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6 ‎1/2 years ago I fell in love with this little blonde irish babe with the sparkling eyes, the crooked teeth, beautiful smile, and cocky attitude. He made me fall for and got me stuck with 1D. Now looking back at what I, as a fan, and he have been through, from katy perry’s “dont let us down”, #letniallsing, writing DFWYB, singing in croke park, releasing 2 long-lasting successful songs as a solo artist… to starting his very own solo tour, I couldnt be more PROUD of him. He has worked so hard for this and he deserves it so much. I’m sure this will become another milestone in his long career as a performer be it as a solo artist and/or as a part of 1D.  

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I dont want bts to become mainstream in america (bc honestly they're already mainstream in korea) but idk what I feel??? Like it was nice while it lasted being a part of this fandom almost no one knew about but now its gonna be all different I hope the fandom doesnt ruin their reputation you know bc there are always some assholes im so conflicted with myself bc they deserve all the recognition they get and when they get big in america they'll get big in europe and its too much for me to handle

It’s totally okay to feel this way I think. I mean it’s been a little overwhelming with everything that has been going on lately, and of course whilst we’re happy for bts and all the great things they are achieving, it’s easy to feel a bit nostalgic about the past… I know I do a lot sometimes. I think the best thing to remember is that they are still the same bts as they were when they debuted. They’ve stayed grounded and true to themselves since the beginning and that it is why they will always be my favourite group, and they will always have a place in my heart when I’m old and grey lol.

It’s totally fine to feel sad about change, but I don’t think much will actually happen during all this. I still think their popularity in Korea is their sole purpose (because why wouldn’t you want to be loved and respected by your own country?) so I don’t things will change at all and I don’t think the group as a whole will change either. Just think of it as more people falling for the group you love!

It does scare me when I think of them maybe attending the bbmas, but only because I don’t want people to be horrible about them or for them to look stupid. (Maybe I’m thinking too much about it, idk lol). But it’s okay to worry!

It’s a double edged sword when it comes to the popularity and especially seeing as the western world and Korean world are so different, but just remember, they are still the same people and I doubt that will ever change!! I think everything is just up in the air right now because of all the craziness about the bbmas. It’s okay to have conflicted feelings, but we don’t know what the future holds, so just hang on in there! I bet everything will blow over soon and just try to think of it as bts getting everything they deserve for creating such great and inspiring music !!!

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i got tagged by @kingsketchdoodle to say 10 interesting things abt my self, ill try :00

1. i accidentally wear all black, bbut i swear im not emo

2. i am a vegetarian 

3. im v good at arguing and i wanna be a lawyer, or part of congress, maybe even state representative 

4. im mexican american/white

5. my dream is if i ever become rich im going to make someone make me a replica of GWash’s house

6. i have a nice fridge

7. i get very mad at the ending of the last iron man movie

8. when i grow up im making a goal to get a corgi and a greyhound, and name them lewis and clark 8)

9. im an artist thats n o t depressed and i think thats pretty neat

10. and i dont like oranges 

i hope those were at least mildly interesting, now i dont know a lot of people on tumblr but ill tag @sammyzozo and @bluetheorane 

yall dont have to do it, ruben u have to do it, and yeet

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im sure you already know this and i dont want to come off as annoying but, shirogane is actually shiro's last name. takashi is his actual name.......... :l

                thanks for informing me ,   but i am aware !   the use of his surname was intentional in the ask reply as   1 .  sage head / canon’s shiro as part  japanese ,   and in asian society ,   the use of someone’s first name without a certain degree of familiarity is considered rude .   2 .  it was meant to be a play on how it’s become a standard that some are referred to by their last names :   example .  charles beckendorf  from the pjo series .

also ,   i have been informed to post these two screencaps from  @caelihelion​  herself :

sage has some awesome meta’s about shiro’s background you guys should check out ,   and i try to stick to that when replying strictly to her characterization of shiro !   just as i would with any other blog and their chara !

mum’s got an android phone atm and she wants to switch to iphone and she was like ‘wait will i still be able to have my candy crush on it im up to level 221’ and im like 'well youll prob have to download it and start again’ and she just stood there in shock like 'no no no no ben no honestly i cant start again do you know how long it took me to get to level 221 ive been playing it for 2-3 years do you know how much of an impact its had on my life its gotten me through so many situations i play it every day and every night its become a part of me i cant start it again ben i cant do that im addicted and ive come so far i cant start again do you think a computer nerd could transfer my levels onto the new phone should i ring up apple and see if they can do it ben honestly im not getting a new phone if i cant transfer my candy crush onto it you think im joking dont you im not joking candy crush is my life i think about it all day its my last thought before i go to sleep and my first thought as soon as i wake up im seriously addicted i cant lose all of my levels’ and like kept talking about how obsessed she is with candy crush for like 5 mins straight