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And if I suddenly wasn’t here tomorrow,

Tell me, what are the things you’d wish you would’ve said?

—  Nicole Torres // ;Speak before it’s too late;

Some bakushimas loving Denks  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

If you ever start to miss me,


Don’t you dare, after I stopped missing you.
—  Nicole Torres // excerpt
You don’t deserve to hold her after you broke her.
—  Nicole Torres //

I wanted to get high to forget you.

But I’m so f*cked up right now and all I can think about is how it’s still you. It’s always you.

—  Nicole Torres // excerpt

i love this man

we have lance, who is warm and bright and full of life and smiles. lance who loves and cares with every fiber of his being and knows how to make any situation fun and more cheerful, never failing to help you forget your troubles and laugh for a while.

and hunk, who is soft and comforting, who’s love feels like a kiss in the forehead and a pair of arms that make you feel safer. hunk, the one who always knows what to say when you are feeling down and is always there when you need him.

we have these two beautiful boys, who are so good and kind. and they love each other. they love each other so much, they have been each other’s favorite person for years and have been there for each other through highs and lows. they just make the most beautiful and pure relationship in the entire galaxy.

A single kiss can open a rift in the space time continuum
  • <p> <b>Jeff Davis:</b> The kiss isn't just a kiss...<p/><b>Me 3 years later:</b> YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT'S NOT.<p/></p>

It’s 4am and the drugs are all we have;

But the look in your eyes is the only thing that’s making my head spin.

—  Nicole Torres // ;4am drugs don’t compare; E.M excerpt

in case u missed it….,,. the ensemble member who was playing seabury the night i saw hamilton was magical and his hair looked pink in the lighting……i cried like 4 times