im back

5sos as bath bombs

Luke: is blue and smells like flowers and cotton and spring

Ashton: smells like vanilla and cookies and is a cream color, really frothy when dissolved

Calum: cinnamon, spices, cologne, and comes in deep colors

Michael: u can hear profanity as it’s fizzing

The Signs as Funny Words
  • Aries:Flabbergasted Explosion (an explosion at a loss for words)
  • Taurus:Decubitus Koala (a koala that is lying down)
  • Gemini:Exasperating Flibbertigibbet (an annoying person that talks a lot)
  • Cancer:Erubescent Sesquipedalian (a many-syllabled blushing person)
  • Leo:Benevolent Narcissist (a kind person who sees the worst in things)
  • Virgo:Nesh Detergent (a cleaner that gets cold easily)
  • Libra:Hinky Gobemouche (a gullible person that is also unreliable)
  • Scorpio:Swagtastic Borborygmus (swagtastic gurgle)
  • Sagittarius:Soucouyant Furuncle (a witchy wart)
  • Capricorn:Caffeinated Douceur (a caffeinated person who likes to bribe people)
  • Aquarius:Zetetic Scofflaw (inquisitive person who breaks laws)
  • Pisces:Patulous Eucatastrophe (a forever-spreading happy ending)