleshed out to give that moment maximum impact. 

What kind of relationship did Pyrrha and Ruby have? What did Ruby think of her? They were friends, i guess? They seemed to get along ok when their teams hung out? We don’t have a single scene of the two of them interacting one on one, just talking, something that really would have helped us feel for Ruby when she watched Pyrrha die.

Make Pyrrha a really developed character, Instead of basically a prop for Jaune. Even in her death, of her team, only Jaune’s sadness is shown. We don’t see Nora or Ren grieve. We don’t see how they feel about this besides being willing to journey with Ruby and Jaune to get some answers. 

In the end, when Jaune is Pyrrha’s only fleshed out relationship, it feels like she was just a prop for Jaune’s hero journey. Even if they always planned to kill her they could have set it up and done it in a way that doesn’t feel like the writers are just setting up for yet another Jaune story arc (this time with manpain!) in volume 4.

Bioware: over the next two months we’ll be releasing patches that add to customization opts and also add more to m|m options

Me: it’s been one month. Eyes look good. Addison isn’t a super creep anymore. Customization options still suck. Scott Ryder is still suffering from a distinct lack of LOW CONTENT ROMANCES WITH CHARACTERS WHO WERE WRITTEN SHALLOWLY IN COMPARISON TO THE EFFORT PUT INTO EVERY OTHER BIOWARE CHARACTER EVER WRITTEN TICK TOCK MOTHERFUCKERS

If I got a quarter for every antis who posts in the tag telling shippers/fans to kill themselves, choke, get raped, abused, assaulted, vomit; that the shippers/fans are disgusting, ugly, homophobic, rape-apologists, abuse-apologists, fetishizers, pedophiles, racists–

God, maybe I and my mother wouldn’t be under the poverty line anymore, and we could actually donate to credible charities, organizations, homeless shelters– places that are actually trying to make a change in the world for the better good! And try to help people who are struggling in the world!

Unlike antis, who don’t post anything critical, rarely have any evidence or facts on their side, who erase and even harass and shame LGBT members, mentally ill, disabled, survivors of abuse/rape/csa, and of certain ethnicities/races because those people don’t support their toxic agenda and opinion, and spend their time being hateful and miserable on the internet.

I honestly hate M//ystery////Pe//arl with a passion.

The only reason Pearl is attracted to her is because she looks like Rose, and that’s not fucking healthy. She’s supposed to be slowly getting over Rose, not trying to replicate their relationship. 


Marichat isn’t the only problem in the love square

Yeah, seriously. It’s not. 

I consistently fail to understand why marichat specifically is the ship of the love square that always called out as portraying them as being out of character, as if these fanon traits don’t extend to any of the other corners. Frankly, I’m getting annoyed now at the comments I’ll see here and there throwing that ship under the bus, as if there isn’t a problem with Marinette and Adrien’s character portrayal in general all across the board. 

People’s problem with Marichat is usually centered around two things, the first being is that it’s apparently over sexualized. I say ‘apparently’ because, with the exception of a few fics that are specifically meant to be smut, there’s barely anything to be found beyond some kissing action. The ‘sin’ title it has is either a joke or an exaggeration. People complain that they would be the friends dynamic and be teasing towards each other, and that there isn’t enough of that. Guess what? That is practically all there is when it comes to marichat. Those two being dorks and falling in love. Can the romance move fast? Yes, but usually those fics are short, or oneshots where there’s already an established dynamic bordering on romance. The longer fics tend to take time with it. You can take my word for it because guess what else, I actually read marichat fics. I find that a lot of the ones who call marichat out for having a bad fanon dynamic are also the ones who tend to not actually bother reading it.

The other problem people have with Marichat is that a lot people who support this side of the love square think that it’s the truest corner of it, and I agree 100% that this just isn’t accurate. Except, getting to my point made earlier, this problem is not a Marichat problem and we really need to stop pretending that only this ship has this dynamic. 

It’s not even a ship dynamic problem. It comes down to mischaracterization.

Marinette is written as an insecure girl who thinks she’s unworthy of being Ladybug in nearly everything I have ever read. Seriously, the ‘I’m just plain, clumsy Marinette’ line should be a bingo piece because of how often it’s used. The interpretation of her is basically considered canon at this point and is particularly prevalent in reveal scenarios. Marinette will freak out at the reveal, thinking Chat won’t like her because she’s ‘not really Ladybug, just Marinette’. 

Adrien is written as a boy who thinks he’s truly free and truly himself as Chat Noir, while everything else about him is fake, though it’s less common than Marinette’s mischaracterization. Then there’s the added insecurities that comes with Adrien being given an eating disorder he doesn’t actually have, and because it’s a wildly popular fanon theory, the self loathing in Adrien is usually very prevalent. 

Because both characters are often written as wearing this metaphorical mask hiding the real deal, naturally every ship dynamic is going to reflect that. And they do. Ladynoir is not innocent of this, nor Ladrien, nor Adrienette. I’ve read it all, and I can say without a doubt that Marichat is not the only dynamic that likes to delve into these characters having massive insecurities and identity issues. Why fandom acts like it is, I have no idea. Because some big names of the fandom said so?

Also, Marichat is not the only ship to have it’s own particular brand of fanon.

Ladrien? Overly sexualized. Want to talk about OOC, explain to me why Ladybug is suddenly turned into a dominatrix when she and Adrien can barely say a sentence without blushing and getting very shy. I’m not saying this happens all the time, but it’s become a bit of a trope. 

