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I've been struggling to find a way to come out as demisexual/biromantic to my friends for well over a year now. One time, I had finally decided I was going to do it and that was the day one of my friends told us he was gay. Naturally I decided not to say my thing. Now i just can't seem to find the words... any advice?

for future reference, when one person comes out is usually a great time for another person to come out. me & two other friends came out to each other and the convo went like: 
1: hey so… im genderfluid
me: cool beans. i’m agender.
2: surprise.. i’m kinda agender too

but yeah.. anyway back to your question, i would make sure they’re accepting of asexuality first. bring it up in a conversation to see, & if they’re supportive, then just say something like “okay cool bc i’m demi”


hello my lil tiny beans ! tbh im a sucker for small development groups like this so i’m hella hype to bring luna here . alSO ain’t it funny how her name is luna n she represents the moon ? ha . ironic . anyway ! under the cut r some lil facts abt her. she’s also in apartment 3b so if she’s neighbors with anyone hmu !! i’m gonna message everyone soon :–)

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at this point im just abusing the star brush