im banksy :(

guys. GUYS

I just found out that one of my god damn professors has two peices of art in Banksys Dismaland. I had this guy in class. I saw his work. And then he just somehow just gets his sculptures into Dismaland. His name is Dietrich Wagner

There he is. holy shit. These are his works that got accepted

Im SCREAMING ive made fun of Dismaland for weeks just to find out one of my professors has work there

im sorry, you must not know who i am. im banksy. the graffiti elitest. and i dont have time for talk of graffiti that isnt deep. i graffiti hard. i graffiti with passion. and i graffiti correctly. this is a passion. this is a talent. and this is somthing i do not have shit-heads suggest for me to “hey dude do this” casually with no reasoning behind it.

playing pictionary with banksy

banksy: *has drawn a picture of a pig eating money*

me: uhh ok im out of ideas

banksy: the answer is….society

me: get the fuck out of my house