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  • Genji *thinking to himself*: I've known Jesse for a while, we're good together, but I don't want to come on too strong. I need to keep it casual. Just play it cool, keep it calm, and just enjoy what we have without making it weird.
  • Jesse: Hey look I saw this picture of a cat holding a knife in its mouth and thought of you!
  • Genji: I would die for you.

I refuse not to be a part of Pocky day

Rockabye (pt.5)

genre: fluff and just a little angst/stripper!au 

pairing: you x jimin

word count: 2.4k

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It wasn’t until back to back dates, Jimin had finally popped the question to make you guys “official.” He seemed to be, not nervous but, in a way trying to give you time and space to get comfortable with him. Every time you were with Jimin, you got nervous. It would be like a sudden wave of the unknown because you were so caught up in the past, and not living in the present. But, as time carried on, you grew to be more content with Jimin’s presence. In fact, his presence helped you a lot. He always said the right words and knew how to turn the bad days into good ones and you needed that, a lot.

He’s been keeping his words, though, which surprised you. Although it’s only been around 2 ½ months since he first offered you the money, it has already helped you in ways you couldn’t explain. You didn’t have to have unwanted sex, with guys you weren’t even interested in. You didn’t have to work as long and got to spend more quality time with your son. Jimin would never know, he would never understand what huge thing he was doing and how much it was truly helping you. He was like a gift from god, not that you were trying to use him in any way, he was just so simply, perfect.

But, you had to admit, that scared you. You have been so used to people walking out on you, suddenly and unexpectedly. Not that Jimin ever would, but that thought lingered in the back of your mind that he would get sick of you or just use you and break your heart one day because that’s what it seemed like everyone did. You would become so weak and fragile, that they wouldn’t know how to heal you and they would just leave, like Jungkook. Jimin though, was what you needed. He was supportive, caring, optimistic and cheerful. He always told you to find the positive in each day. Without Jimin, you didn’t know where you would be.

Every day was like a new adventure with him. After the two of you made your relationship official but still had to hide it from pretty much everyone, he treated you even better. He seemed too good to be true but when you looked at him, through his soft, brown, chocolate colored eyes, you saw a good man. You saw a man, that would support you until the end and a man that would be there for you when you felt like nobody was. You saw a potential dad for Jae-Eun and that meant a lot coming from you. You didn’t just trust anyone to hold that spot.

Jimin made it better. He made everything better. He was the sunshine, on your cloudy day. The light to the end of your tunnel. He made you laugh without trying and smile by him just being himself. He made you feel beautiful, not like some toy he could just throw around. He made you feel like the only girl in the world and when he looked at you, his eyes poured out his feelings, like they were tattle-tailing on him. He made you feel special and you needed that, so, so, so much. He picked you up when you felt like you were at rock bottom. He was your support until the end.

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Welp, after 20 mins fiddling with due date calculators, I’m happy to announce that the baby is due July 29th

((FMM!Fraser Bairn #2, that is))

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Headcanon that Kiri has a big family in the small towns in Japan and that around the holidays, he bakes, a l o t.

- His family always teases him about it, because they know he is obsessed with being manly and baking isn’t exactly manly.

- He handles it well though, like most things. “I only bake for the people I care about, and then only on the holidays! Showing your love for your family is very manly!”

- Skip ahead and Kiri is in UA. His family can’t afford to bring him home for the winter break.

- Kaminari, being the Ron to Kiri’s Harry, decides to stay at UA and keep him company through the break.

- One night, they decide to make a blanket fort in the common room so they can sleep near each other. Kami brings his laptop and they binge watch *insert lame american movie franchise here*. (And the computer never goes dead because of Kaminari’s quirk!)

- Halfway through the night, Kaminari falls asleep. Kiri, missing his family, can’t sleep.

- So he gets up , goes to the dorm kitchen, thanks the females and Izuku for liking fruit so much, and he starts making a strawberry cream roll.

- Right as it gets done and Kiri pulls it out of the oven, Kaminari walks into the kitchen. He asks what Kiri is doing at midnight thirty and all Kiri can do is shrug and say, “baking.”

- “…baking? Didn’t you say you only baked for your family?”

- “No. I said I only bake for the people I care up.”

- “…and you baked while you were away from your family?”

- “Yeah.”

- It’s silent, then Kaminari movies closer. “Kiri?”

- “I baked for you.”

the struggles of going for another route
  • zen: so you don't like my photo?
  • me, clutching my chest and cringing in pain:
  • zen: hmph.
  • me:
  • me, whispering to myself: my heart is breaking