Ladynoir? Ladybug can be written as a real bitch to Chat a lot of the time in these fics. A bitch, or just standoffish and protective of herself. She’s shown none of this resistance in the actual show, but it’s a staple of Ladynoir fics to have Ladybug keep these walls up around herself. Rarely do I see this being called out. 

Can 2017 be the year where we stop pretending Marichat is the only aspect of the love square with a wrong fanon dynamic? There is a ton of stuff in this fandom that has it’s issues, and we really need to start paying more attention to Adrien and Marinette’s character on a broader scale than just one side of the love square if we want to see better canon portrayals all around.


Because I know everyone needed twins furiously enjoying their money, featuring…

Hey so after being bombarded with it for a long time, I think I’ve finally become part of su critical. I just wish the show would listen to fan criticism and that they’d written certain characters better. At first it hurt me because Steven Universe is a huge comfort show to me but I realized that’s why all of this is important and I can’t just plug my ears and hide from it. I don’t hate the show, in fact I still love it! I just know that it’s dropped the ball somewhat and that there’s a lot of room for improvement!


only boys this time… more newsies!! i tried making them all look younger.. i’ll ink and color these later… :)

not to be That Person,, cos i liked s*nvers a lot in the beginning but they literally completely annihilated my interest for that ship with shit pacing. like i get why ppl love it,, and im happy there is happy f/f rep but at the same time i wish it lived up to its potential writing wise cos the actual active relationship build/activity was weak as hell

Mass Effect 2 is really good but honestly the plot is so RIDICULOUS like

you died but it’s ok you’re better now

your ship was completely destroyed but its cool they just GIVE you a new one pretty much the same one same name and everything

‘how did you get the plans to remake this crazy unique state of the art ship??’ ‘don’t worry about it’

‘liara you’re my best friend and/or lover and you went on this crazy adventure with me please help me save the world’ ‘nah’

okay there’s a mass relay but it’s evil. its evil okay. you know it’s evil because it’s RED

“we’ve murdered billions of alien races and have existed for millions of years but we have never encountered anything like humans before!!?? oh my god. incredible.” - reapers apparently

human reaper HUMAN REAPER H U M A N  R E A P E R

I Love Season 8 But...

I hate the Amelia storyline. I watch it because Sam looks amazing in the flash backs, but I cant ever buy that relationship. Im among the people who find Sam terribly OOC during the first several episodes, and Im glad Jared found him OOC too, then I know Im not just being critical, but like Jared, I am willing to accept that the whole mess at the beginning, was to bring a great impact to the end of the season,  Sam’s emotional break down in the church wouldnt have been so powerful if all this mess at the beginning of the season didnt happen, and I do enjoy the obvious jealousy both brothers portrayed throughout the first half of the season. 

Where my problem really is, is that Sam’s relationship with Ameila is unbelievable. Not because he had a relationship with a woman, but because she treated him like crap, and he still “fell in love”. For one thing, no vet in the world is gonna bully someone into keeping a dog, period, not to mention a person telling them they spend too much time on the road and don’t have time to take care of a dog.  Also, the level of Amelia’s dislike for Sam was uncalled for.. She said “If youre such an upstanding citizen, why did you hit him in the first place?” Seriously? Do professional Veteranarians say this to people who are overcome with grief that they accidently hit an animal and rushed it to the office covered in its blood?

Next, we have her “creeped” out by him. You can say a lot of things about Sam Winchester, but “creepy” doesnt apply. She insults how he dresses, accuses him of being a white supremists or drifting serial killer (ok she might have something with the latter) so why is he even talking to her? There’s no monster after her, and he’s not flirty or horney in general. He owes her nothing, and he’s certainly never pushed himself on to a woman ever. And then once they’re together and “in love” there is no chemistry whatsoever. Jared is a great actor, and yet, he couldnt sell this relationship to me. Though, I can buy that she was a Dean substitute. I can believe that he missed Dean and she was a stand in, or an outlet, but he didn’t love her. 

What else I dont buy from the beginning of S8 is that Sam would make some effort to find Dean especially since there was no body left behind. Sam wouldnt have just looked around, seeing no human blood or Dean’s body and say “uhoh, he dead” and move on. Everything they had been through up till then, even if Sam didnt realize Dean was in Purgatory (which he would have probably, because thats where Dick would go) or didnt intend on bringining him back, since Bobby had just told them in the S7 finale “when its your time… go” Sam would have made effort to see if Dean was alive or not. He could have used a Ouiga board ike he did in S2. And then if you want me to believe that Sam went nuts and was overcome with grief, then I would believe it. 

I also dont buy how Sam was still eager to get away from Dean once he was back. Yes, Dean was harsh on him, but not the whole time. Much of those first few episodes, Dean was normal to him. He even said “I know where Im at my best, thats driving down crazy street with you” and Sam then tells him once they’re finished, he’s gone? Like… seriously? Theyve had worse friction between them before and still stayed together, and Im supposed to believe that NOW Sam wants to bow out? Didnt he just accept all the memories from Hell and being soulless because he cant leave his brother alone out there? 

Once Sam starts the Trials, he tells Dean that he’s sorry Dean doesnt see light at the end of the tunnel, but he does, and if he comes with him, he’ll take him to it. THAT I believe! I can believe Sam wanted out of the life and go back to law and have a normal life, but I cant believe he wouldnt beg Dean to come with him, especially when he just got him back.

Ive read a ton of meta about this subject and I can see some points, but its really as though the writers had no idea about Sam’s character and wrote a story for the first half that didnt fit him at all.