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ayo beez and beauties, your local nerd beezy aka belle is back again!!! its been a while since i did something like this and since my blog’s first anniversary was last month and i reached my goal i thought it would be a great moment to do this. since starting this blog there were dramas and downs but also a lot of ups and i met so many great people. even if we don’t talk much or haven’t talked in ages i want to tell you i still love and care. i want to thank all of my mutuals for sticking with me, y’all are awesome even if we’ve never talked before bc im too shy or awkward.

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so yes, here’s my mutual appreciation post! let the post begin:

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yay for shamelessly incorporating my own oc into this :-) 

oh yeah frisk is gonna speak in this too 

i personally headcannon them as mute but for the purpose of this comic they gonna talk 

just not too often 

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Looking for friends <3

Heyy I really want an internet friend but im too awkward and shy to start a conversation, I want to be able to talk all of the time, skype/ faceime, sent each other dem memes and fangirl over the same shit. I dont care about your gender/ sexuality/ race/ religion, i’d be cool if you were 12- 15 tho. Im 13 and i live in Australia. i like fob, atl, p!atd, mcr, tøp and bvb, Anime, shipping and I like youtubers like jacksepticeye, shane dawson, dan and phil and jaidenanimations. Hit me up if you wanna be friends…. pls

anonymous asked:

Ngl jungkook seems like the type to get around, his little im shy and socially awkward around girls thing will have a someone feeling special real quick for no reason at all, all im saying is i need to move to korea and investigate this "jungkook gets around business"😌 and really witness first hand the extent of the big dick jokes that keep poping up👀. (I love your so much im really about to make a whole tumblr for you so i can stop having to ask anonymously; im ready to join the fam.

Thank you!! ❤❤
And someone told me they think Jungkook was one of the guys that gave Alex his phone number lol! 👀 I wouldn’t be surprised

i’m just me. i cant be “cool” or “hip” or “on trend” to get people to like me. im awkward, shy, anxious and quiet. I dont know how to show excitement without it looking fake. i dont feel like im anything “special”.  how do i get people to see me?

one of the most amusing things i saw in anime north today were like four swords links cosplayers going to tim hortons together.

ID #84130

Name: Amal
Age: 16
Country: Kuwait

Hi, my name is Amal (it means Hope in English and most people call me Hope) i am mostly interested in speaking online through any app as long as you’re not a creep, You dont have to have my interests but i love music and i love love looovee listening to the neighborhood and Lana del rey and pretty mush anything else as long as its good, So yes it would be amazing if you would send me a song you found was nice i would probably be so happy lol, i love reading(mostly on wattpad), A huge daydreamer(MDD), i also would love to learn Spanish , I am very open-minded ,you can speak to me about anything and trust me you wont be judged, it nice to listen to people thoughts about anything really, And I’m an Aquarius (if you are interested in astrology that would a m a z i n g), I might be very awkward and shy at first but trust once im comfortable i’ll be myself. I’d like to be friends with somebody from a different culture than mine.

Preferences: I would like someone to be around 15-17, i would love to talk to someone from the western world but pretty much everything else doesnt matter


Sorry it took a while for me to do this tumbr mobile sucks, but thankyou @parkesjimin​ for tagging me eventho we never talk u da mvp. lets talk moreee 0.o

Nickname(s): most people mispronounced my real name so call me Keru (ける) 

Bias: Park fucking Jimin

Blood type: Im not sure but dad says its B

Relationship: currently a moot point

Birthday: September 19th

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Pronouns: She/her

Hair length: short hair reaches until collarbones only 

Height: do I have to? Im short and sad 157cm here and 160cm in my home-country idk y tho

A crush: currently none

What do you like about yourself: hmm idk, i have big eyes?

Right or left handed: Right

List of three favorite colors: it used to be purple but nowadays i tend to pick black/grey/dark blue  

(Right now) eating: instant noodles 

(Right now) drinking: water

I’m about to: be un-productive and lounge in tumblr for a bit

Listening to: DPR Coming To You Live (shud deff check it out bro)

Kids: 2 is good i think

Get married: still don’t know but more towards yes ..?

Recent phone call: a good friend

(Have you ever) Dated someone twice: nope

Been cheated on: thank god no. 

Kissed someone and regretted it: maybe?

Lost someone special: not yet, and it seriously scares me

Been depressed: hm

Been drunk and thrown up: nah, somehow i never get the urge to get wasted. always stop when im already tipsy

Had glasses or contacts: no

Had sex on the first date: no

Broken someone’s heart: I would like to think that i never did :/

Turned someone down: yeah, kinda have trust issues 

Cried when someone died: Yes

Fallen for a friend: never

(In the last year have you) made a new friend: yepp 

Laughed until you cried: a lot lol boi my sense of humor is shit

Met someone who changed you: is this a good thing? i haven’t really i think

Found out who your true friends were: yep. it was not a nice experience

Found out someone was talking about you: never or not yet maybe?

Lips or eyes: Eyes

Hugs or kisses: Huuuuuugs (sending virtual hugs to y’all :3)

Shorter or taller: Taller (Im a short and envious human being of those who are tall) 

Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous, romantic stuff irl makes me cring but i like fluff fic (?) idk man my friends says im just a tsundere

Sensitive or loud: what do you mean? 

Hookup or relationship: Relationship

First best friend: My sister

Surgery: never but i got a lot of stitches when i was little. too hardcore on playground i guess 

Sports I joined: Basketball. not great at it but i enjoy it 

Do you believe in yourself: I do. there are down days when I question myself but I do

Miracles: I would like to think they exists :)

Love at first sight: Nope sorry. I really need to know a person personality to open up let alone love them.

Heaven: well I kinda like the concept of going somewhere nice after we die rather than complete uncertainty awaiting you on the other side  

Do you have any pets: i used to.. i really want puppies 

Do you want to change your name: nah to lazy to bother hahaha

What did you do for your last birthday: treat my friends to dinner :3

What time did you wake up today: 9am 

What were you doing last night at midnight: probably surfing the internet 

Something you can’t wait for: a concert on 6/24 (guess who?)

Last time you saw your mom: around 7/8 months ago, I study abroad so i rarely comeback to my home-country :/ 

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish I would stop overthinking every single thing so much so i could reduce stress, stop regretting about everything and focus on just enjoying my life  

What’s getting on your nerves: The future. my parents have expectations :<

Who should answer it: anybody who wants to really but would u guys mind? @yoonmin-smile @rosejimin @jiminiefloof @omfgbts

this ish is really long so no pressure for u cuties to do it take your time. (._.)b