im bean

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im 19, ace as hell, maybe aromantic too. ive got brown curly hair thats rebellious af. ive got clark kent style glasses but wear contacts pretty often. i always wear fun lipstick. and ive got quite the coffee addiction, i drink it scorching hot and as black as my soul. i love vintage swing dance and am high key fandom trash. i am always listening to music. im loud af and never shut up. i offer to fight everyone, but irl i am weak and smol. im just a lonely bean looking for my platonic soulmate

I (platonically) ship you with Hamilton!  You two have so much in common and love to piss off Burr on his days off.

at this point im just abusing the star brush

when isak and even are officially back together he’s not going to take shit from anyone who tries to judge them because they’re in a m/m relationship and he’s not going to take shit from anyone who has anything negative to say about even/even’s mental illness and honestly this+oxygen is making me feel so alive right now 

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(Also I did make this and didn’t steal it, the watermark is my twitter username)