im begging you man

on one of the weekends brian jr comes to stay with dennis he ends up catching a glimpse of mac doing karate and is completely enthralled. mac notices, and starts teaching brian how to lift his little arms up into completely badass karate poses and how to kick his legs so he’ll be ready for sweet roundhouse kicks when he’s a bit older.. and brian has concentration etched into his face throughout bc he really wants to be like mac. but then mac starts to make the accompany exaggerated karate sounds for him and that sends brian into a fit of giggles and suddenly mac can’t help but laugh either. he swoops brian up into a big hug and plants a kiss on the top of his head and they’re both positively beaming at each other and dennis, who’s been quietly watching them from across the apartment, feels like his heart is going to give out

alright, ima be serious with yall here for a sec.

((okay so, showstopper keeps getting asks about showdaddy and people shipping show rad and daddy, and shes really tired of it. the ot3 thing could never work out in the first place bc rad’s scared shitless of daddy and daddy hates rad+show. and as for the showdaddy asks, yall can still ship showdaddy but please stop sending showstopper asks about it begging her and daddy to bring back the ship. just accept that its dead and that it wont be coming back. im trying my best not to piss anybody off or be rude but both showstopper and moro are very tired of getting asks about showdaddy. this is comin from me yall, please stop.


Give me your hand. Don’t be afraid, Nasir. It feels good, right? Like silk.

Voltron Shipping

Hi guys!
Normally I don’t really get involved in such matters (because it’s a show and they’re fictional characters) but I’ve recently gotten a lot of messages about the Voltron ships (both hate/ rant notes and questions) in like the last few hours??, I don’t have the time to reply to them all but I do want to make this post to address this issue…
So first, for the questions on my views on the ships. Mostly over the age “controversy”, and who don’t I ship, stuff like that… look you should be allowed to ship whomever you want, and don’t let anyone’s opinion make you ashamed or feel bad about your ship.

 I don’t hide the fact I ship Klance and Shallura. I have my reasons why I like these ships, but I do not believe in condemning someone for having a different OTP. As for my views on the pairings in general, you can ask me if you’re genuinely curious, lol. But my opinions shouldn’t deter you from shipping who you want.

Now on to the hate/rants… this caught me off guard… You guys, I don’t want any drama. As I stated before everyone should be allowed to ship who they want. This applies to me too. If you don’t like my ships, then sorry but not sorry. I don’t think I’ve ever been told who to ship before and frankly I’m quite shocked (?) that you guys are getting so worked up over fictional characters, granted they are beautiful, but fictional none the less…I’m just a fan like you guys, I just love all the characters and the show, and I just want them all to be happy. Thanks and have a nice day. :)

Sorry for the long post, but all the hate and crap needs to stop, thank you. Let your ships sail.

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SO I GET MY TATTOO TOMORROW n im having a minor freakout pls send halp IM BEGGING YOU PLS SEND HALP

you’ll be alright my man, just take deep breaths while it’s happening and it’ll be over before you know it. trust me, when i got my ink it was over so fast